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YouTube Shopping Feature Following the Footsteps of TikTok

YouTube is testing enabling qualified content producers in the US to sell goods through their online stores with the introduction of the YouTube Shopping feature on Shorts.

Users can buy things by scrolling through brief videos.

A Google representative said we would keep including product tagging for more content producers and in more places.

Fadi Ramzy, a digital media specialist, and lecturer at the American University in Cairo, recalls that “e-commerce began to flourish just at the peak of the Corona pandemic when people accepted social trying to distance and kept about their apartments, and consequently its companies created a significant profit,” in response to a question about the reasons behind YouTube’s decision to test this brand-new feature.

According to Ramzi, the boom led social media businesses like “Facebook” and “Instagram,” then “TikTok,” and most recently “YouTube,” to enter the e-commerce market.

YouTube’s ad revenue dropped by 2%, from $7.21 billion to $7.07 billion.

YouTube Shopping Feature

On the other hand, Ramzy emphasizes YouTube’s goal to stay up with the rapid advancement of technology by offering consistent features.

This is because YouTube copied TikTok’s short video function after it saw substantial success, and now it is getting on board as well as exploring and discovering the domain of retail. This will help you keep up with the rapid advancement of technology. An increasing amount of competition will be stoked online.

Recently, “TikTok” revealed that it was experimenting with electronic purchasing within the app. He had previously tried to include the (Shopify) platform into the program so that users could conduct online purchases.

YouTube recently unveiled “We Live Together,” which enables content producers to welcome people to enjoy the Livestream with them, in reaction to “TikTok.”

Influencers who use links in their videos to promote products and broadcast live are also testing a new initiative.

The winners and their teams provide a test or a new feature.

Following “Tik Tok initial “‘s success, YouTube revealed a new option for content creators to make money through short videos. It launched marketing on short videos, offering content creators a 45 percent portion of the earnings.

Ramzy asserts that YouTube can thrive in the e-commerce sector for several reasons, the first of which is the fact that it never engages in irrational business decisions.

The platform prepares for achievement as a result of its physical and technical architecture because of its power and huge investment.

About 2 billion individuals use the brief YouTube channel each month, and it is seen by about 15 billion people every day.

Is YouTube a social commerce platform?

YouTube is the US’s most dependable social commerce platform. For locating and buying things, nearly two-thirds of US customers consider YouTube to be somewhat or extremely trustworthy. Instagram comes in second with 45% of the market, followed by Facebook with 51%.

Do shopping ads appear on YouTube?

Yes, it is the answer. Google Shopping advertisements can appear on YouTube as well as Google Shopping, Google Search, Google Images, the Google Display Network (only for local catalog ads), and starting in 2019 on Google Search Partner websites. You may display your Shopping advertising in a few different ways on YouTube.

What are YouTube shopping ads?

YouTube shopping ads are video advertisements that include a shopping theme. The products will display on the right side of the video when a person views the advertisement on a desktop. The products will show up beneath the video if a consumer is using a mobile device.

Is YouTube advertising targeted?

One method of reaching your target audience on YouTube is through content targeting. Additionally, Google Advertising offers a wide range of audience targeting tools that enable you to target individuals with ads based on their demographics and life events. 

Do ads increase YouTube views?

Ad campaigns are a quick way to boost crucial metrics and views on your YouTube channel. Launching a promo on YouTube has the benefit of flexible mechanics. For each specialty, you can employ a different format along with a thorough description of the intended audience.


YouTube is experimenting with letting US content creators use their online storefronts to sell products. By watching quick videos, users can purchase items. This is because once TikTok’s short video feature gained significant traction, YouTube cloned it and is now following suit. YouTube is used by almost 2 billion people each month, and 15 billion people watch it every day. YouTube, Google Shopping, Google Search, Google Images, the Google Display Network (only for local catalog advertisements), and starting in 2019, Google Search Partner websites will all display shopping adverts.

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