New Live QA Feature of YouTube

To make it simpler for artists to engage with viewers during live streams, YouTube is adding a new Live QA Feature of YouTube. The prompt will show up in the conversation as a pinned message when creators begin a Q&A. The creators can then choose one of the viewers’ queries and pin it so that viewers can see what the creator is responding to.

In the past, creators have had to go through a deluge of live chat questions. With the new feature, queries will be presented in a structured manner that is simpler for creators to handle. You can return to the regular live chat once the Q&A session is over.

Live QA Feature of YouTube

According to a blog post on YouTube, “Live Q&A enables you create and manage Q&A sessions in live chat during your streams and Premieres right from Live Control Room (LCR).” “With Live Q&A, you may more quickly create a sense of community while answering a number of pertinent questions submitted by your viewers. Alongside Live Polls, another fantastic tool for interacting with viewers of your stream, this option will be available.

According to YouTube, queries are arranged chronologically, with the most recent ones at the top. There is no cap on the amount of questions that can be submitted, but after 200, the oldest questions on the list will be removed.

The same tools that enable authors to monitor live chat are used to manage questions submitted through Live Q&A. However, people with Manager or Editor channel access will be able to control the Q&A list, which entails viewing the questions list, choosing which questions to answer, and removing questions. Moderators cannot handle questions in Live Q&As.

The introduction of the new function coincides with YouTube’s attempt to compete with Twitch and TikTok, the latter of which includes a separate Q&A tool specifically designed for live streams.

The business has added additional capabilities to its live stream offering as YouTube concentrates on competing with other platforms. With the help of YouTube’s Super Thanks function, users can give creators of a video one of four pre-set payments ranging from $2 to $50 in order to express their extra appreciation.

Additionally, the business offers creators a way to monetize their live streams through Super Chat. A Super Stickers feature is also available for fans who want to connect with and support their favorite creators.

A new tool that will enable a restricted group of creators to invite a visitor to go live with them was unveiled by YouTube last week. Creators won’t be able to co-stream on YouTube desktop version at first; they will only be able to do it using a phone. Only a small number of producers will have access to the new service at first, but YouTube aims to make co-streaming available to more creators in the future.


For interacting with viewers during live streams, YouTube is introducing a brand-new “Live Q&A” option. The format of the queries will make it easier for creators to handle them. The maximum number of questions that can be submitted is unlimited, although the oldest questions are eliminated after 200. The update occurs as YouTube makes an effort to rival Twitch and TikTok.

How do I ask a question on YouTube live?

You can control your mobile live stream through Live Control Room to access Live Chat capabilities if you are streaming through the YouTube Mobile App. Schedule or begin a live broadcast or a premiere to begin a live Q&A. Click “Start a Q&A” in the chat window’s bottom-left corner.

What is a live Q&A?

According to a blog post on YouTube, “Live Q&A enables you create and manage Q&A sessions in live chat during your streams and Premieres right from Live Control Room (LCR).” “By responding to a series of pertinent questions submitted by your viewers using Live Q&A, you can more easily foster community.”

How do you do Q&A on live?

  • The bottom of the pane has a selection for Ask a question.
  • Your query should be typed in the compose box.
  • Choose Send.
  • Your name will be optional and you can leave it blank if this is a public event and you want to ask your question in an anonymous manner.

How do I activate Q&A?

To access the Q&A section, tap on Q&A. Now click the menu button with three dots in the top-right corner. By doing this, you can access your Q&A settings and enable the Show on profile switch. The Q&A option will become available on your profile once it is enabled.

What are the features of YouTube Live?

The livestreaming feature on YouTube called YouTube Live enables content producers to communicate with their viewers in real time via video and chat. By selecting “Live” from the left sidebar on YouTube’s desktop site, users can view the top livestreams currently trending in their nation.

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