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How to Increase CPC in Google Adsense

Let’s first define the word CPC, or “Cost Per Click,” before we go over the best strategies to increase CPC in Google Adsense. These are advertisements from Google’s AdWords advertising program, which you will be aware of if you use Google AdSense on your websites. Google receives payment from advertisers who use the AdWords program for each click on their advertisements.

You receive a portion of what advertisers pay Google when you include AdSense blocks on your websites and blogs. This is 68% of the current bid price for the advertisement. In other words, if someone is paying Google $2 for each click on a certain advertisement for a specific term, then you will receive $1.36 each time a visitor to your site clicks on that advertisement if Google has been paid by that person.

What is Adsense CPC?

The amount you make each time a person clicks on your advertisement is known as the cost-per-click (CPC). The CPC for any advertisement is set by the advertiser; depending on what they are advertising, some advertisers may be ready to pay more per click than others.

What is Adsense CTR?

The percentage of visitors who click on Adsense adverts on our website is known as the click-through rate.

Let’s say your average CPC is $0.2, in which case 12,500 average clicks would translate to a payout of almost $5,000. Now, with the same number of clicks and a $0.3 CPC, you could earn $7,500. You can see that by increasing by just $0.1, you can earn an extra $2,500.

This is why you should concentrate on raising your click-through rates (CTR) rather than concentrating on generating more clicks in the first place.

Your website’s niche will have a big impact on the Adsense CPC. The cost per click (CPC) for advertisements on your website will be substantially higher if you are in a highly competitive niche. However, a highly competitive niche necessitates extra time and work to attract relevant traffic to your website.

How to Increase CPC in Google Adsense

  1. Website
    • Website Niche
    • Website Layout
    • Maintain Your Website Speed
  2. Content
    • Use High CPC Keywords
    • Create Quality Content
  3. Ads
    • Analyze Your Ad Placement
    • Block Low CPC Ad Categories
    • Create Compelling Ads that Attracts Visitors to Click
    • Keep Experimenting
  4. Target Country
    • Visitors Location
  5. Using Heat Maps

1. Website

Website Niche

Selecting a strong niche for your website is the first thing you need to accomplish. The CPC for keywords associated with these niches is quite good, making them high-paying niches. Examples include those connected to internet marketing, web development, finance, gaming, and health.

If you want to target niches linked to education or entertainment, you will typically not obtain good CPC.

No matter how much money you want to make from Google AdSense, your priority should be to select a website specialty that will either always be in demand or provide you with reliable income chances over the long term.

The amount of money you can make with Google AdSense advertising every month depends on the specialty you choose.

Website Layout

Want to increase your AdSense revenue? Check out these 4 suggestions to prepare your website for AdSense revenue.

Your site’s layout is crucial for earning money with Google AdSense. You don’t want your advertising to obstruct visitors from viewing your content, causing them to leave before being tempted to click anything.

However, you also don’t want to arrange your adverts so subtly that they are missed. For this reason, optimizing your website for AdSense is crucial. Here are some helpful Google AdSense hints to get you started.

  • Create space for a leaderboard banner
  • Have a sidebar for a rectangular or skyscraper banner
  • Find a spot under your main header for link units
  • Add a horizontal banner in the middle or end of your content
Create converting landing pages

The first thing a visitor will notice when entering your website for the first time in its design. If your design is cluttered and gives off a spam vibe, people will immediately click the exit button.

Because chaotic design might kill your conversion rates, avoid using it to increase sales from your adverts.

Avoid making exaggerated claims on your landing pages, and always follow through on the promises you made in the headlines or ad copy. Your Google AdSense campaigns will be able to generate higher CPC (cost per click) rates as a result.

Here are a few pointers and techniques for improving your landing pages’ AdSense CTR and CPC.

  • Always strive to create less-distracting landing pages. The benefits will increase as you create less distraction.
  • To develop landing pages, use programs like GetResponse, LeadPages, etc.
  • They are inexpensive and really simple to make beautiful landing pages.
  • Examine how other people in your field are using landing pages.
  • To improve your AdSense CTR, try to imitate some of their features.

Maintain Your Website Speed

A web performance metric called page load time measures how long it takes for a page to appear on the user’s screen.

Following a one-second delay in page load time,

  • Fewer page views by 11%
  • 16% fewer customers are satisfied
  • 7% fewer conversions overall

Let’s examine how improving website speed affects the crucial elements for a successful website:

  • Conversion
  • Visibility
  • usability


Getting website visitors to take the actions you want them to is a crucial component of your business’ success. They might purchase your product, sign up for newsletters, sign up for a webinar, or download a guide, for example.

The page’s conversion rates will be higher the quicker it loads. A delay of one-second results in a 7 percent decrease in conversions, according to Hubspot research. One second of page lag, for instance, could cost Amazon $1.6 billion in lost sales annually.


How quickly users may find your website is also impacted by its load time. One of the elements that Google takes into account when ranking websites is website speed. A website that performs poorly provides a bad user experience and receives less promotion in search results.

Since December 2017, Google has started using mobile versions of pages for determining rankings, even for desktop searches. This approach aims to shield users from websites with poor performance and limited device responsiveness.


Customer loyalty is directly impacted by website usability factors like page speed, load time, and responsiveness to user demands. The more effective your website is, the happier your users will be. A successful user experience can help you develop a significant consumer base and a powerful brand.

Bounce Rate

The likelihood that a mobile user will leave an online page increases by 123% as page load time increases from one to ten seconds.

As Page load time goes from:

  • 1s to 3s the probability of bounce increases by 32%.
  • 1s to 5s the probability of bounce increases by 90%.
  • 1s to 6s the probability of bounce increases by 106%.
  • 1s to 10s the probability of bounce increases by 123%.

Tips to speed up your website

  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Move your website to a better host
  • Optimize the size of images on your website
  • Reduce the number of plugins
  • Minimize the number of JavaScript and CSS files
  • Use website caching
  • Implement Gzip Compression
  • Database optimization in CMS
  • Reduce the use of web fonts
  • Detect 404 errors
  • Reduce redirects
  • Use prefetching techniques

2. Content

Use High CPC Keywords

Making money online can be challenging, especially if you want to use Google Ads to monetize your site. High website traffic is a need for significant Adsense earnings, as is traffic that interacts with the adverts that are displayed on your blog or website.

Without a question, AdSense is still regarded as one of the best and quickest ways to generate income from online advertising. The nicest thing about AdSense is that it doesn’t require any special training or education.

The secret to raising the AdSense CPC is keyword research.

Here are a few keyword research recommendations for you if you’re seeking tested strategies for getting high cost-per-click (CPC) AdSense for your blogs.

  • Look into the top-performing keywords of your rivals.
  • Finding all the keywords used by the highest-earning blogs in your industry is one of the simplest ways to raise your CTR AdSense.
  • You may accomplish this by utilizing technologies like Semrush.
  • You can use it to discover all the top keywords in any industry! Here is a thorough guide on the subject.
  • Find long-tail keywords at all times.
  • They give you a lot of search traffic to your blogs and are simpler to rank.
  • By using long-tail keywords, you can produce a tonne of material.
  • We strongly advise you to give Long Tail Pro a try if you’re wondering how to raise AdSense CPC with long-tail keywords.
  • Make sure to locate and utilize the keywords with a monthly global search volume of between 1000 and 2000.
  • Using keywords with low competition can significantly improve your CPC.
  • Always create keyword-rich material.
  • Do keyword research before producing any fresh material for your blogs.
  • Start developing content for your blogs around the primary and secondary keywords only after researching them.
  • In this approach, you can immediately increase the search traffic to your blog and the CPC and CTR for AdSense.

Create Quality Content

Few websites receive higher CPC rates from AdSense advertisements, and one of the main reasons for this is quality content. Instead of publishing anything and everything, the websites that make the most money from AdSense concentrate on producing material that is relevant to their audience.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should only produce material about the subject matter of your website. You will be able to turn your website into a properly themed website for that topic in this manner.

You will notice a decrease in the click-through rate on your Google Adsense ads if you start writing about unrelated topics.

By doing this, you risk losing a significant portion of your current clientele who visit your website solely to view the most recent content in that particular area and not in any other.

3. Ads

Analyze Your Ad Placement

The top of your website, the middle, the bottom as a footer on every page, or wherever else you choose is all viable placement options for advertisements.

In most cases, Google loads the first space with the highest-paying advertising it is willing to provide you. Are you familiar with the order in which the various elements on your blog or website page load? If not, check your source code (Ctrl+U) or raise a problem with the creator of your theme.

Google will discover the first AdSense block that exists in the source file. The highest CPC advertising is often offered in that block, with lower CPC ads being provided in those blocks loading afterward.

Split Testing of AdSense Ads

Split testing will be valuable for determining the best strategy for raising your AdSense CPC. Run a couple of weeks with only one ad block then a couple of weeks with two. Your CPC ought to be greater with just one since that ought to contain more highly lucrative advertising, in theory. Additional split testing:

  • A single header advert vs. a block of 4.
  • A video ad vs. a text ad
  • A single ad at the end of a post vs. a single ad at the beginning.
  • Compare various placement locations
  • Use channels

If internal ads perform well even when you’re utilizing a header ad, then suggests that people are exploring more of your blog before clicking on advertisements.

To avoid being diverted from the content they are looking for, many people will refrain from clicking header adverts. After reading your blog content, people could be more willing to click on advertisements.

In this situation, one or two AdSense advertisements near the bottom of a page or at the end of a post can perform better than those at the top.

If you keep in mind that Google will probably provide the highest CPC AdSense to the first ads published on your page, you may be able to earn more by placing just one ad block in the area of the page where testing has shown you are likely to receive the most hits.

Block Low CPC Ad Categories

Allow block adverts are found in Google AdSense. You can visit the site and check the pay rates for each ad type for yourself.

You will be shown the many ad categories that are displayed on your website.

Block those categories if you discover that they don’t pay very well.

Try to block any categories that are wholly unrelated to the subject matter or industry of your blog. If the blog is discussing technology, then the ad categories for relationships, politics, religion, etc. should be blocked. Your AdSense CPC may rise as a result of this.

Create Compelling Ads that Attract Visitors to Click

Put your attention on picking website visitors above adverts. You can improve your Google AdSense campaigns and get a respectable passive income from AdSense advertisements by concentrating on the needs and desires of your target audience.

To come up with appropriate phrases for your ads, use the Google Adwords keyword suggestion tool. Pay attention to how competitive the keywords are as well as how much revenue each term might bring in.

Before starting any campaign, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. Here is a handful of them:

  • Are these searchable terms on Google?
  • Do people truly enjoy mindlessly clicking on these advertisements?
  • How much each advertisement can earn (per click), also known as your CPC

Because they don’t instill visitors with false promises and because they stand out from the competition, compelling ads always produce higher CTRs. Instead of thinking about how to make more money when designing ads, consider how to make more clicks by thinking from your customer’s perspective.

The three key components that can make or break your click-through rates are your ad’s title, description, and URL.

  • A powerful headline
  • Irresistible URL and
  • A search engine-friendly description

Keep Experimenting

Never stop trying new things. Experimenting can yield significant rewards. You can experiment with various niches, select various ad positions, and then get as much guidance from the Google Adsense center as you like. Never get stuck in one style; continually experiment with different things.

4. Target Country

The nation you are targeting is one of the key elements that can raise CPC.

Visitors Location

When it comes to boosting the CRT for Google Adsense Ads, the geographic location of your website visitors (such as the US, UK, or India) also matters.

A single click from the US can result in a CPC of $1 to $5 or even more, whereas the same click from Asia will result in a CPC of only $.01 to $1.

If you want to increase US visitors to your website and increase your AdSense earnings, you should check into these options. The cost per click will be cheaper if you choose India as your target market.

However, you will notice a significantly greater cost per click on your Google Adsense ad units if the majority of visitors to your website are from the US.

Therefore, before pursuing any niche, be careful to identify your target market.

Google AdSense High CPC Countries List

Country ListCTRCPC (USD)
United States0.75%0.61
United Kingdom1.06%0.48
New Zealand1.21%0.33
South Africa1.13%0.26
Unknown Region0.63%0.25
Puerto Rico1.40%0.16
United Arab Emirates1.37%0.15
U.S. Virgin Islands3.85%0.14
Hong Kong0.94%0.13
Côte d’Ivoire0.69%0.13
Costa Rica0.45%0.12
Dominican Republic1.12%0.11
Cayman Islands0.68%0.11
South Korea0.82%0.1
Saudi Arabia1.64%0.09
Trinidad & Tobago1.41%0.07
Sierra Leone1.29%0.06
Myanmar (Burma)1.18%0.05
Congo – Kinshasa0.94%0.05
Solomon Islands4.35%0.04
Macedonia (FYROM)0.54%0.04
Cape Verde2.38%0.04
American Samoa21.43%0.04
Sri Lanka0.66%0.03
Papua New Guinea0.61%0.03
Congo – Brazzaville1.91%0.03
St. Lucia0.70%0.02
Caribbean Netherlands1.83%0.02
French Polynesia8.33%0.01
Burkina Faso3.33%0.01

5. Using Heat Maps

This information can be found on “heat maps,” which are visual representations of web pages that show where visitors tend to spend the most time and click the most. By positioning your AdSense ad or ad block in the most visited places of your website, you should receive the majority of clicks, a better CTR, and thus more revenue!

For additional details on how to utilize them to raise AdSense CPC and CTR on any website or blog, see our post on heat maps. To be honest, the positioning will only have an impact on your CPC if Google’s crawlers consider the ad’s position to be significant.

The heat map shows you the areas of your page where visitors are most likely to hover, and more sophisticated versions can show where they have also clicked.

You can see that the navigation links, the newsletter, and the content headings saw the most action in the example provided by the aforementioned link.

You don’t know if the same visitors would have clicked on advertisements, but you can find out by utilizing your heatmap program. You can test out ClickTale, a nice version, for free.

General Tips to Increase CPC in Google AdSense

To wrap things up, here are some general Google AdSense tips:

  • Try to avoid link unit Ads
  • Ad review center
  • Ad platform
  • Improve the quality of your site

Try to avoid link unit Ads

When a user clicks on one of these ads, several others (often 5) are revealed. When they click twice and then see an advertisement, visitors object. They either quit your website or stop clicking on similar links after learning their lesson.

To restrict ads from specific competitors or even ads related to your specialty, use the “Competitive Ad Filter.” Why provide your visitors the option to go to a different website that provides what you do? AdSense advertisements can be blocked from particular URLs or even entire categories.

Ad review center

You can also choose to restrict ad categories that typically don’t pay too much per click. Using this, you can prevent AdSense from showing adverts for categories that are irrelevant to your website or that you would prefer to promote directly.

Ad platform

Whether your blog is viewed on a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a phone typically doesn’t matter. Cell phone advertising occasionally does, however, provide a higher CPC; if you have this choice, take advantage of it. Make sure mobile searches can access your website.

Improve the quality of your site

Your website or blog will likely have a higher AdSense CPC if it is of higher quality in the eyes of Google’s algorithms or crawlers. Utilize Google+ and other social networking sites, work to build quality backlinks, and make appropriate use of keywords and other on-page SEO. The higher CPC advertising for your specialty will subsequently be more likely to be given to you. The extra work may be very valuable financially!


One of the finest and easiest ways to make money from online advertising is through AdSense. Significant Adsense earnings require both high website traffic and traffic that engages with the advertisements. Keyword research is the key to increasing AdSense CPC.

As page load times increase from one to 10 seconds, there is a 123% increase in the risk that a mobile user will abandon an online page. You don’t want people to be prevented from viewing your content by advertising.

This is why it’s essential to optimize your website for AdSense. Here are some guidelines and tips for raising your landing pages‘ CTR and CPC for AdSense. Your conversion rates and cost-per-click rates will show the outcomes.

What is a good CTR percentage?

According to HubSpot, the typical CTR for search advertisements (link ads displayed in SERPs) is 1.91%, and the typical CTR for display ads is 0.35%. (Generally, banner ads are visible on the website).

How to improve CPC?

Higher CPC will occur from selecting the proper niche and successful keywords.

How to improve CTR?

Placing relevant and appealing advertising that encourages clicks will increase one’s CTR.

Why is my AdSense CPC so low?

Google will score your website far lower if you are giving your users outdated or low-quality material, and your CPC (the price advertisers make to appear on your page) will drop significantly.

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