From Apple to Microsoft, The App Stores Battle is All About Control

From Apple to Microsoft, the App Stores Battle is All About Control. According to industry reports, Microsoft intends to create a mobile game store for the Xbox. It would function on a “variety of devices” and make use of popular mobile games like Candy Crush Saga and Call of Duty: Mobile from the upcoming Activision-Blizzard merger.

Would it be a success? It’s difficult to say. Microsoft is aware that changing consumer behavior from current habits, such as purchasing from the App Store or Google Play, is difficult. There are valid grounds for concern.

In terms of installing apps and games, Android may have more freedom than iOS, but ask Amazon how its “Appstore” has performed and whether anyone who doesn’t own a Kindle cares. Additionally, the relative dearth of quality is not very good.

App Stores Battle

Additionally, Netflix is making an attempt at mobile gaming (and, according to Eurogamer, exploring its cloud offering). However, it seems to be having a little impact despite having an objectively strong catalog of titles.

Because of its current influence and reputation, Microsoft might fare better. It makes the promise of freedom to attract third-party developers.

They will be able to create their app stores inside of Microsoft and go full “app store-ception.” They will have the choice to avoid the platform owner by using first-party payment solutions. Ironic considering Microsoft forbids it on Xbox gaming consoles.

On the surface, this appears to be the opposite of Apple’s strategy. Apple took a while to comprehend the variety of games, and it oddly rejected titles. Even while it’s less of an issue now, developers still object to Apple’s 30% take.

And Apple’s absurd attitude toward game streaming services irritates players. Even though this requirement does not apply to other media, the firm effectively requires that each title be a new app.

We can debate the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy, but it’s crucial to see past the spin. Because the motivation behind app shops is a desire for control, despite the distinctions between competitors.

Microsoft promotes competition and choice, but it wants to steer the narrative. It must convince the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) that it is different from the Activision agreement because it is presently under investigation.

In actuality, it’s building a new walled garden, albeit one with a shorter and more porous wall. Microsoft wants to seize control of a significant portion of the market to achieve a long-term objective of rolling about in mountains of cash.

Even though it rails against The Man, Epic occupies a similar realm. The Verge reported that Xbox Cloud Gaming had disabled Fortnite. Why? for fear that Microsoft’s service will undermine Epic’s PC offerings.

It’s no secret that Apple has always cherished having complete control over its environment and the software that runs on its products.

Under the pretense of security and safety, streaming gaming is prohibited, but from the outside, it appears that the firm is pulling an Epic, stifling competition to support its services.

There are no decent guys, so forget about them. People tend to become emotionally tied to companies like Apple, Epic, and even Microsoft (hey, Zune enthusiasts!) but these are all for-profit businesses. There will be clues that games, or, on higher occasions, mankind, as a whole, will improve.

Companies might even succeed in that purpose occasionally. However, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone in this industry is focused on finding new ways to draw in customers with spending power and keep them from going elsewhere.

Can you get the Apple App Store on Windows?

There is no PC version of the Mac App Store or the iOS App Store. Use the Microsoft Store app if you need an app store to download programs and games for your Windows PC. To quickly search and open the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 or 11, press Windows + S.

What is the Microsoft version of the App Store?

For your Windows device, the Microsoft Store has practically everything you could ever want, including the newest games, well-liked movies, and TV episodes, creativity software, apps, and more.

Can I use the Microsoft app for my iPhone?

On your iPhone, you may read, create, and save files using the Office app without logging in. You can store files in your cloud locations by logging in with your personal Microsoft account, as well as your work or school account (OneDrive, SharePoint, or your preferred third-party storage provider)

Is Microsoft Store free?

Windows 10 comes pre-installed with the Microsoft Store. To find the Microsoft Store app, just open the Start Menu and type in store. You may still explore and install (most) free apps on Windows 10 even if you don’t sign in with a Microsoft Account. However, to download paid material, you must sign in.

Does Apple have Microsoft apps?

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all included in the new Office software, which was first released for iOS and Android back in 2019.


Microsoft wants to build an Xbox app store for mobile games. Utilizing well-known mobile games like Candy Crush Saga and Call of Duty: Mobile, it would run on a “range of devices.” According to Eurogamer, Netflix is attempting mobile gaming and investigating its cloud offering.

Microsoft is constructing a new walled garden, albeit one with a more flimsy and permeable wall. To fulfill its long-term goal of amassing mountains of wealth, Microsoft intends to take control of a substantial portion of the market.

It needs to demonstrate to the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) how it differs from the Activision contract. The Mac App Store and the iOS App Store don’t have PC versions.

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