Every Perk in Modern Warfare 2

Here is a list of available Perk in Modern Warfare 2 broken down into their base, bonus, and ultimate slots. In Call of Duty’s multiplayer, perks are a mainstay, and Modern Warfare 2 is no exception. Here is a list of all the Modern Warfare 2 perks.

On October 28, Modern Warfare 2 will be released, offering gamers their first look at Infinity Ward’s latest title. There are several options to play around with, like Gunsmith 2.0 loadout creation and potent Killstreaks.

When playing Modern Warfare 2, one of the most significant modifications is the Perks system. The previous system has been replaced with a new one in which more potent Perks are acquired throughout a battle as opposed to being immediately available.

In Modern Warfare 2, perks are essential to creating the best loadout, so you’ll need to be aware of your possibilities. Every Perk in Modern Warfare 2 has been broken down below.

New Perk System In Modern Warfare 2

Instead of choosing three perks in Modern Warfare 2, you customize and choose a package of three perks for yourself: two “Base Perks,” one “Bonus Perk,” and one “Ultimate Perk.” Beginning with the “Base Perks” you chose, the battle progresses by unlocking the “Bonus Perk” after around four minutes, and the “Ultimate Perk” after eight minutes.

You can quickly unlock the perks with kills, assists, or goals. According to JGOD, who conducted testing with several content producers, each kill cuts the wait time for the following perk by around 12.5 seconds.

Every Perk in Modern Warfare 2

  • Base Perks
  • Bonus Perks
  • Ultimate Perks

Base Perks

Any two Base Perks can be chosen by the player, and they take effect as soon as the battle begins. Make sure to select any results that are essential to your playstyle if there are any.

Here are all of Modern Warfare 2’s Base Perks:

  • Overkill: Carrying two primary weapons is excessive.
  • Double Time: Tactical Sprint will last twice as long. Increase the speed of crouching by 30%.
  • Battle Hardened: Reduce the impact of opponent Flash, Stun, EMP, Gas Grenades, and Shock Sticks by becoming more battle-hardened. Snapshot Grenades won’t harm them.
  • Scavenger: Restock ammunition and throw knives from deceased players as a scavenger.
  • Bomb Squad: Take less damage from explosives that aren’t Killstreak. Fuse timings should be reset while handling live grenades.
  • Tracker: Enemy death markers and footprint trails are left behind by enemies in the tracker. Invisible to the other team is kill markings.
  • Strong Arm: Launch objects farther and watch a trajectory preview.
  • Tactical Plus: Spawn with a Tactical Plus.

Bonus Perks

Bonus Perks are cumulative, but if you accumulate enough points, they’ll kick in more quickly. Play aggressively when attempting to activate your Bonus Perks.

Each loadout only allows you to choose one Bonus Perk from the following options:

  • Restock: Produce a further Lethal. Over 25 seconds, the equipment recharges.
  • Spotter: See through walls to detect enemy weapons, field upgrades, and kill streaks. Aiming down sights makes them more noticeable to the squad: hack adversary C4, Trophy Systems, Proximity Mines, and Claymores.
  • Cold-Blooded: Invisible to thermal and AI targeting devices. not cause the High Alert warning. It doesn’t highlight in opponent Spotter Scopes, Recon Drones, or Tactical Cameras.
  • Fast Hands: Quicker reloading, equipment use, and weapon switching.
  • Hardline: Cut one (1) elimination off the cost of the Killstreak. Cut the price of Scorestreak by 125.
  • Focus: Shorten holds breath duration and lessens flinch when aiming down sights.

Ultimate Perks

Finally, you get a choice of six powerful Ultimate Perks. These will require the most time to activate, but like before, you can reduce the delay by accumulating points.

Make a careful choice because this is where you’ll find some of Modern Warfare 2’s best effects, including several series mainstays. After the beta, the Quick Fix Perk and Hardline have been switched around.

View all of your choices below:

  • High Alert: When an enemy player is sighted outside of sight, vision pulses.
  • Ghost: UAVs, portable radars, and heartbeat sensors cannot detect ghosts.
  • Quick Fix: Players’ health regenerates as soon as they are killed. The rate of health regeneration is increased by capturing and holding objectives.
  • Overclock: Save an extra charge for a field upgrade. Charge for Field Upgrades will be increased by 40%. GET A FIELD UPGRADE CHARGE ON-EARN.
  • Survivor: After passing away, you can join Last Stand and self-revive once each life. Teammates can quickly restore fallen players.
  • Bird’s Eye View: The minimap is enlarging. The enemy’s location is revealed by UAV and radar pings.
  • ON-EARN: Launches a single local UAV sweep.

How to unlock Modern Warfare 2 Perks

You’ll need to know when each Perk becomes available to set up your perfect Perk Package. As you progress through the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer ranks, additional Perks will become available in addition to new weaponry.

Here’s how to acquire all of Modern Warfare 2’s Base, Bonus, and Ultimate Perks.

PerkUnlock LevelCategory
Double TimeAutomatically unlockedBase
Strong ArmAutomatically unlockedBase
HardlineAutomatically unlockedBonus
OverclockAutomatically unlockedUltimate
Fast Hand8Bonus
Bomb Squad11Base
High Alert14Ultimate
Extra Tactical18Base
Battle Hardened37Base
Quick Fix44Ultimate

Modern Warfare 2 Perk Packages

As an alternative, you might choose one of the Perk Packages currently included in the game if you’re having trouble finding the appropriate combination of Perks on your own. These were put into place by the developers themselves to accommodate a particular play style.

Each Perk Package is available for viewing here:

  • Assault: Overkill, Scavenger, Fast Hands, and Assault Hardline
  • Phantom: Battle-Ready, Double-Time, Cold-Blooded.
  • Hunter: Strong Arm, Tracker, Spotter, Overclock. Ghost
  • Deadeye: Excessive, Powerful, Speedy, and High Alert
  • Support: E.O.D., Battle-Ready, Restock,
  • Survivor Sniper: Double Time, Extra Tactical, Focus, Bird’s Eye

Of course, you always have the option to design your setup if none of these pre-made Perk Packages are suitable for your needs.

What Are Perk Packages?

In MW2, Perk Packages are a novel new method of adding perks to your Multiplayer Loadouts. Two Base Perks, a Bonus Perk, and an Ultimate Perk are all included in each Perk Package’s four perks.
Operators will only have their two Base Perks active at the start of each match. The Bonus Perk and the Ultimate Perk will also unlock and turn on over time.

At What Rank Do Perk Packages Unlock?

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, once a player reaches Rank 4, they can alter their Perk Packages.
To assist you to get a feel for this new mechanic when you first begin, there will be a few preset Perk Packages that you may test out in multiplayer.

How to Unlock Bonus Perk & Ultimate Perk Quickly

Players will gain their Bonus Perk and Ultimate Perk more rapidly if they are actively involved in a match and take part in eliminations, assists, objectives, and tactical plays.
This implies that the longer you can play with a full stack of four Perks, the more you contribute to a game and aid your team.

What is the strongest gun in Modern Warfare 2?

Let’s begin with the FSS Hurricane, probably Modern Warfare 2’s best weapon. The two beta weekends were completely dominated by this SMG, which players used to move rapidly and shoot from the hip. The FSS Hurricane should be configured with the following attachments.


The Perks system in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 allows you to choose and modify your perks. During combat, stronger bonuses are earned as opposed to being instantly available. Each perk is divided into its base, bonus, and ultimate slots so that users can experiment. Additional Perks and new weapons will be made accessible as you climb the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer ranks. Here’s how to get the Perfect Perk Package as well as all of Modern Call of Duty 2’s Base, Bonus, and Ultimate Perks.

A creative new way to add perks to your multiplayer loadouts is via perk packages. The more you contribute to a match, the longer you can play with a stack of four Perks.

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