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How to Protect Your Kinja Account Against Twitter Shutdown

Protect Your Kinja Account : It’s very likely that you log in using your Twitter account if you use Kinja, which is to say, if you frequently participate in the comments area on Jalopnik (or AV Club, Gizmodo, Jezebel, Kotaku, Lifehacker, The Root, or The Takeout).

We decided it was a good time to explain how to protect your Kinja account so you can log in using alternative methods because there is growing and legitimate concern that Twitter might stop functioning, momentarily or permanently, in the near future.

There are currently three ways to access Kinja: through Twitter, Facebook, or Google. Here’s how to join your Facebook or Google account if you’ve only ever logged in using Twitter. Before it’s too late, act now.

Protect Your Kinja Account

  1. Go to Your Kinja Profile
  2. Edit Your Profile
  3. Add Facebook and/or Google Login Info

Go to Your Kinja Profile

  • First, visit your profile.
  • You can access your profile by clicking on your profile image in the top-right corner of any article, including the one you’re reading right now.
  • Click “Your Profile,” then either your profile picture or the classy stock photo if you haven’t uploaded one of your own.

Edit Your Profile

  • Click “Edit Profile” now.
  • This section pretty much speaks for itself.

Add Facebook and/or Google Login Info

You are free to add Google login—either one connected to real name or a burner connected to a generic Google/GMail login—as well as his Twitter account, if so chooses. It will be obvious whether you’ve been logging in through Twitter, Facebook, or Google once you reach this page. You might be shocked to learn that all three accounts have already been linked. If so, you’re good to go.

All three services should be connected, since this will give you two backups in case one goes down. But you should at the very least consider connecting a Google account. I’m alright with an anonymous account.

Can I Link a Non-Google Email Address?

Regrettably, no. These three services are the only ones that now offer login options on Kinja. It does so for a variety of intricate reasons, and if the recent drama at Twitter has taught us anything, it’s that virtually every choice related to online material and digital communications is difficult.

What Happens if Twitter Actually Breaks?

To be totally honest,we are not sure. Since Twitter hasn’t seen a complete blackout in years, even a brief one, a lot of internet infrastructure depends on Twitter functioning normally. There was little need for the world to plan for significant Twitter disruptions prior to Musk taking the helm. Internet usage is relatively new here.

This is a lively and inspiring online community of enthusiasts thanks to Kinja commentators. We hope that this worst-case worry turns out to be false because we don’t want to lose that.

But if you’ve been logging in through Twitter, go ahead and connect another account to your Kinja profile just to be safe. safer to be safe than sorry.

Chaos reigns on Twitter. Elon Musk, the company’s new owner, has decimated the employees and last week issued an ultimatum to those who remain, telling them to work long hours and be “very hardcore” or quit. Hundreds opted for the latter and moved toward the entrance.

The system is already showing indications of stress from the migration. Some consumers reported issues with their two-step verification texts not arriving. Test pages are becoming visible in public. Some users report a resurgence of spam in their direct messages and feeds, while others complain of receiving new replies to previously deleted tweets and the disappearance of stored tweet draughts. The bird site is still operating normally.

Twitter won’t just disappear overnight. Security professionals caution that the sudden layoffs could make it easier for malicious users to compromise user accounts by taking advantage of platform flaws.


There is a serious worry that Twitter could go offline, either temporarily or permanently. You can access Kinja in one of three ways: through Twitter, Facebook, or Google. Act quickly to safeguard your Kinja account and log in using different methods before it’s too late. The proper operation of Twitter is essential to the internet’s infrastructure. The company’s new owner, Elon Musk, has decimated the workforce and last week gave those still employed an ultimatum. The layoffs, according to security experts, may make it simpler for malicious users to compromise user accounts.

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