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How to Unban Banned YouTube Channel Account

How to Unban Banned YouTube Channel Account- Google believes in creating YouTube a friendly community by enforcing a set of rules that all users must adhere to. You risk having your YouTube channel account permanently banned if you do not follow these restrictions when sharing videos, commenting, or otherwise interacting on the site. You’ll be informed if your account is banned, and you won’t be able to update or use it again.

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Permanent ban

You can appeal the opinion if your YouTube account is suspended. The ban is permanent if the appeal is rejected. You will be unable to create a new account or view any videos you have posted. Your whole account, along with all videos posted, is deleted.

How Did My YouTube Account Get Suspended?

To detect content that breaches the Community Guidelines as well as copyright policies, YouTube employs a combination of machine learning technologies and human reviewers. If you believe your YouTube account was banned without cause, it’s essential to know these policies.

Community Guidelines on YouTube

The following are prohibited by YouTube’s Community Guidelines:

Content having these material-


Scams, impersonations, and false partnerships are deceptive.


  • Excessively posted, repetitious, or unorganised content that accomplishes either one of the following:
  • Viewers are assured something, but instead are sent to another website.
  • Obtains clicks, views, or traffic from YouTube by promising viewers easy cash.
  • Sends viewers to websites that transmit dangerous software, try to collect personal information, or have other unwanted effects.

Sensitive Material

Nudity, child pornography, and other sensitive topics

Illegal content

  • Illegal content, harassment, or hate crimes are all examples of violence.
  • Videos promoting the purchase of restricted products, such as firearms.
  • Misleading information that has an impact on politics or public health.

YouTube has a strike system in place to punish wrongdoing. The following is how it works

A notice will be delivered if you break any of the Community Rules for the first time. YouTube will take video down & send you an email alerting you of the policy violation.

If you continuing to break the rules, you will receive a strike, which will result in your account being banned for one week, and you will have 90 days to clean up your act to avoid further ban. You will not be permitted to do the following during the suspension:

  • Video or story submissions
  • Live streams
  • Make a community post
  • Create, update, or remove playlists.
  • Show trailers
  • Help viewers get to and from premieres.

If you breach the rules during 90-day period, you will get another strike and a 2-week YouTube ban.

After 3rd strike in the 90-day period, your Channel will be permanently suspended.

When my YouTube account is suspended, am I notified?

A strike implies your YouTube channel has been suspended. In this situation, you’ll receive:

  • You will receive an email
  • You will receive a message on your smartphone and computer
  • When you sign in to YouTube, you’ll get an alert on your channel.

How To Recover Your Suspended YouTube Account 

You can get your YouTube account back, by appealing your strike.  This is what you must do:

  • Sign up for a YouTube account.
  • Go to your account’s dashboard.
  • Choose the Channel Violations card
  • Click on Appeal.

Your case will be reviewed by YouTube, and if you are proven not guilty, your strike will be canceled, and your video will be restored.

The difficulty with appealing is that you can only do so 30 days after ban is given, which is significantly less than the 90-day suspension after-effect time.

If your YouTube channel has been banned due to an incorrect copyright infringement claim, you can send a free-form counter notice to

Here’s what you should write in the email’s body:

  • Type your Full name
  • Email address
  • Physical location
  • Phone number
  • Specific URLs for your case
  • Agreement of the verification assertions at the counter notification table
  • Message why do you believe you were wronged? 
  • e-sign

When making an appeal, keep in mind that:

  • You can only appeal once per strike.
  • To fill out the form, you’ll need the URL for your YouTube channel. If you don’t, your request will be rejected right away.

They will notify you via email if YouTube Account get suspended

  • You will received an email in which they notify you why suspended your account.
  • You should need to appeal successfully.
  • If you try to open or log in your suspended YouTube channel account this will lead to “Unable to Access Google Product” page.
YouTube Channel Account
  • Open your YouTube channel account by URL, but don’t sign in.
  • You will see a red banner in which they explain a reason.
  • If you think an error occur, You can write a request or appeal.
  • To notify or mention YouTube’s/channel/URL and the correct google account email address.
  • Press on submit

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