15 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria

Unlocking Prosperity: Exploring Nigeria's Lucrative High-Paying Job Sectors

The 15 highest-paying jobs in Nigeria offer lucrative career opportunities. Nigeria’s job market is highly dynamic. If you’re planning to move there or just entering the job market, you need to learn what you’ll be dealing with. Identifying the career paths you can pursue will help you recognize your opportunities in this wonderful, dynamic country.

From the ever-expanding oil and gas sector to the burgeoning IT industry, the country’s job market is flowing with high-paying jobs. Depending on your education and qualifications, you have the chance to expand your resume and earn a generous annual salary.

So, what are you waiting for? Here are the best, highest-paying jobs you can get in Nigeria. We’ve also included annual salaries for each job.

1. Oil and Gas Sector

The oil and gas sector is one of the main pillars of Nigeria’s economy, so it’s safe to say that business is booming. There’s no shortage of jobs in this sector, and they’re pretty high-paying. You’ll find roles like petroleum engineers, geologists, and offshore drilling specialists in this sector. Depending on your role, you can earn up to $150k per year in the oil and gas sector. For example, petroleum engineers have an average salary range of $60-150k per year, while geologists enjoy $50-120k.

2. Information Technology (IT) Industry

It’s no secret that the IT sector is absolutely booming with demand all over the world, so you may be wondering what the highest-paying tech jobs are in Nigeria. Well, software developers, data scientists, and IT managers are some of the highest-paid roles in the IT industry of Nigeria. As a software developer in Nigeria, you can expect an average salary range of $15-60k, while data scientists can earn between $20k and $80k a year.

3. Medical and Healthcare Field

Doctors, surgeons, and pharmacists are among the highest-paying professions in Nigeria’s medical and healthcare field. Doctors, demanding one of the most challenging degrees and licenses, earn somewhere between $20k and $150k in Nigeria. That includes general practitioners, cardiologists, neurologists, and radiologists. You can also earn up to $100k as a surgeon in this county. Compared to other roles in the industry, pharmacists have a lower salary, but they can still earn up to $60k a year. Medical professionals are in high demand in Nigeria, so if you have a related degree, you’ll have no trouble finding a job that suits your expertise.

 4. Finance and Banking

Of course, you can also explore the finance and banking sector of Nigeria if you have a related degree. There are tons of job opportunities you can take. For example, you can opt for a career in investment banking, where you can earn between $30k and $150k per year. On the other hand, a job as a financial analyst will get you $20-80k in annual earnings. Chartered accountants are also among the highest-paid finance-related jobs in Nigeria since they earn about $20-70k per year. However, if you have more industry-specific certifications, you’ll definitely enter a higher pay bracket.

5. Law and Legal Professions

The legal landscape in Nigeria includes high-paying careers that navigate the complex legal system and uphold justice. Within this sector, you can pursue roles such as a lawyer and earn about $20-100k a year. It all depends on whether you’re a junior associate or an experienced partner in a prestigious law firm. As a judge, you can expect to get paid over $50k per year. If you work as a legal consultant, you’ll earn by the hour. The usual rate for such a position ranges from $50 to $200 per hour or more.

6. Engineering and Construction

The engineering and construction field of Nigeria is diverse and flexible. You’ll find roles that demand expertise in civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering, so there’s definitely something for every specialization in this sector. While the salaries don’t vary across specializations, your roles do. While civil engineers oversee construction, mechanical engineers design machinery, and electrical engineers focus on electrical systems. At the end of the day, you can expect a salary range of $20k to $70k per year or more.

7. Telecommunications

Nigeria’s telecommunications sector has experienced exponential growth in the past few years. There are tons of career opportunities for you to look into. For example, you can become a network engineer if you have an IT-related degree. In this role, you can earn $20k to $80k annually, which is a great number in the Nigerian job market. Other than that, you can also explore telecommunications management roles to oversee all related operations. Then, you can even expect to earn anywhere between $30k to even $100k a year.

8. Aviation Industry

If you’ve always dreamt of being a pilot or pursuing any role in the aviation industry, you’re in luck. Nigeria’s aviation industry has many high-paying roles, such as flight attendants, pilots, and air traffic controllers. As a Nigerian pilot, you can earn a hefty salary of $30k to 50k. However, with enough flight hours, your salary can even move up to $100k or more.

You may have never heard of air traffic control as a job, but it pays pretty well. In this role, you may earn somewhere between $25k and $80k per year.

9. Manufacturing and Industrial Sector

If you’re interested in exploring the manufacturing and industrial sectors of Nigeria, we’ve got some good news for you. It also has tons of high-reward careers in management roles as well as entry-level roles that pay surprisingly well. Experienced manufacturing managers can earn salaries ranging from $20k to $80k or more annually. You can expect to earn the same amount as an industrial manager, but your responsibilities might be different. Your expertise will be needed in sectors like energy, utilities, and production. The best part? There’s high potential for growth in this industry, so you’ll only earn more and more as your experience grows. 

10. Real Estate and Property Management

The real estate and property management sector of Nigeria has a high earning potential. Of course, it all depends on your location, specialization, and the number of clients or properties managed. But even most of the entry-level roles in this industry are pretty rewarding, so starting from scratch won’t seem so daunting. You can become a real estate agent and earn somewhere between $10k and $50k. In the US, this may seem like an entry-level salary, but it’s a pretty high number in Nigerian currency. You could also explore property management roles, which will get you in the $20-60k range.

11. Media and Entertainment

If you like working on the more creative side of things, don’t feel disappointed. The media and entertainment job market in Nigeria is also pretty attractive, with many businesses looking for eligible candidates like you. Whether you have a passion for storytelling or entertainment, you’ll find a career that suits your strengths in this sector. In film production, roles like directors, producers, and cinematographers can earn anywhere from $10k to even millions for a single project. Earnings in music-related roles are also pretty diverse, as it all depends on your popularity and projects. For a more reliable salary, you can explore journalism roles. In that case, you may earn $10k to $30k per year.

12. Agriculture

When we think of the agriculture sector, farming is often the only job that comes to mind. But this sector isn’t just all about farming. In fact, agriculture in Nigeria is a diverse industry full of high-reward, interesting job opportunities you may have never heard of. For example, you could become an agricultural engineer, making equipment and machinery to make farming more efficient. In this role, you could earn up to $70k per year. As an agronomist, you can earn an annual salary of $20k to $60k.

13. Education and Academia

If you love teaching, there’s no better sector in Nigeria for you than the education industry. Unlike many countries, Nigerian teachers and professors earn excellent salaries according to the country’s economy. It all depends on your qualifications, experience, and place of employment. You may not earn much as a high school teacher, but university professors earn somewhere between $20k and $60k in Nigeria. Depending on the university, academic rank, and field of expertise, you could earn even more. If you have a Ph.D., you can expect to earn over $100k per year.

14. Mining and Quarrying

The mining and quarrying sector of Nigeria is crucial to the nation’s resource extraction and industrial development. From geologists to mining engineers, there are tons of roles you can take on in this sector. Of course, the income potential varies greatly based on your position, experience, qualification, and place of employment. On average, entry-level positions in this industry can earn between $10k and $30k. Meanwhile, mining engineers and geologists can earn over $50k, depending on their expertise level.

15. Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Lastly, the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology sector of Nigeria can also open doors for some high-paying jobs for you. For example, you can start off with an entry-level position, where you can earn between $15k and $40k. But if you have an advanced degree and high expertise level, you can even earn $50-100k in drug development or biotechnology.


Nigeria’s job market is brimming with talent and opportunities. That means you have tons of chances to make a generous living in this country, especially high-paying jobs in media, real estate, law, and healthcare. There’s something for everyone, making Nigeria one of the best countries to pursue your passions and increase your experience.

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