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How to unban WhatsApp Number in 2022

How to unban WhatsApp number in 2022 means your WhatsApp number is banned. WhatsApp has become important for all of us, and if your profile is banned, it implies your life has come to an end. Keep in mind that WhatsApp will not inform you before deactivating your account.

Why WhatsApp Ban Your Number?

If they find the rules of service have been broken, WhatsApp will block your number. This happens commonly as a result of many people’s ignorance or attempts to engage in illegal activity.

The following are the most common reasons for your WhatsApp number being banned:-

Bulk Messages

Delivering bulk WhatsApp messages is termed “spam.” 

Use of WhatsApp’s MOD Version

Usage of WhatsApp MOD versions such as Whatsapp GB, WhatsApp Plus, and others may result in a temporary or permanent ban. This is the most common cause for a WhatsApp number being blocked.

Inappropriate Contents

Delivering inappropriate content in a personal message or a group might lead to an immediate ban.

User report

If a large number of users report your phone number in a brief period, you may be banned.

Trying to Send Malware or Malicious Files

You are not on the right track if you are attempting to hack someone’s account or conversion by delivering malware or malicious files because you cannot outsmart WhatsApp’s algorithm, and your number will quickly be blacklisted.

Hate Speech, Spreading Sarcasm, Harsh Comments

Whatsapp has an effective algorithm for identifying hate speech, severe conversion, etc. If you continue to engage in these actions on WhatsApp, you will shortly face a ban.

Spreading Fake News

If you distribute false information on WhatsApp, you will also be blocked. If you are disseminating false information, WhatsApp may take severe measures against your account.

Selling illegal Products & Services

If you run a business online, you should be aware of WhatsApp’s terms of service because your WhatsApp number might be blocked if you offer illegal goods and services including narcotics, firearms, and other contraband.

There are two types of bans

  • Temporary Ban
  • Permanent Ban

Temporary ban

It’s just temporary, as the term indicates, and may be lifted within 24hrs if you complete the WhatsApp guidelines appropriately. Temporary bans are commonly indicated by a timer, and they are immediately lifted when a certain amount of time has passed. You may usually use WhatsApp regularly during the interim prohibition. If you continue to break the rules, you may receive a permanent ban.

Permanent ban

A complete ban means you won’t be able to use WhatsApp at all, even logging in. When you try logging in to WhatsApp number, you get an error message that claims you’ve been banned from using it.

How to Unban WhatsApp Numbers in 2022

Steps to Unban WhatsApp Number


  • Uninstall Your current WhatsApp
  • Again Install WhatsApp from Play Store
  • Fill in the banned WhatsApp number for verification
  • A notification Appears on Screen “Your WhatsApp Number has been banned.
  • Go to the Support Option shown on the Screen
unban whatsapp
  • Explain the correct reason and apologize for mistakes.
  • Click on the Next button
  • Then click on “This does noes solve my problem”
  • You will be sent to the mail app and click on send.

Mail address-

  • Android –
  • iPhone –
  • Windows Phone –
  • Web and Desktop –
  • Other –

Step- 2:

To unban WhatsApp number mail on again given id-


Sub: To unban my Whatsapp number

Mail content

Yes, I believe that my account has been banned by Mistakenly. I didn’t partake in any activities that violet WhatsApp privacy policies or terms of service.

I request you to respond and restore my WhatsApp account as soon as possible
In any case ,, if my account being banned I need to know why the same has been done.


If the support team finds your reason to be valid, your WhatsApp number will be reactivated within 48 hours of your request.


The method of deleting a permanently banned WhatsApp account is depend on your reason or innocence if WhatsApp finds your innocence. If WhatsApp find you innocence, your account will be reactivated. if they don’t, you’ll have to wait a week or perhaps a few months and then repeat the process to unban your WhatsApp number.

Unblocking a WhatsApp Number Should Be Done Carefully

This is the only way to permanently restore your WhatsApp account. Scammers claim on the online platform that, for money, they may unban your WhatsApp. It’s worth noting that only WhatsApp can unblock numbers. As a consequence, avoid paying someone to reactivate your WhatsApp ban number.

Can A Banned WhatsApp Number Be Unbanned?

A blocked Whatsapp number can be unbanned, but only if the ban is temporary. In this case, you can either wait for the ban to be lifted or contact Whatsapp and explain why you want to have your account unbanned.

But if the ban is irreversible, there isn’t much that can be done to get the number unbanned.

But you may still try writing to and contacting WhatsApp support; if you’re fortunate, your phone number might be unbanned.

The only other choice you have if this doesn’t work is to change your Whatsapp number and open a new account.

How Much Time Does It Take To Unban Whatsapp Number?

If the ban is temporary, it can take Whatsapp 24–10 days to lift the restriction on your cellphone number.

However, you must be careful not to take any actions that turn this temporary suspension into a permanent ban.

However, if the prohibition is permanent, it can take an eternity because it can’t be lifted.

However, you can still try your luck by asking for help from WhatsApp support.

How to Restore Your Whatsapp Data After Temporary Ban?

  • Await the end of your temporary ban. The duration of the ban will be indicated by a timer.
  • Tap More Options> Chats> Chat Backup in any version of WhatsApp, including WhatsApp Plus and GB.
  • the file manager, please.
  • Locate and name a folder with the WhatsApp mode, such as GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus.
  • Download the official WhatsApp from Play Store.
  • Verify your WhatsApp phone number.
  • A backup will appear on your screen; select Restore > Next.
  • Your saved chats will load in WhatsApp.

Secret Tips to Avoid Getting Banned on Whatsapp

 However, We have noticed a similar issue with every one of you about this challenge. When you phone many people at once with the same message, you are blocked.

This can be beneficial if you work, attend school, or run a business that caters to lots of text users. User privacy is sensitive in these countries, therefore we wouldn’t advise using WhatsApp if you were creating a workgroup or sending numerous images and videos. A telegram would be an acceptable replacement.


Do not trust websites that offer to unlock your WhatsApp. No organization or internet tool exists that can unblock the restricted WhatsApp. In the event of a temporary prohibition, it is preferable to wait, and in the event of a permanent restriction, to send mail. I hope this article was useful. Please leave a comment if you need any assistance.

Whether your WhatsApp number is temporarily or permanently prohibited, hopefully, you will discover how to unban a number from WhatsApp. Please use the comments area if you need any assistance with how to unblock my WhatsApp account if you are still having trouble.

People Also Ask

How can I activate my banned WhatsApp number?

  • Send a message via your official email account to WhatsApp support.
  • You’ll receive an automated answer stating that they are investigating the matter.
  • Response time on WhatsApp is between 24 and 48 hours for emails.
  • Keep in mind that your WhatsApp number will be permanently blocked after 2-3 temporary bans.

Why my WhatsApp number is banned?

The notice below will appear if you are blocked on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is not allowed to be used on your phone number. For assistance, contact support. Whatsapp may block your number for a variety of reasons, some of which we’ve already covered in this article.

Is there any way to get unbanned from Whatsapp?

Why not, yes Whether it’s a temporary or permanent ban, we’ve published a detailed tutorial on how to unban from WhatsApp. Look over this post in detail.

Is WhatsApp ban permanent?

Some penalties go from being temporary to be permanent, just like other points. When too many accounts have blocked you, it is the situation. The restriction is initially only temporary, but if it happens frequently, WhatsApp will take the issue seriously and permanently terminate that account.

Is banned from using WhatsApp contact support for help?

Within the WhatsApp Business app, you will see the following message if you are banned: WhatsApp is not allowed to be used on your phone number. For assistance, contact support. Be informed that if we think an account behavior violates our Terms of Service, we may prohibit the account.

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