Instagram will soon let you turn public photos into Reels

Reels, Instagram’s rival to the short video app Tik-Tok, is about to receive another push from the social media network. Similar to how it did with videos in January, the social network site will soon permit users to turn public photos into Reels.

Users will soon be able to utilize any fresh photos for “remixing” in Reels as long as the images are available on Instagram, which is “no longer a photo sharing service.” Although the option can be disabled, it is active by default.

According to Instagram, which is owned by Meta, the feature to “remix” public photographs would be added in the “coming weeks.” These images might be included in Reels for quick videos.

In an effort to improve its short video service and compete with Tik-Tok, the social networking platform Instagram has announced that it will permit public photographs to be altered for use in Reels.

Once users have the option, remixing will be turned on by default for all uploaded photographs, however they will still have the ability to turn it off in the Settings. Additionally, users can allow remixing for specific articles using the same procedure even if it is deactivated by default for old photographs.

In an effort to provide producers more material, Instagram unlocked all publicly available video content for remixing in January. Only videos published after the adjustment was made in this instance were available for remixing.

Photographers have frequently expressed doubt about Instagram’s usage of their content, and this step just heightens their worry because their images may be utilized broadly. Although it will provide them greater traction, there is a chance that their work will be misinterpreted or used in situations where they would prefer it not to.

When Instagram revised its terms of service in 2012 and indicated that it would be allowed to sell user-posted images, although it ultimately did not, photographers started to experience problems with the platform.

Turn public photos into Reels: What about privacy?

Remixing will be turned on automatically unless users turn it off, according to a Meta representative. Users might be able to disable remixing through the options menu, it seems.

All images posted prior to the feature’s deployment will have remixing off by default, but you can turn it on for individual postings.

This option can be used to turn off remixing for specific photos or for your entire account. Instagram had implemented similar changes for public videos in January.

Should we worry?

Well, with all-things-Meta, this decision is going to elicit conflicting responses, especially in light of the privacy issues surrounding Mark Zuckerberg’s vast empire of apps. Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, has declared that it is “no longer a photo sharing app.”

Remixing may be useful for many content creators who wish to make their work more dynamic and widespread, but many are concerned about the context in which their photos may be utilized.

In a recent blog post, Instagram outlined its goals for Reels and stated that any movies under 15 minutes would henceforth be shared as Reels. Reels’ “Templates” and “Dual” features, which the business says would enable users to “simply express their creative ideas,” were also discussed.

Can you make an Instagram reel with still photos?

It’s interesting to note that the Instagram app’s Reels function allows you to create Reels using images. This eliminates the need to create Instagram reels with many photographs using third-party apps or services. Additionally, you can browse and include your favourite songs from the Instagram music collection.

How do you add a picture to a Reel video?

  • Reels are TikTok’s replacement on Instagram. These are brief video snippets that can last up to 60 seconds, and users can customize them with different music, effects, and filters.
  • On the left, select “Import Media Files.”
  • Choose the files you want to utilize.
  • The photos will now appear in the display’s upper left corner.

Why can’t I post pictures on Instagram?

The primary cause is a flaw in the cache or temporary data that is kept on your device. Your cache has to be cleared to repair it. If it doesn’t work, try restarting your phone, determining whether the file is too large, or examining your data settings and internet connection. Visit our article for further advice!

How many photos can you add to a Reel?

You may add up to 10 images to your slideshow on Instagram. Once all of the images have been added, click the Preview button to view the slideshow. 

Can you make Reels from old videos?

Reels can be chosen by tapping the “+” sign at the top of your screen. To find the recorded video clips you wish to include in your Instagram Reel, swipe up the screen to access your camera roll. Tap the video, cut it as you see fit using the control at the bottom of the screen, and then tap the checkmark.


So, What will you do in the next weeks when “remixing” launches on Instagram? Here is all about Instagram makeover once again. It will soon come with new additional features day by day or shortly in some weeks.

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