5 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a New Gaming PC

Many things can go wrong when purchasing a new gaming PC and when assembling a computer, but not if you carefully read all the instructions and directions. Because of careless errors that could have been easily prevented, a lot of time and effort are lost them.

For the first time, building a PC is exciting and hard, but even aficionados make mistakes from time to time. It is essential to plan before beginning the procedure to save time, effort, and perhaps even money. Before using their hard-earned money, consumers should make sure of the following items, which are listed in this article.

5 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a New Gaming PC

  • Not prioritizing sound quality
  • Ignoring comfort
  • Putting too much focus on features
  • Not waiting for a sale
  • Putting too much stock in brands

Not prioritizing sound quality

Brand loyalty, surround sound, and soft memory foam. All of those might tempt you to choose particular headphones. Sound, though, reigns supreme after comfort. The primary purpose of a PC gaming headset is to recreate the sound. And you don’t want anything that will perform that task poorly.

Consider what you want from your listening experience because the sound is a subjective experience. You may need something with enough low-end that you can virtually feel every explosion. It might be best to use something with a little more bass, like the HyperX Cloud Alpha.

When it comes to games, the soundstage is equally crucial. The audio components should be audible to you and should immerse you. Additionally, each component of that soundscape needs to be simple to identify. You may hear components approaching or fading away when wearing a good headset, whether it’s an attacker coming at you from the right or a conflict that’s about to start.

Ignoring comfort

The first thing to think about is comfort because you’ll be wearing that thing wrapped around your dome for long periods. This entails taking into account the clamping force, cooling, and kind of padding on the earcups and headband.

Although it can be loosened, the clamping force cannot be increased. Some PC gaming headphones, like the incredible-sounding Audeze Penrose X, need to be stretched out a few times before using them to prevent pressure headaches, but others come out of the box so loosely that they’ll just fall off your head if you move. But if you select the proper one, it will fit snugly without applying undue pressure on your head.

Cushioning is usually pretty good on most mid to top-tier models. Most companies use some kind of memory foam on both the earcups and headbands to deliver pillow-like softness.

But, some – most notably SteelSeries – use a suspended headband design instead of a padded one to keep that headband from even touching your head. Neither is necessarily better, but the former will offer a plusher experience while the latter will keep some of that headset’s weight off your head.

Lastly, consider whether wearing that headset will make you sweat or not. Some materials used to cover the memory foam, especially leatherette, can restrict a headset’s breathability. Some manufacturers will try to offset that with cooling gel injected into the memory foam. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. You’ll have to do your research or wear a pair before committing.

Putting too much focus on features

We comprehend. Functionality is cool. The majority of them won’t, however, make or ruin your experience.

For instance, if a headset has poor audio quality, the app it is integrated with won’t improve it through EQ or other post-processing.

Furthermore, no headset has a feature set that is so exceptional and exceptional that it makes up for a significant fault, even when you occasionally get essential mic-related capabilities like background noise rejection or the ability to change sidetone.

Additionally, if it’s that benefit of a feature, there are probably a few options available that share it while sounding or performing better.

Nevertheless, some users might require particular functionality like wireless connectivity or cross-platform compatibility. You could want to choose something like the Logitech G Astro A30 if you want to utilize the same headset for all of your next-generation consoles and your PC.

Not waiting for a sale

These businesses are not Apple. Whatever headset you’re interested in is sure to go on sale, whether it’s the holiday season with several Black Friday offers on the horizon or a retailer seeking to sell old stock. Both low-cost and expensive models share this.

Putting too much stock in brands

Do not place excessive trust in a brand. For the majority of brands, there is a huge variety in quality. While the flagship models frequently pull out all the stops, the entry-level options can feel cheap. The Corsair HS50 is an example of a cheap model that occasionally performs admirably. On the other side, a pricey one can occasionally disappoint.

Don’t thus assume that just because your prior headset from the same company had been so reliable for a previous couple of years, you’ll appreciate this one as well. Read the evaluations. Get a set to listen to. Don’t get branded-obsessed. If you must, for example since you adore everything Razer, strive to make sure it can generate excellent sound and comfort.

What should I look for in a good gaming headset?

Connection. Wireless. Normally, a wireless headset connects to a station for charging.
convenient gaming. Headband. One of the most crucial considerations when selecting a headset is the headband.
Earcup type. open style.
display choices Stereo.

How do you know if a headset is good?

Listening to headphones is the best way to assess them. You can tell good music from bad music by listening to some piano or acoustic guitar music. But two headphones with extremely distinct sounds will frequently have comparable specifications. The pricing is perhaps the simplest and most useful specification.

How much should you spend on a gaming headset?

The headphones’ price range is quite broad. The price of your preferred headset will increase with the number of advanced features it has. In the $50–100 price range, you can get a device of reasonable quality.

What is the loudest gaming headset?

For gaming and music listening, the HyperX Cloud II are some of the loudest headphones with 7.1 virtual surround sound capabilities. Memory foam ear cushions and a padded leatherette headband on these headphones are designed for maximum comfort when using them.


Purchasing a new gaming PC is a thrilling and challenging undertaking, but even enthusiasts make errors occasionally. Before spending their hard-earned money, customers should confirm the following: Sound is a subjective experience, so think about what you want from your listening experience. Before utilizing them, some PC gaming headphones must be stretched out several times. The majority of businesses use memory foam of some sort for headbands and earcups.

A headset’s capacity to breathe may be hampered by several covering materials for memory foam, most notably leatherette. A cheap model that occasionally performs excellently but can also fall short is the Corsair HS50. How can you tell if a headset is reliable? The best method is to wear headphones.

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