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Best smartwatch in 2022: Top picks for every budget

The best smartwatch in 2022 does more than just notify you when you get a call or receive a text message on your watch. They’re a fitness tracker that counts your steps, online wallets, and, in certain circumstances, a phone that can be used even if your smartphone isn’t nearby.

These days, smartwatches include health functions that might save your life. Many of the finest smartwatches we tested can detect increased heart rate signals and link you to emergency personnel immediately if you fall. Certain models also provide electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood oxygen (SpO2) measurements. The former identifies atrial fibrillation symptoms, while the latter is an excellent predictor of respiratory health.

But the greatest smartwatches perform all these things much better than others. Others may have a large number of apps available for download, while others have batteries that last only a day, whereas others last over a week. And, of course, there’s fashion: the greatest smartwatches can be personalized to match your character, from the bands to the faces.

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Best Smartwatch in 2022 You Can Buy-

Apple Watch Series 7-

Watch 7 is the most advanced Apple model. In terms of functions, it’s not a significant advance over the Apple Watch 6, although it does have a bigger screen in the new Watch 7 sizes. The Apple Watch is available in 41mm and 45mm sizes for the first time, matching the huge screen. Apple’s seventh-generation iPhone features various unique watch faces as well as a full QWERTY keyboard.

Price- Rs. 41,900


Sizes41mm, 45mm
Battery Life (Rated)18 hours
Heart Rate MonitorYes
Mobile PaymentsApple Pay

Pros And Cons of Apple Watch Series 7

Larger displayStill just 18-hour battery life
Brighter always-on mode—————-
QWERTY keyboard—————-
Comes with USB-C magnetic charger—————-

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4-

Because it is the greatest Samsung watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the second pick among the best smartwatches. For its current range, Samsung dropped the ‘Active’ name in favor of a sporty-looking Galaxy Watch 4 as the business’s top (beginning at $249.99) as well as a ‘Classic’ version that retains luxury features like the actual rotating bezel.

Price- Rs. 16,189.00

Features of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Sizes  40mm, 42mm, 44mm, 46mm
Battery Life (Rated40 hours
GPS: Yes
Swim-Proof: Yes
Mobile PaymentSamsung Pay
LTE: Optional

Pros And Cons of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Slim design and fun watch facesInconsistent battery life
Improved Wear OS software———–
Body composition analysis———–

Fitbit Sense

The Fitbit Sense is the top corporate smartwatch, offering more advanced fitness & well-being functions than the Versa series. The Sense can assess electrodermal activity as well as skin temperature, in addition to having an FDA-approved ECG sensor as well as blood oxygen readout.

Price- Rs. 22,999.00

Features of Fitbit Sense

Battery Life (Rated)6 days
Heart Rate MonitorYes

Pros and Cons of Fitbit Sense

AttractiveNo Spotify storage
Long battery life———–
Comprehensive fitness/health features———–

Apple Watch Se-

The Apple Watch SE is a cross between the Apple Watch Series 5 as well as the Apple Watch Series 3 (that has since been discontinued). The $279 smartwatch lacks some of the capabilities of the Series 6, but it distinguishes out for its fast processor and safety devices. It also has an LTE choice, so it’s an excellent alternative for individuals who want to check out Family Setup.

Price- Rs. 31,250.00

best watch 4_

Features of Apple Watch Se

Sizes40mm, 44mm
Battery Life (Rated)18 hours
Heart Rate MonitorYes

Pros and cons of Apple Watch Se

Classic designNo always-on display
Huge app libraryNo ECG
Large screen———–

Garmin Venu 2 Plus-

The Garmin Venu 2 had become a fantastic fitness tracker. It’s one of the finest Garmin watches since it’s a great training partner as well as a fashionable lifestyle accessory. On-wrist calls as well as voice assistants are included in the $449 Garmin Venu 2 Plus. The Venu 2 Plus is a better sell for people who want their wristwatch to work as an extension of their smartphone while maintaining Garmin’s reputation for complete fitness tracking and reliable GPS.

Price- Rs. 46,990.00

best watch

Features of Garmin Venu 2 Plus

Sizes 43mm
Battery Life (Rated)10 days
Heart Rate MonitorYes

Pros and Cons of Garmin Venu 2 Plus

Stunning AMOLED displayNot enough third-party apps
Reliable fitness tracking and Garmin Coach————
Call quality is better than expected———–

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The Galaxy Watch 3 is still available to buy as well as remains one of the most fashionable smartwatches on the market, despite being superseded by the Galaxy Watch 4. It comes in two sizes and with LTE capabilities. The rotating bezel of the Galaxy Watch 3 makes accessing the watch’s interface simple, and access to thousands of watch faces allows you to personalize the screen.

Price- Rs. 16,999.00

best smartwatch

Features of Galaxy Watch 3

Sizes 41mm, 45mm
Battery Life (Rated)Up to 2 days
Heart Rate MonitorYes

Pros and Cons of Galaxy Watch 3

Slimmer design than the originalShorter battery life than original  
Physical rotating bezel is back————
FDA-approved ECG readings———–

Fitbit Versa 3-

The next generation of the famous Versa 2, is the best wristwatch for sophisticated sleep tracking. On-board GPS is the Versa 3’s most notable improvement. Even if you leave your cell phone at home, the Versa can now (finally) monitor your location when exercising outside. Also welcome is a curvier, bigger screen.

Price- Rs.18,900.00

best smartwatch


SizesOne size
Battery Life (Rated)6 days
Heart Rate MonitorYes
Sleep TrackingYes

Pros And cons-

Good battery lifeCan only use one voice assistant at once
Custom training programs (with subscription)————
Great sleep analysis———–


The top smartwatches make it simple to access information, check-in without pulling out our phones, measure our health and wellness, and much more. 

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