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How to Use Reddit App

There are several specialty message boards on the internet, but Reddit is the best option if you want everything in one place . The website provides information on almost any topic you can think of, including news, discussion, solutions, and entertainment. so how to use reddit app?

Reddit bills itself as “the front page to the Internet” (opens in new tab), and for the past 15 years, it has lived up to that boast. Its users frequently comment on news and trends with extraordinary wit or enlightening knowledge, appearing to be able to spot them before anybody else. Here is a guide to all there is to know about Reddit, including how to engage and enjoy it to the fullest.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is essentially a huge collection of forums where registered users may discuss practically anything you can think of, including news, pop culture, technology, comics, movies, books, and the craziest things in the world, including some highly NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content.

What is a subreddit?

These particular discussion boards are known as “subreddits,” which are abbreviated as r/”topic” (for instance, r/gadgets(opens in new tab)). More than 130,000 subreddits are currently active.

All of them are open for reading and participation, with the exception of private subreddits, which have an admissions procedure. Additionally, you can subscribe to the subreddits so that their most well-liked posts show up on your own customized Reddit front page.

How to Use Reddit App

Anyone can browse and read content on Reddit without restriction. Additionally, you can sign up and get more active.

Any public subreddit can accept submissions from registered users. They can also join subreddits, which will change how Reddit displays for you on the home page (more on this later).

By just clicking on the empty comment form located directly beneath another person’s entry, they can likewise leave comments on it. Likewise, you can respond to other people’s remarks by selecting reply.

Finally, registered users have the ability to upvote or downvote any entry, which is how Reddit promotes submissions to the top page.

How does the front page work?

Due to various algorithms, Reddit features a front page where some submissions are highlighted. There are various tabs on this top page.

The “Hot” page, which is essentially a view of the submissions with the greatest scores over time, is the default tab if you are not registered. By deducting the downvotes from the upvotes, the score is obtained.

The “Best” tab is the default one if you have registered. It includes the most popular articles from every subreddit, but it also considers other factors, such as the submissions you have previously interacted with or the subreddits you have joined.

The next time you open the main page, this personalized display will likewise remove items that you have already clicked through.

Other tabs include “Rising,” which displays recent posts that are receiving a lot of upvotes, and “Controversial,” which employs an algorithm to identify items that are the focus of divergent ideas by analyzing the upvote and downvote fluctuations.

Can I create my own subreddit?

Yes, if you are registered. You can create the subreddit of your dreams if one doesn’t already exist. You must abide by the community rules because some subreddits have been banned in the past for hosting gatherings of hate organisations or engaging in illegal activity.

Are there any Reddit rules?

Reddiquette says that you should generally act civilized and keep in mind that there is always a real person on the other side of the computer. Naturally, spam and trolling are not permitted. Although it is allowed, self-promotion is only accepted in moderation. You will be OK as long as you are careful and try to treat others with respect.

What’s a “flair”?

Some subreddits will ask you to give your entry a “flair,” which approximately describes what it is about. A few of the subreddits’ flairs are Phones, Desktop/Laptop, TV/Projectors, Music, and Transportation (opens in new tab).

You may even add a unique flair to some subreddits, which will show up next to your username. You might use this to flaunt your personality or interests. For instance, you can set your flair in r/nfl(opens in new tab) to represent your preferred team so that everyone knows who you support anytime you submit.

Do subreddits have extra rules?

Yes, in addition to the logical manners, each subreddit has its own set of guidelines that you should read and follow while posting or leaving a remark. For instance, some subreddits, like r/pics(opens in new tab), might only accept image uploads and not links from the outside world. Others, like r/science, will call on you to be more specific in your posts (opens in new tab). Before submitting anything, it’s a good idea to review the rules of the relevant subreddit.

Do upvotes have any other effect, and what is karma?

Your “karma” increases as a result of the comments and posts that are upvoted or downvoted on your blog. The more positive karma you possess, the more highly the community may view you. However, there are no awards or rewards for accumulating a set quantity of Reddit karma, and it cannot be redeemed. Actually, it’s merely a number that reflects your level of website activity.

Can you lose karma on Reddit?

You lose points on your global karma every time someone votes against one of your posts. You shouldn’t worry too much, though. The goal of Reddit is not to collect karma points but rather to learn, have fun, waste time, or contribute in a clever or useful way to the debate.

Can I get banned from Reddit?

If you spam or seek to use Reddit to preach hatred and hostility, you can undoubtedly get banned from the site. You won’t be prohibited from reading, only from taking part. And once you’ve been expelled, it’s game over. Just remember to play responsibly and by the rules this time. You won’t encounter any issues if you behave civilly and adhere to the subreddit’s guidelines.

Can I get banned from a subreddit?

Yes, moderators have the right to ban you for breaking the rules. Moderators come in a variety of forms. Some moderators are stricter than others, but if you consistently break the rules, they will quickly ban you.

Being banned from only one subreddit merely restricts you from posting on that specific forum; even when banned, you can still browse. Additionally, you can continue to submit to other websites’ subreddits.

Is there any specific Reddit lingo?

Yes there is. Reddit includes a variety of unique acronyms and idioms in addition to the standard internet abbreviations like As Far As I Know and In My Opinion. Here are a few that are helpful:

  • Ask Me Anything, or AMA. This abbreviation is used on submissions by people to engage with redditors, usually individuals who are well-known or have done something noteworthy. Additionally, there is a subreddit for AMAs(opens in new tab) where anyone may ask anyone a question, from Bill Gates (who has done several) to NASA scientists to Barack Obama(opens in new tab).
  • Explain Like I’m Five (ELI5) (years old). Use this to ask a question if it pertains to a challenging subject. A full subreddit exists.
  • EDIT and ETA: When users edit comments, the terms Edit and Edited To Add are appended.
  • TL;DR: Didn’t Read; Too Long. This is used at the end of lengthy text postings or comments to complain that they are difficult to read. In the event that readers don’t have the time to read the complete work, it can also be utilized to provide a summary of its important ideas.

Are there any mobile apps for Reddit?

Yes. In fact, using the apps on both smartphones and tablets offers a significantly improved user experience. Both iOS and Android have official apps (opens in new tab). Try any of the third-party apps available for iOS and Android if you want a different experience (opens in new tab).

Can people see my activity in Reddit?

Your postings and comments are visible to others on your user profile. They are unable to view your subscriptions or likes. You can be followed by users.

Can I get unbanned?

Always feel free to ask the moderators. They might reinstate you if you admit that you didn’t read the regulations or that you were unaware of something. But this is not governed by any rules. The moderators, who are unpaid volunteers and just regular community members, have the last say.


After reading the information above, you should be prepared to begin browsing Reddit. Just go right in, start exploring, and get ready to lose hours in the Reddit black hole. It’s among the coolest and most fascinating locations on the web.

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