Pokemon Go to Roll Out New Updates to Map

To continue providing an experience that links trainers’ global adventures, Pokemon GO is releasing improvements after three years, the company claimed.

The Pokemon Go map has recently received modifications from renowned augmented reality (AR) developer Niantic.

Pokemon Go Map

To continue providing an experience that links trainers’ global adventures, Pokemon GO is releasing improvements after three years, the company claimed.

The Pokemon GO map’s appearance will be altered to more accurately depict the real world.

The business said that “various Pokemon would appear in a broader range of locales” and that “the map will more closely depict the landscape.”

Users will start to see recent local changes on the map with the latest update. This may entail demolishing old roadways and rebuilding recently constructed buildings.

Soon, many Pokemon will be visible in even more places than they are right now.

Additionally, the business advised users to play the game responsibly and to abide by any local health authority regulations.

The game has previously released an update (1.191.0) that permitted iOS players to play the game at higher frame rates.

With version 1.191.0, an option labeled “Unlock your device’s native refresh rate for greater FPS” was added to the “advanced options” section of the app.

The feature was not limited to the 13 Pro and Pro Max, which are the only iPhones with 120Hz “ProMotion” displays.

It was also possible to unlock the frame rate in an old 8 Plus device, it added.

Global map refresh

To more properly reflect the real world and how it has changed since the last update, the Pokémon GO map will receive a graphic makeover. Following this update, you could start to notice recent local changes on the map. This can involve the reconstruction of recently built buildings or the elimination of outdated highways.

Pokémon will appear in more areas

Different Pokémon will soon be visible in even more locations than now. This may result in you seeing the same amount of Pokémon as before in densely inhabited places, but they will be distributed more equally. Pokémon might also show up in other places. This may also result in an overall rise in the number of Pokémon appearing for Trainers in remote or fast-developing locations.

According to Niantic, the game’s world map was last updated in 2019, more than three years ago. As a result, over the next few weeks, the game’s geography will be changed to more accurately represent the real world.

This could involve removing ancient roads and structures and replacing them with ones that were recently built at that time. In the upcoming months, further features will also be added to Pokemon GO, though it is unclear if this will occur at the same time as the map update.

The spawn points and circumstances for every type of catchable Pokemon in Pokemon GO will be modified as part of the significant map update. There won’t be many changes made to the spawn rates for players who are located in more urban or densely inhabited areas.

The sites, however, might alter or be dispersed more evenly within a specific area. As part of the map update, the Pokemon spawn rates will rise in rural and developing areas.

The Pokemon series as a whole and Pokemon GO appear to still have a lot to offer players shortly. Events related to Pokemon GO will go on, including local community days and holidays celebrated around the world.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which will be available on the Nintendo Switch on November 18 and add new co-op elements to the Pokemon series for trainers of all ages to enjoy, will be released. Let’s just say that gamers will continue their “catch ’em all” missions for the foreseeable future.

Pokemon GO is currently accessible on iOS and Android smartphones.

How often does Pokémon Go update the map?

Every six months

How do you change the map on Pokémon Go?

To activate developer mode, navigate to Settings > About Device and touch the Build Number seven times. You now have a new tab named Developer Options in the settings menu. Toggle the “Select mock location app” (on earlier versions, “Allow mock locations”) checkbox by clicking on it.

Are there any Pokémon Go maps that still work?

Look no further than POGOMap for the best straightforward web browser-based map in the entire world. They’ve been monitoring the movement of Pokemon Nests, PokeStops, and Pokemon GO Gym locations for years.

Which map does Niantic use?

In Niantic’s Pokémon Go, a mobile augmented reality game, players “catch and train” Pokémon that “spawn” all over the world. In July 2016, the game was made available for iOS and Android devices. In December 2017, Niantic changed the base map from using Google Maps data to using OpenStreetMap data.

Can you still spoof in Pokemon Go 2022?

On Android, it is feasible to fake Pokémon GO. Getting the TailorGo app is the most efficient method to achieve this.

How does Pokémon Go get its map?

According to him, the Pokémon Go development team scoured Google geotagged images for a public artwork that could be utilized as Pokéspots. Others were offered by Ingress users and later accepted by the game’s administrators. Then, some of the most well-liked Ingress portals were picked to serve as the new game’s “gyms.”


Reputable augmented reality (AR) developer Niantic has made changes to the Pokemon Go map. According to the company, “different Pokemon would emerge in a greater range of settings” and the map will more accurately represent the topography. With the most recent update, users will begin to notice recent local changes on the map. The geographic representation of Pokemon GO will be changed to more closely reflect the actual world, according to the game’s makers Niantic. For instance, this can entail replacing old roads and buildings with ones that were newly constructed in the same period as the ones that were there before.

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