Google Chrome’s New Sidebar Feature

For its Chrome browser, Google has unveiled a new sidebar feature that seeks to improve search performance without opening a new tab or going back to a prior page.

According to a recent blog post by the search engine giant, when a user clicks on a search result, they are directed to the webpage. The address bar will then display a Google button with the words “Open search in the side panel.”

By clicking it, a sidebar displaying the previous user’s search results will be displayed. From there, the user can click on more results to bring up the tab’s main window. If they would rather, they can also conduct fresh searches.

This feature, which is comparable to the sidebar in Microsoft Edge, will be quite helpful for evaluating different search alternatives. The function will be helpful for a writer when trying to discover the best explanation of a new term or concept that come across — no more endlessly clicking the back button to get the desired result.

Chrome has more sidebar features besides this one. Google introduced a similar feature in March that enables users to easily access their Reading List and bookmarks.

In addition, Google Chrome is now adding a new price tracker feature that has been accessible through its Android app for a while. A “Track pricing” button will appear when a user visits a store page while logged in to the browser.

When the price of the product drops, the user who clicked the button will receive an email notification. While the feature is presently broken in our testing, it might be fixed in one or more next updates.

New Sidebar Feature

How to use the new sidebar is described in Google’s blog post: You’ll be directed to a webpage after clicking a search result, and a tiny Google logo will appear in your address bar.

The sidebar that displays the search results you conducted to get to this page is displayed when you click that button (though you can search for something new if you like). You can then click on the results to bring up the tab’s main pane.

The sidebar in Chrome is not its first. Google introduced a new feature earlier this year that allows you to access your reading list and bookmarks from a slide-out pane. The search function also highlights the sidebar button and appears in the same location.

The feature is comparable to Edge’s sidebar, but Microsoft’s implementation is much more feature-rich and functions more like a standalone mini-browser than a control panel for loading search results in the main window.

Additionally, Google said that Chrome would have a built-in price tracking tool that will inform you anytime a certain product becomes less expensive. The “Track price” button should theoretically appear whenever you visit a store page and are logged in to the browser, however, unable to make it appear in either the stable or beta branch of Chrome.

The project has been under development for some time. Google made the announcement last month as part of a major shopping campaign.


Google has updated its Chrome browser to enable users to conduct searches without opening a new tab or returning to a previous page. The feature works more like a stand-alone mini-browser to load search results in the main window than it does like Microsoft’s Edge sidebar.

People Also Ask

What is the sidebar in Chrome?

When using Chrome’s desktop version, you can now instantly access your bookmarks and reading list thanks to a new sidebar feature that Google has added. The reading list’s primary location in the past was as a bookmark bar button, which not everyone has enabled.

How do you do a side search?

Enter your search term in the address bar at the top. Press Enter to select a result. Click Side Search to the left of the search bar. The results of your search are shown in a panel to the left.

How do I use Google site search?

  • Enter your search term in the address bar at the top.
  • Press Enter to select a result.
  • Click Side Search to the left of the search bar.
  • The results of your search are shown in a panel to the left.

How do I open the sidebar in Chrome?

Activate Google Chrome. Enter the address chrome:/flags/# side panel into the address bar. Next, click Enabled in the drop-down menu next to the Side Panel parameter.

What is a Google site search?

With the help of this site search tool, you may read a page directly in your main browser window without switching tabs, losing your search results, or needing to use other tabs. Google stated that the experiment aimed to “examine how Chrome can more effectively support consumers in easily comparing results.”

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