10 Most Popular Online Games in iGaming Industry 2022

Popular Online Games in iGaming Industry: The interactive game industry has just recently begun to take off. Although there have been online casinos since the 1990s, they really began to take on their current form after 2010. The market size for online betting and gaming worldwide in 2021 was $73 million. And until 2028, when new technology may further accelerate its growth, it will increase at an annual pace of 11.2%, predicts Sky Quest Technology.

The fact that an increasing portion of the global population is now choosing to try their luck in games of chance is mostly due to this industry’s wide product variety. The variety of online casinos accepting real money is now enormous, with online casino companies producing close to 30,000 games to date in dozens of genres and subcategories that reside inside these classifications.

10 Most Popular Online Games in iGaming Industry

  • RNG Blackjack
  • Slots
  • Live Dealer Roulette
  • Three Card Poker
  • Video Poker
  • Bingo Games
  • Keno
  • Fish Tables
  • Dice
  • Mines

RNG Blackjack

If a sizable pool of gamblers, primarily seasoned gamblers were to be surveyed. asking them what game they enjoy playing the best both in-person and online. Undoubtedly, blackjack will be the most popular response. This is true because of the game’s lowest default house edge among all the casino classics.

Because they can be played more quickly than dealer games, RNG-powered blackjack choices are particularly well-liked among online players. Additionally, because owners are not paying croupiers to operate them, they accept far lesser bets.


When creating the first online gambling software, Isle of Man interactive gaming pioneer Micro gaming started with reel-spinning games. Slot machines now overrun platform lobby areas because Curacao-regulated venues often host at least 5,000 of them. They are the simplest online game possibilities because all players need to do is click “play.” Despite this, their other main draw is the possibility of receiving substantial prizes.

A number of gaming mechanisms have been improved over the last few years, greatly increasing the dynamism of slots. The Mega ways engine, cluster-pays systems, and the avalanche victory scheme are three gameplay components worth highlighting in relation to the last part of these games.

Live Dealer Roulette

The most sociable casino game to play is roulette. Although many people believe that the interactive aspect is absent in the digital environment that is untrue, at least in relation to tables with a live dealer. The conversation feature and lengthier betting wait times are appreciated.

Because it allows even-money bets and has variants that give fresh gameplay variations, live roulette is a favourite game of many online gamblers. Lightning Roulette from Evolution is one such instance. The roulette game is much more thrilling than playing classic wheel-of-fortune games.

Three Card Poker

Aside from the fast-paced twenty-one game, casino-poker variations are another thrilling option for card enthusiasts. Three Card Poker real money choices are the most prevalent in this category on the Internet.

These dealer/software-driven games are based on Draw Poker-based Three Card Poker, a trademarked casino game developed by Derrek Web. While offering numerous side bets, it only has a 3.37% house edge.

Video Poker

In the 1980s, video poker machines became widely accessible. However, they were only developed toward the end of the 1970s. When it became financially feasible for game developers like International Game Technology to produce commercially available gaming cabinets with television displays and solid-state central processing units, they rose to prominence in casinos.

The only casino game in which players can occasionally outperform the dealer is video poker, which uses the Five-Card Draw Poker game play. Jacks-or-Better, All-American, and Deuces Wild are notable variations.

Bingo Games

In land-based casinos outside of Las Vegas, bingo is not frequently offered. This is mostly a philanthropic fortune-testing game outside of Nevada. Of course, excluding those held on a national level by nations and state lottery commissions.

Numerous bingo-style products are available online; they operate similarly to slots and offer payouts that are on par with low- to medium-variance reel spinners. Famous games from Woohoo include Cataratas Bingo and Goal Bingo.


Few people are aware that the original lottery game was keno. At least, it is the one for which historians have uncovered the oldest supporting documentation. Similar to bingo, it is rarely found in actual locations outside of those in Nevada and New Jersey.

Keno is a staple in the majority of websites’ speciality gaming pages, even at online casinos. It should be noted that the house advantage for online keno is lower than for real keno drawings, where it typically ranges from 20% to 40%.

Fish Tables

Fish tables, a type of shooter that originated in China, were introduced to the US in the middle of the 2010s by arcades in the South that offered illegal real-money gambling.

They may be played legally online and real time Gaming’s Fish Catch is a well-known title in the everyday favourite genre of thousands of gamblers. Fishermen Hold from Simple Play, Fishing Gold from Spade Gaming, and Mythical Beasts from Ka Gaming are some of its main rivals.


A few months after the creation of the first cryptocurrency exchange and two years after the introduction of the Bitcoin blockchain, Bitcoin gaming first debuted in 2011. The first hubs that supported digital coin wagering had just one game and mostly focused on dice-only platforms.

The fact that these websites/games offer verifiably fair gaming has always been one of their draws. This implies that they provide players the option to personally check the unpredictability of each game’s result, providing the highest level of fairness.


Minesweeper is a game that almost everyone with a Windows operating system has played at some point or another.

Numerous game developers have developed their iterations of gambling to capitalise on the notoriety of this fabled simple time-killer. Some examples of these options include Minesweeper by BGaming, Scribe’s Mines, and Turbo Mines by Turbo Games.

Similar to the land-based gambling sector of the gambling industry, slots and table games rule the roost in iGaming. Recently, lottery-style products have gained some traction, but they are still unable to match the popularity of live dealer tables or slots, which are this industry’s primary revenue generators.


The global market for internet gaming and betting was worth $73 million in 2021. Online players prefer blackjack games that use RNGs in particular. Even-money bets are permitted when playing live roulette and the game has variants that offer new ways to play. The most popular options in this area on the Internet are three card poker real money options. The only casino game where players can occasionally beat the dealer is video poker using the Five-Card Draw Poker game mode.

Some of the most well-known iGaming games on the Bitcoin gaming market include Minesweeper, Scribe’s Mines, and Turbo Mines. One of the attractions of these websites/games has always been the availability of verifiably fair gambling. The highest level of fairness is provided by the ability of players to personally verify the randomness of each game’s outcome.

What is the most popular online game in 2022?

According to monthly active users, the top three PC games worldwide in August 2022 were Fortnite, The Sims 4, and Minecraft.

Which is the No 1 online game in world?

The most played online game in 2022 is PUBG, which has a sizable fan base. Over 100 million people are currently playing PUBG, which has taken over the internet.

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