How to Fix Modern warfare 2 Weapon XP Glitch

Modern warfare 2 Weapon XP Glitch: With the addition of the Gunsmith feature in 2019’s “Modern Warfare,” which provided players more control over how they wanted their favorite gun to look and feel, weapon customization has long been a staple of Call of Duty.

Developer Infinity Ward introduced a new system for improving weaponry and tuning attachments in “Modern Warfare 2,” giving a plethora of options to customize your favorite rifle, submachine gun, sniper, or light machine gun.

A weapon platform system is the main component of the redesigned Gunsmith 2.0. Up to five variants (or receivers, as they are known in the game) can be added to a platform like the M4 to create entirely new gun types (i.e., battle rifles).

As you progress through the game, you acquire attachments for your weaponry. You must level up the base weapon and then its receivers by using them in-game if you desire every attachment for a platform. You will begin with a basic assault rifle and progress to a submachine gun, battle rifle, or assault rifle receiver, except for a few snipers and shotguns.

This implies, for instance, that obtaining attachments for an assault rifle will require you to experiment with a submachine gun. Because players must use a weapon type they don’t like to develop the one they genuinely want to use, this particular concept has caused some player ire.

Compared to the roughly 70 levels each weapon had in “Vanguard,” each weapon only increases in level by 20. It takes at least three weapons and 60 levels to unlock all of the attachments on various platforms. Although there isn’t much of a change overall, you will be able to store up to 10 levels.

In “Modern Warfare 2,” there are 49 guns that need to be unlocked across 18 platforms at launch, so if you want to have everything maxed out and prepared for “Warzone 2.0” or DMZ, you’ll need to grind some multiplayer. A few quick and clever techniques to level up have been gathered.

Farm the bots

Not referring to players with no awareness, though. Developers have included computer-controlled soldiers that get harder to defeat over time in Invasion, a new mode that plays out like a massive team deathmatch.

These bots provide roughly the same amount of experience as typical kills when it comes to gun leveling. In comparison to soldiers under human control, they are also far simpler to kill.

A content creator by the name of James “JGOD” Godoy who is well-known for his Warzone casting and loadout recommendations advised players to explore the map’s edges to locate bot spawn points. Make a loadout that includes a munition box to replenish ammunition and a tactical insertion to spawn nearby, then start spraying.

Take the hardpoint, and Weapon XP with it

A staple of competitive play is the Call of Duty game mode Hardpoint. It’s a good strategy to accumulate many kills and consequently get weapon experience. A fresh hardpoint, or restricted region of the map, becomes accessible every 60 seconds.

You take control of that area and begin gaining points as long as you or one of your colleagues is there. A point gets contested and nobody scores if an adversary enters it.

The game of Hardpoint lasts for five minutes, but the timer stops each time a point is won. As a result, the real game time increases, giving you more opportunities to utilize and level up your chosen weapon.

You can begin planning for and holding the choke spots once you get familiar with a map and its hardpoint rotations. While some who are better than me may discover more than 80 eliminations in a game, can only manage up to 60 kills. Additionally, you gain experience for every kill you make close to the point.

Level up with Kill Confirmed

Another traditional game option that can aid in weapon leveling is Kill Confirmed. The objective of Kill Confirmed is to kill adversaries and prove that you’ve killed them by stepping on their dropped dog tags.

The Kill Confirmed game mode, according to Modern Warzone, a Call of Duty Twitter news account, awards experience for both the kill and any dog tags that you recover. You gain points for obtaining your buddies’ dog tags before an enemy does in addition to doing so.

If you enjoy the traditional team deathmatch experience, this is a terrific method to level up your weapons. This is my second favorite base game mode for unlocking attachments because the games aren’t as lengthy as Hardpoint.

Grind smarter

There’s a good chance you won’t use every battle rifle, handgun, or shotgun in “Modern Warfare 2.” Intend to transfer most of the weapons I level in multiplayer over to “Warzone 2.0,” but not all of them.

Assault rifles, snipers, light machine guns, and submachine guns will rule the battlefield, based on the first “Warzone.” The M4, Tac-V56, and Kastov 762 in the assault rifle category, or the Fennec 45, MX9, and Lachmann Sub in the submachine gun category are examples of weapons that are already effective in multiplayer.

You are better off prioritizing a few weapons you know will be useful in the future and returning to the rest when you have more time to play if you can’t grind all of the weapons.

A newly discovered Weapon XP glitch can help

 However, a player recently found a sneaky way to gain weapon experience in the Invasion game mode.

As your initial field improvement, you put on a suppression mine. When it becomes available in a game, you place it atop a bot in an opposing tank.

Since they are unable to escape, they are constantly restrained and gain about 100 experience points per second. Your weapon receives that experience for some reason, and it quickly gains levels.

However, tried to duplicate it and found that it is much more difficult than it appears. You must reach the adversary tank without being wiped out by the opposing team. The game was over and there was no tank in sight by the time managed to sneak around to the enemy base while dodging snipers.

Remember to use your tokens

10 hours of double experience tokens and 10 hours of double weapon experience tokens are available to those who purchased the $100 vault edition of the game. You’ll have more opportunities to either buy more double weapon experience or earn it with the battle pass when Season 1 debuts on November 16.

As you can expect, getting double experience makes leveling weapons much simpler. Despite the game’s complicated user interface, finding the tokens is surprisingly simple. The area is on the right side of the “looking for the match” section.


A brand-new mechanism for enhancing weapons and fine-tuning attachments is presented in “Modern Warfare 2.” Players can modify their preferred rifle, submachine gun, sniper, or light machine gun with the Gunsmith tool.

The attachments on various platforms can be unlocked after 60 levels and at least three weapons. An increasingly difficult game mode for computer-controlled warriors in Call of Duty is called Invasion. When it comes to gun leveling, the bots offer around the same amount of experience as typical kills but are also much easier to dispatch.

In the game mode Kill Confirmed, you gain experience for both the kill and any dog tags you find. In terms of base game modes for obtaining attachments, this is my second-favorite one.

People Also Ask

What gives you the most XP in Modern Warfare?

  • Your major source of significant XP gains is challenging.
  • Daily Challenges: Daily Challenges are time-limited goals that grant significant XP gains and/or other benefits.
  • Getting 20 kills with Light Machine Guns and completing a kill before the first circle collapses are two examples of Daily Challenges.

How do you earn XP in Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

In Modern Warfare multiplayer, there are three basic ways to level up quickly: killing adversaries, playing Domination and other objective-based games, and finishing challenges. You will immediately receive 100 experience points for killing monsters in the game. You will earn 25 experience points for helping an enemy kill himself.

How do you get more XP in the warzone?

  • Play the multiplayer mode of each game. Earning weapon XP quickly in each game’s multiplayer involves playing fast-paced rounds.
  • Complete Provision Activate contracts in Plunder.
  • Complete Provision Conduct business on Rebirth Island.

How do you get XP in mw2?

Thus, playing objective game types is one of the simplest ways to fast accumulate experience points. Domination, Kill Confirmed, Headquarters, and Hardpoint are the missions where a player will get the most experience because the goal is to level up as quickly as possible.

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