Google Drive Allows Users to Set Access Expiration while Sharing File

The revised file access expiration feature in Google Drive now lets users define an expiration when sharing.

Customers of Workspace are the only ones who can use the feature, which can be introduced while sharing a file.

At a Glance

  • For each file, users can add an expiration date for viewers, commentators, editors, and published viewers.
  • Users can only set expiration dates for viewers and commenters for folders.
  • However, Shared Files will not be able to use this feature.

Anyone can view files on My Drive as long as they have the necessary permissions or links. However, a recent upgrade from Google lets Workspace users choose how long they want that access to last. Customers of Google Workspace can now share files with expiration dates thanks to the new update. The user will no longer have access to the drive after this time.

The revised file access expiration feature in Google Drive now lets users define an expiration when sharing.

Users can now choose an expiry access term when sharing files in My Drive, as opposed to just after someone has already accessed the file, the business noted in a blog post.

Users can also add expiration access for the editors in addition to only for viewers and commenters.

The upgrade strengthens the security of sharing throughout Google Workspace by making it easier to designate when a specific collaborator should lose access to a specific file.

When a file creator or editor is aware that their collaboration with another person has a deadline, this is especially useful.

According to the corporation, this tool has no administrative controls and is not accessible to users with personal accounts.

The internet giant previously released a function that facilitated users’ searches for files in Google Drive.

The function, known as Search chips, was accessible to all Workspace users, including G Suite Basic and Business subscribers.

The function, which made it quicker and easier for users to identify pertinent files while removing the need for them to conduct additional searches or sort through irrelevant results, was originally introduced in Google Drive in November 2021 as a test version.

Set, change, and delete the expiration date

  • Go to Share on Google Drive.
  • Navigate to a user’s name.
  • Add expiration by using the down arrow.
  • Send – The expiration date is 30 days by default; to alter it.
  • Select Edit – To remove the expiration date, pick it from the calendar.
  • Select Send after clicking Remove expiry.


Users of Google Workspace may now specify how long they should have access to a file, thanks to a recent upgrade. Thanks to the company’s My Drive service, users of Google Workspace can now share files with expiration dates. Only viewers, commentators, editors, and published viewers’ expiration dates can be added by users. Google said on Thursday that its Drive cloud storage service now has a new feature that lets users specify when a specific collaborator should be denied access to a particular file. Along with merely adding expiration access for viewers and commentators, users can also add it for editors.

People Also Ask

Do share Google Drive files expire?

The links you share with another user when you share a file or folder in Google Drive remain active indefinitely unless you manually modify the sharing permissions.

How do I send a file with an expiry date?

Google Drive should be opened. Tap Share. Include expiry. Click Send to agree to the 30-day expiration date.

Can anyone access My Google Drive?

Unless you want to share them, all of your files are private. You can use a link to distribute files with one person or several individuals.

How much can you share Google Drive?

Only 750 GB can be uploaded by one user per day between My Drive and all shared drives. Users are prohibited from uploading any further files that day if they exceed the 750 GB limit or upload a file that is larger than 750 GB. Currently, running uploads will finish.

How do I open an expired Google Drive link?

Choose the Deleted / Expired option from the panel on the left of the Links & Files Dashboard. Put a checkbox next to the file you want to enable, after which you should click the Restore Selected button in the page’s top right corner.

What happens when Google Drive storage expires?

You cannot change or copy your data, nor can anybody else, until you decrease the amount of storage you utilize. The Google Drive folder on your computer and My Drive no longer sync. Important: As of June 1, 2021, all of your content may be removed if you are inactive for two years or more or exceed your storage limit.

How long does a OneDrive link last?

You can generate and copy a shareable link in the next pop-up window, which you can then paste into an email or Canvas. The link will be created using the “Anyone” default sharing option, however, it will expire after 15 days.

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