Controversial Streamer Banned from Call of Duty

Controversial Streamer Banned from Call of Duty. Dr. Disrespect claims that Activision has “lost touch” with the gaming community by banning him from Call of Duty Warzone 2.0.

Guy Beahm, also known as Dr. Disrespect, a YouTube broadcaster who loves controversy, has reportedly been suspended from Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 due to his usage of proximity chat.

Many video games, like Warzone 2.0, have a feature called proximity chat that enables users to hear what other nearby players are saying on their microphones. A player’s mic activity will typically be louder the closer they are to another player.

Players can take advantage of this by keeping an ear out for conversation, but the benefit is reciprocal.

Controversial Streamer

Although it is not particularly surprising given the streamer’s history of controversy and derogatory language toward other players, Beahm appears to have been banned for his behavior on the feature. The streamer claims that his voice chat spamming is “probably” what got him banned.

During a recent stream, he claimed, “This is not even my account. They banned my old one from using proximity chat for seven days. champs, believe it or not. So we’re using a different computer. Spam? Yes, it was most likely spam. However, was it?

Beahm referred to the verdict as “crazy,” noting that he has heard far worse in proximity chat and that both he and the other players in the game were trash-talking during the incident that resulted in his ban. It’s still possible that Beahm isn’t the only one suspended, as TheGamer noted, as it’s doubtful that he knows whether or not other players were barred. Nevertheless, he thinks it demonstrates how “out of touch” Call of Duty publisher Activision is.

Beahm has a long history of controversy and is currently streaming on YouTube after being indefinitely banned from Twitch for unspecified reasons. His Twitch feed had previously been momentarily shut off for live streaming from a restroom during an event, he was also prohibited from LA.

Beahm continues to stream Call of Duty, although he seems to constantly have negative things to say about it. He even established a games studio to make a shooter that can compete with it. Contrary to how things typically work, when companies pay testers for their labor, the Midnight Society studio is charging users USD 50 for an NFT that allows them to test the game.

Naturally, it’s unlikely that any of the streamer’s games will lure many players away from Call of Duty, which has recently enjoyed astronomical popularity. With 25 million players in its first five days, Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 should certainly beat its predecessor if it hasn’t already.

Controversial Streamer Banned from Call of Duty

Nadia abruptly said that she thought she had been shadow banned from the game when she dropped into a Warzone lobby. It is unknown how Nadia supposedly arrived at this conclusion, but she seemed to confirm it when she realized she was ineligible to contest the ban since her games were being examined.

When a player is a shadow banned for Warzone, they are put in a separate group of players away from the usual servers but are still allowed to access lobbies. Nadia is still able to play Warzone, but as she might be playing alongside other cheats or hackers, the quality of the game as a whole may suffer significantly.

The cause of Nadia’s ostensible shadow ban is yet unknown. It’s possible that the streamer was under investigation because of recent allegations, but it’s also perfectly likely that because Nadia has played Warzone from five separate places in the past week, the streamer was automatically marked as a suspect.

It’s possible that Nadia’s use of a VPN or other similar software was automatically detected by Warzone’s anti-cheat system while she was streaming from the TSM, FaZe, Nuke Squad, and Full Squad gaming houses and offices.

Why was I permanently banned from Call of Duty?

Your appeal has been considered, and our security team has verified that your account has been permanently suspended due to the use of prohibited software and the alteration of game data. Your ban will not be lifted because you were the account holder at the time of the offense.

Can you get banned from Call of Duty?

Depending on the seriousness of the offense, temporary suspensions might last anywhere from 48 hours to two weeks or longer. Permanent suspensions are long-term and irrevocable, and they can be applied to any Call of Duty franchise games, whether they be from the past, the present, or the future.

Did Nadia get shadow banned?

Nadia was “shadowbanned” from the voice chat in Modern Warfare 2 after getting upset with toxic gamers. Nadia, a Call of Duty celebrity, reportedly got kicked out of voice chat in Modern Warfare 2 after complaining about toxic players in Search and Destroy matches.

Did Nadia’s account get banned?

Hacker hunters claim that Warzone broadcaster Nadia (@TheNadiaAmine) has been permanently barred and is currently using spoofing to evade RICOCHET. phony news She is not prohibited indefinitely. Her account has been thoroughly investigated for signs of fraud, but nothing has been discovered.

What happened Nadia streamer?

Activision’s Fortune’s Keep event disqualified Call of Duty esports competitor Doug ‘Censor’ Martin for intimidating Amine. Amine was harassed while streaming on August 11, 2022, following other well-publicized harassment campaigns that month.

How do I know if I am shadowbanned?

The only way to determine if you have been shadowbanned on Instagram is to use your Instagram Insights or another follower growth tracker to examine how quickly your account went from gaining followers to losing followers. This is because Instagram does not provide access to your account’s reported status.


Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 has suspended Guy Beahm, a.k.a. Dr. Disrespect. He was expelled for using proximity chat, a function that lets users listen in on other close players’ microphone conversations. In just five days, Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 has drawn 25 million players. Nadia, a Call of Duty broadcaster, has been given a shadow ban. After becoming furious with nasty players in Modern Warfare 2, Nadia was “shadowbanned” from the voice chat.

The duration of a temporary suspension might range from 48 hours to two weeks. Permanent suspensions can be issued to any Call of Duty game and are long-term and irreversible.

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