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Snap Users Can do Augmented Reality Shopping on Amazon

Augmented Reality Shopping on Amazon- The collaboration comes after Snapchat made investments in augmented reality shopping, where the social media network released several updates to draw in brands and retailers.

To provide its customers with an augmented reality try-on experience, Snapchat has partnered with Amazon. Users of Snap will now be able to digitally try on eyewear styles from several well-known brands thanks to the online shop.

The new collaboration between Amazon Fashion and the instant-sharing app Snap would, according to the e-commerce juggernaut, allow users to virtually try on items from brands like Persol, Maui Jim, Oakley, Ray-Ban, Costa Del Mar, and others.

Brand-new Shopping Lenses, which are made available in categories like reading glasses, sunglasses, and seasonal eyewear, will be introduced alongside the launch of the new eyewear line.

Augmented Reality Shopping on Amazon

The collaboration comes after Snapchat made investments in augmented reality shopping, where the social media network released several updates to draw in brands and retailers. This includes the capability to easily create AR shopping glasses, access superior analytics, and update product specifics and prices in real time.

The e-commerce startup developed the AR shopping experience on Snapchat using Snap’s self-service production capabilities in Lens Web Builder. This makes it possible to create AR elements using pre-existing 3D models from Amazon.

Snapchat users may easily use the new Amazon augmented reality shopping feature by finding the new Lenses on the @amazonfashion public profile using Lens Explorer, the new “dress-up tab,” and Snap’s Camera Lens Carousel.

After deciding on a pair they like, users have the opportunity to buy them by touching on a link at the bottom of the display. It will direct them to the Amazon app on their smartphone so they can finish the transaction.

How to Try Amazon Eyewear on Snapchat

  • The e-commerce startup used Snap’s self-service creation tools in Lens Web Builder to create the AR purchasing experience on Snapchat.
  • This enables the production of AR assets using 3D models already available on Amazon.
  • By using Snapchat’s Lens Explorer to locate the new Lenses on the @amazonfashion public profile, users may quickly access the new Amazon AR shopping feature.
  • The new ‘dress-up tab’ and via Snap’s Camera Lens Carousel as well.
  • After discovering the pair of glasses they like, users can tap on a link at the bottom of the display to make a purchase.
  • It will direct them to the Amazon app on their handset to check out.

Snapchat’s New AR Lens

Users must visit Amazon Fashion’s public profile on Snapchat and then head to Snap’s Lens Explorer to test out the AR lenses. Once there, users can utilize the functionality by clicking on the “For You” and “Dress Up” buttons.

The Snapchat Camera Lens Carousel will also offer the feature. Once a customer finds a product they like, they may easily go to the Amazon app to make a purchase.

It’s a terrific concept to be able to virtually try on glasses before purchasing them, and this practice may spread in the upcoming years. It will be interesting to see how Snapchat users react to it, though, as it is still a unique concept.

It will be fascinating to watch whether other apps like TikTok will soon provide users with a feature comparable to Snapchat’s new one now that it is accessible on Snapchat.

According to US-based market research firm Future Market Insights, the global augmented reality for the retail market size is anticipated to be worth about $2.36 billion in 2022 and to grow at a remarkable CAGR of roughly 43% to 46% throughout the forecast period, reaching about $23.0 billion by the end of 2032.

To improve client experiences, retail enterprises like department stores, specialized shops, malls, and supermarkets are increasingly using cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality.


Thanks to the online store, Snapchat users may now virtually try on eyewear designs from various well-known brands. This occurs after Snapchat invested in augmented reality shopping and published several improvements to entice companies and merchants. To test out the new AR lenses, users must first visit Amazon Fashion’s public profile on Snapchat before going to Lens Explorer. It will lead them to their phone’s Amazon app so they can complete the purchase.

Does Snapchat use augmented reality?

Over 200 million Snapchat users engage with Snap’s augmented reality experiences, or lenses, every day. They perceive, improve, and change the environment around us, but we’ve just begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible!

How does Snapchat incorporate augmented reality into its application?

Similar to Lenses, Snap Camera uses augmented reality technology to let you superimpose digital things onto yourself or your actual environment. Snap Camera is made specifically for video conversations, not for sending pictures or videos through instant messages.

Which app is used for augmented reality?

Google Lens, one of the AR apps available solely for Android, improves the search process. Open the app and direct it to the topic you want to learn more about rather than performing a text-based search query.

How does Amazon use augmented reality?

Amazon uses augmented reality to help customers virtually test shoes before making a purchase. The phrase “try before you buy” has traditionally only really applicable to in-store purchases, but Amazon now allows you to virtually try on digital copies of shoes before making a purchase.

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