Awesome Games Done Quick 2023

From January 8 through January 15, 2023, Awesome Games Done Quick 2023 will be broadcast live online in support of the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Although we would love to meet you again in person, we’ve decided that moving the event from its original scheduled location in Florida was the best option for making it safe and pleasant for everyone.

We don’t think a state is currently a safe place for our community due to the state’s continuous disdain for COVID-19’s risks (including anti-mandate vaccination measures) and rising hostility towards LGBTQ+ people, especially the law known as “Don’t Say, Gay.”

As soon as AGDQ 2020 was a success, we signed a contract with a Florida site to return in 2021. We postponed in-person events until it was safe to go back after the global pandemic was proclaimed.

We’ve looked into several options that would let us move to a safer area while still being present in person. We are no longer able to postpone our contract because the costs involved are too high to justify moving AGDQ while paying the cancellation charge. In the end, this prompted us to put AGDQ 2023 online.

Upcoming Event Dates

Awesome Games Done Quick 2023 OnlineJanuary 8th – 15th
AGDQ2023 Game SubmissionsThe first deadline was reached. Second Submission Period: Now Open through November 12th (Games Released Between September 1 and November 6, 2022).
AGDQ2023 Volunteer SubmissionsDeadlines for hosting, donation processing, and stream technology have passed. Applications to moderate social media and chat are currently available through November 18!
Game SubmissionsNovember 14th – 26th
Remote Volunteer SubmissionsNovember 14th – 26th
Frost Fatales 2023 ScheduleDecember 21st

Flame Fatales 2022 Ends in a new Frame Fatales Record

At the end of Flame Fatales 2022, a record sum of $137,174.82 was raised for the Malala Fund! We appreciate everyone who attended and watched the event. All of the Flame Fatales interviews and speed runs are available on our YouTube channel.

Frost Fatales 2023 will be our following all-female speedrunning competition and will take place from February 26 to March 4.

What is Games Done Quick?

A series of video game marathons for good causes is called Games Done Quick. These competitions include expert gameplay by speedrunners who donate money to charities. In its nine-year existence, Games Done Quick has collaborated with several charities, including Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation. We are presently both charities’ biggest international fundraising event!

Over 34 million dollars have been donated to charity by Games Done Quick as of yet. Additionally, they typically have over 3000 attendees at their events, including staff, volunteers, runners, and spectators just there to support the event and have fun!

The Prevent Cancer Foundation is the event’s partner this year. Early cancer detection and prevention are the foundation’s main priorities. The competition will run seven days a week for this significant cause, and spectators will be able to make donations directly to the organization from the Games Done Quick website.

The Games Done Quick Twitch channel, where people will be viewing and participating, is likely to provide a link. Awesome Games Done Quick has previously made donations to support cancer research. Games Done Quick gave $2.7 million to a cancer research organization in 2021 while playing Halo 3.

Carolyn Aldigé established the Prevent Cancer Foundation in 1985 after losing her father to the disease the previous year. Aldigé thought that the best chance for reducing cancer fatalities for humanity was to develop a foundation that concentrated more on prevention than on therapy.

The Prevent Cancer Foundation is dedicated to achieving its aim of reducing all cancer-related deaths by 40% by 2035. During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the Destiny 2 community is also quite cancer-aware.

Given that Games Done Quick had blindfolded speed runs in 2018, it is unknown at this moment whether viewers can anticipate surprises in 2023. Although Awesome Games Done Quick has not revealed the games that will be showcased in 2023, viewers will still want to watch the event live to support a worthwhile cause that also prominently features gaming.

Fantastic Games In January 2023, Done Quick will hold another live speedrunning competition for a good cause. This year’s event will only be available online and run from January 8 through January 15 of 2023. Of course, Nintendo will receive a lot of love, especially in the following games:

  • Splatoon 3
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Sonic Heroes
  • Donkey Kong Country 3
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
  • Astral Chain
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  • Mega Man 64

Below are some highlights from the AGDQ 2023 schedule:

  • Splatoon 3 (Nintendo Switch), Any%, target time: Sunday, January 8, 1 hour and 25 minutes
  • The target time is 29 minutes for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch.
  • The target time for Cuphead (PC), with 300% completion, is one hour and 25 minutes.
  • Perfect Stealth/No Kills in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes for the PC Run a new game+ with a 35-minute goal.
  • Skate (Xbox Series S), X Games completion, goal time 55 minutes, Monday, January 9.
  • Shredder’s Revenge: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (PC), Co-op 2v2 Any% Arcade Chill Race with a 1 hour, 5-minute deadline
  • Miles Morales, Marvel’s Spider-Man (PlayStation 5), Any%, 2 hours 40 min.
  • The target time for Bioshock (PC) is 45 minutes.
  • Tuesday, January 10, Goat Simulator (PC), 20-minute target time, all awards in the base game
  • Any% with no powers, Astral Chain (Nintendo Switch), target time 2 hours 40 minutes
  • Four-player Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii) goal time of 3 hours and 10 minutes for any event
  • Poppy Playtime: 100% completion of Chapter 2 (PC), with a 30-minute goal
  • Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks (PlayStation 2), Any%, target time 20 minutes, Wednesday, January 11
  • Target time: 2 hours and 5 minutes, Pokemon Red or Yellow (Gamecube via Game Boy Player), Any% without any bugs.
  • Target time: 53 minutes, Any% unconstrained, Stray (PC).
  • White’s Heaven Rush, Neon White (PC), and a 40-minute time limit.
  • 12th January, Thursday
  • Target time: 3 hours 10 minutes for The World Ends with You: Final Remix on the Nintendo Switch, Any% on Normal difficulty.
  • The target time for all dungeons in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Nintendo Wii) is three hours and ten minutes.
  • Nintendo Switch’s Mario Kart 8 Deluxe features a 150cc engine and 16 DLC tracks without any accessories.
  • Hit & Run: The Simpsons (PC), all story missions, 1 hour, 26 minutes.
  • PowerWash Simulator (PC), 6 players, cleaning all vehicles without soap on Friday, January 13, target time: 45 minutes.
  • Xbox Series S, Any%, goal time 30 minutes, Beautiful Katamari
  • Lamb Cult (PC), no restrictions Any% on Easy difficulty, with 1 hour and 55 minutes as the goal
  • Floors 171–180 of the Palace of the Dead in Final Fantasy XIV for PC alone machining.
  • January 14th, Saturday
  • Target time in Blinx the Time Sweeper (Xbox One), Any%, is 1 hour and 25 minutes.
  • The target time for the two-player, flawless boss race in Metroid Dread on the Nintendo Switch is one hour and 35 minutes.
  • Alyx from Half-Life on the PC, Inbounds run, 50-minute goal
  • The target time for Pokemon Legends: Arceus on the Nintendo Switch is 2 hours and 45 minutes.


The online streaming of Games Done Quick 2023 will take place from January 8 to January 15, 2023. The Prevent Cancer Foundation will benefit from the event. Speedrunners who contribute money to charities host a series of video game marathons called Games Done Quick. This year’s event partner is the Prevent Cancer Foundation. From the Games Done Quick website, supporters can donate money directly to the charity.

The 2023 AGDQ will only be offered online from January 8 through January 15 of that year. Monday, January 9: Skate (Xbox Series S), X Games completion, goal time of 55 minutes. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge (PC), Co-op 2v2. Arcade chill race is any%.

Where will Gdq 2023 be?

Florida was set to host the 2023 performance, but it would only be shown online. GDQ posted on Twitter, “While we would love to return in person, we’ve realized that we needed to shift away from our initially intended venue in Florida to provide a safe and inviting event to all.”

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