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How to Avoid Unwanted WhatsApp Messages Without Blocking Someone

Avoid Unwanted WhatsApp Messages: Users of WhatsApp can save conversations. The messaging platform was previously utilized to notify users if an archived chat was messaged or called. But no longer.

At a Glance

  • On WhatsApp, blocking someone is quite simple.
  • WhatsApp however allows users to archive chats in the absence of banning.
  • Users of WhatsApp can permanently mute conversations.

Daily, millions of people utilize WhatsApp. Although it is a fantastic tool for connecting with friends and family, certain people constantly bother you. Is it not? Blocking is one method for getting rid of such irritable folks. What if, however, you decide against blocking? There is a way to do that as well, I suppose.

Users of WhatsApp can save conversations. The messaging platform was previously utilized to notify users if an archived chat was messaged or called. But no longer. WhatsApp now conceals all alerts for old talks as a result of a recent update. And in my opinion, that’s one of the nicest improvements the instant messaging service has introduced in a while.

How can you archive a contact on WhatsApp?

Step 1: Update WhatsApp using the Play Store or App Store.
Step 2: Open the app in step two and look for the contact you want to avoid.
Step 3: Firmly squeeze the contact.
Step 4: Select the archive
Step 5: From this point on, the contact can only be viewed in the archive section until it is unachievable.

The catch is that you can always visit the archive section to view notifications from the archive chat. WhatsApp also offers the option to block contacts if you feel the archive is not for you. So, unless you choose to unblock, you will never get notifications from the concerned party—messages or calls.

On WhatsApp, blocking contact is simple. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp app first.
Step 2: Pick the person you want to block.
Step 3: Open the WhatsApp chat in step three.
Step 4: Select the person’s name from the list at the top.
Step 5: Scroll down and select “block” from the menu.

A second method exists for avoiding a WhatsApp friend without blocking. Just turn off the speaker. And how do you do that?

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp app first.
Step 2: After launching the app, long-press on the contact.
Step 3: Select the option for Mute
Step 4: WhatsApp users can choose to silence the chat for either 8 hours, 1 week, or always.
Step 5: Select the Always option to permanently mute someone. Anytime, you can modify the configuration.

Another method to avoid unwanted Whatsapp Messages

  1. Delete Their Number
  2. Mute their Messages
  3. Delete their Chats without Seeing the Messages

Delete Their Number

Okay, so not everyone will likely have success with this step. Delete the contact for the person who keeps messaging you if they are a friend or relative, and ask that they be taken off of your Whatsapp list.

If you don’t want to receive messages from specific people, follow this step.

You can let them know you don’t want to receive texts from them by deleting their number.

Make sure to switch your profile settings to My Contacts Only after deleting their contact. Therefore, your profile photo and status will only be visible to those who are on your contact list. It is a great method for stopping to receive messages from the user.

Mute their Messages

This function is the greatest for Whatsapp users for two key reasons. The person isn’t informed that you have silenced their communications, to start. Two, you won’t receive their communication notifications any longer. This implies that you won’t have to deal with notifications even if they send you a message.

Their chats will still be visible on top of your WhatsApp, alerting you to any messages you have missed. By pinning a few contacts, that can be avoided as best as possible. This ought to be effective.

  • Launch WhatsApp and hold the contact you want to silence for a short period.
  • Choose the top-located mute icon.
  • Select the ideal time frame in which to mute the messages by clicking on it.

You’re all set! The target will not notify you when they send you messages. As a result, you won’t be bothered.

The same is true for group conversations. You can silence the messages in a group when hundreds of messages are sent and received daily so that you won’t be notified whenever a new message is delivered. By doing so, you can avoid specific individuals without leaving the WhatsApp group or blocking them specifically.

Delete their Chats without Seeing the Messages

It’s simpler to track down who has read your communication on WhatsApp. The target has read the communications, as evidenced by the two blue ticks. By hiding your texts, you can prevent them from sending you messages. While the mute option is a useful one, their messages are still recorded in your chat history.

The best course of action is to end the chat whenever they send a new message. It is a great way to avoid them without having to block them and it will also give them a hint that you are not interested in their messages. If they don’t hear back from you, they’ll stop texting you.

Why You Should Stop Receiving Messages from Someone on Whatsapp?

Have you ever joined a group where more than 100 messages are sent and received every hour? Have you ever given someone your phone number who texted you nonstop?

People may get messages from users who send offensive or harassing content. They either continue to message or begin calling. To stop getting the texts, it becomes crucial to block their phones or leave such groups.

However, as you are already aware, blocking isn’t always the greatest choice. It won’t take long for the user to realize they have been blocked. They will be aware that you have blocked them if they continue to send you messages that only have one tick. Blocking a buddy or acquaintance won’t help your image.

Asking a user to stop sending you texts directly is the most straightforward way to stop getting texts from them. That will sound incredibly disrespectful, though. Additionally, it could harm your relationship with the user.


Conversations can be saved by WhatsApp users. If you decide the archive is not for you, WhatsApp also gives you the ability to block contacts. Therefore, unless you opt to unblock, you will never receive calls or messages from the concerned party. Simply mute the speaker. Take this action if you don’t want to hear from certain people.

A contact can be muted for eight hours, one week, or forever. You won’t have to worry about notifications if you do this, even if they send you a message. On top of your WhatsApp, you will still be able to see their chats. The two blue ticks show that it’s easier to determine who has read your communications. You can stop your texts from sending by hiding them.

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