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Elon Musk Says Twitter won’t Restore Banned Accounts for Weeks

According to the promise, no accounts, including those of former President Donald Trump, will be permitted to reactivate before the midterm elections.

Elon Musk promised early on Wednesday that Twitter would not restore banned accounts for weeks, so users like former president Donald Trump won’t be able to reactivate their accounts before the midterm elections.

The pledge comes as Musk is putting together a content moderation council to help with platform enforcement and decision-making over user bans.

Musk stated in a tweet that he had a meeting with civil rights and activist leaders to discuss his objectives and that Twitter will not permit anyone to rejoin the network until there is a clear procedure for doing so.

According to what he tweeted, Twitter “will continue to combat hate and harassment and enforce our election integrity principles.”

Musk’s most recent remarks may help address criticism from activists and groups representing a civil society that his plan to relax Twitter’s content moderation policies and restore Trump’s account might allow a dangerous flood of false information to spread in the final days leading up to the 2022 midterm elections.

The spread of false reports of major voting fraud during the 2020 presidential election and efforts to reduce suspicions of fraud in the next elections have occasionally been difficult for Twitter to control.

Musk made his remarks following a meeting on Tuesday with several civil rights and activist organizations, including Color of Change, Free Press, the NAACP, and the Anti-Defamation League.


Restore Banned Accounts

In a letter to Twitter’s top advertisers this week, almost 50 groups pleaded with them to stop using the social media platform for commercial purposes if the president “follows through on his promises to undermine brand safety and community standards, including eliminating content moderation.

The organizations expressed their concern about the rise in hate speech and false information on the platform in the hours following Musk’s acquisition of the company.

In addition to praising Musk’s takeover of Twitter, the groups claimed that extremists were using it as a new platform to disseminate the most offensive, harassing, and racist words and images.

Additionally, the groups chastised Musk for openly endorsing the idea of restoring the accounts “of notable persons Twitter had suspended for instigating and glorifying political violence.”

Musk has criticized the use of indefinite bans and promised to give Trump’s account back. After the attack on the US Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, Twitter banned him.

At a Financial Times event in May, Musk explained his thoughts, calling the prohibition “a mistake” and said that it “was a morally poor judgment, to be clear, and idiotic in the extreme.”

In general, Musk noted that in circumstances when such action may be required, interim suspensions may be justified. Musk has pushed for content moderation laws based on free speech that go no further than what is required by the law.

Musk has made an effort to gain the trust of advertisers on his new platform, who normally do not want their advertisements to show next to offensive content. Last week, Musk tweeted an open letter promising that Twitter would not turn into a “free-for-all hellscape.”

Musk has eroded some of that goodwill with his conduct since taking over the company.

Regarding the assault on Paul Pelosi in San Francisco, Musk tweeted on Sunday — before deleting it — that “there is a slight probability there might be more to this tale.” Musk was responding to Hillary Clinton.

The tweet contained a link to the Santa Monica Observer, which fact-checkers have characterized as a publication with low reliability that supports the extreme right and is full of unverified assertions about the attack’s circumstances.

The tweet caused several marketers to have second thoughts.


Elon Musk has promised that unless there is a clear mechanism for doing so, Twitter will not permit anyone to revive blocked accounts. Musk is now assembling a content moderation council to assist with platform enforcement and decision-making about user bans when the commitment is made. People who fear that Twitter would turn into a “free-for-all hellscape” have criticized Elon Musk’s takeover while advocacy groups have praised it.

People May Ask

Did Elon Musk buy Twitter officially?

The company acknowledged Elon Musk’s $44 billion purchase of Twitter in a regulatory filing on Friday, giving the world’s richest man control of one of the most significant social media networks.

Who is the new owner of Twitter 2022?

As a result of the completion of the Merger on October 27, 2022, Mr. Musk was appointed as Twitter’s lone director.

What does a blue check mark mean on Twitter?

On the social media site, a blue check mark next to a user name indicates that Twitter has verified that the account belongs to the individual or business claiming it. Most users of Twitter currently enjoy free service. Twitter was just purchased by billionaire Musk for $44 billion.

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