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How to Find and Buy from Businesses on WhatsApp

Find and Buy from Businesses on WhatsApp: Users would be able to find new brands, communicate with them, and make purchases right within the app thanks to Meta’s new business capabilities. The instant messaging service WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, revealed a new feature that will let users engage with brands and make purchases directly from the app. The Business Search feature on WhatsApp is designed to make it easier for customers to find, contact, and purchase products from businesses.

At a Glance

  • Now, customers in Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia, and the UK may search for businesses on WhatsApp by name or browse them by categories, such as travel or banking.
  • Additionally, Meta is testing safe payments in a chat with various payment partners in Brazil.

Find Businesses on WhatsApp

With millions of small businesses and tens of thousands of brands already using WhatsApp, people want an easy way to find the companies they’re looking for. We’re introducing the option for customers to look up businesses by name or browse them by categories, such as travel or banking. People won’t need to look up phone numbers on websites or in their contact lists because of this.

Meta-created business searches in a way that safeguards user privacy and the results of your search are handled in a way that makes it impossible to connect them to your account. To locate businesses using our WhatsApp Business Platform, we are initially offering this functionality in Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia, and the United Kingdom. Search will also assist people in Brazil in finding small businesses.

Message a Business

Meta wants consumers to be in charge of their discussions as more businesses utilize WhatsApp. Some of the companies that have lately joined WhatsApp assist customers in opening bank accounts, buying train tickets, and placing grocery orders.

Buy From a Business

Meta has developed this experience in India so that users may use their credit or debit card to make a safe payment directly from a conversation. We’re thrilled to be testing this out right now in Brazil with a variety of payment partners.

For individuals and companies wishing to purchase and sell on WhatsApp without having to visit a website, open another app, or make a cash payment in person, this frictionless checkout experience will be a game-changer.

These fresh encounters help WhatsApp become the top channel for connecting customers with their preferred companies.

What extra features does WhatsApp Business have?

By directing potential clients from Facebook and Instagram directly into a WhatsApp chat with your company, you may increase your reach. These advertisements will be shown to users who are more inclined to engage in conversation with your company on WhatsApp,

Can WhatsApp Business see my messages?

Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted if a company is handling chats independently. No one can read or listen to them outside of this discussion, not even WhatsApp.

What is the difference between WhatsApp messages and WhatsApp Business?

While WhatsApp is the messaging service’s consumer version, WhatsApp Business is made particularly for businesses. The primary distinction between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business is that businesses receive a verified and comprehensive Business Profile so that clients may feel confident when speaking with others on the platform.

Why would someone use a WhatsApp Business account?

WhatsApp Business offers capabilities to automate, sort, and swiftly respond to messages, which makes communicating with customers simple. Additionally, it’s designed to function and feel exactly like WhatsApp Messenger. Everything you’re used to doing, like messaging and sharing images, can be done with it.

What happens when you switch to WhatsApp Business?

Register: WhatsApp Business recognizes the phone number you use for WhatsApp Messenger automatically. Tap the button with your business number to proceed. Change the account: Keep your phone on and the WhatsApp Business app open until the account transfer is finished.

Does WhatsApp Business show your phone number?

A second phone number for WhatsApp Business, however, improves your privacy. Customers will only see the second phone number you use for business when they call. Your private WhatsApp account’s connected personal number will never be visible to or accessible to them.


Customers can search, contact, and buy products from businesses more easily thanks to WhatsApp’s Business Search feature. Customers can explore businesses on WhatsApp by categories like travel or banking or search for them by name in Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia, and the UK. When customers call, they will only hear your second phone number, and all messages will be end-to-end encrypted to hide your personal information.

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