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How to fix Games Crashing on PC

You anticipate a new game to operate easily when you purchase it. That is typically what occurs. But occasionally, games collapse. Inadequate hardware or a sluggish internet connection can sometimes be at blame, while other times it’s a problem with the game itself.

It can be difficult to figure out why your favorite PC game keeps crashing. Read on to learn the causes of your PC’s crashes while gaming and how to fix games crashing on PC.

How to fix Games Crashing on PC

  1. You overclocked too high
  2. Your graphic card requires too much power
  3. You need to upgrade the device drivers
  4. Digital Rights Management is causing problems
  5. Your antivirus is crashing games
  6. You have too many browser tabs open
  7. Your computer’s spec is too low
  8. The game’s settings are wrong
  9. You need to upgrade your operating system
  10. Your network isn’t fast enough
  11. Games are running in the wrong mode
  12. Using a VPN is slowing online games to the point they crash

You overclocked too high

Although overclocking is less common than it once was, many gamers continue to do so to improve performance. Both CPU and GPU overclocking are effective when combined with adequate ventilation and cooling.

It isn’t a foolproof way to boost performance, either. Even now, games can crash.

Restoring your processor (and GPU, if applicable) to default settings is a necessary step in troubleshooting an overclocked system. There is a good likelihood that the problem is related to something else if this doesn’t resolve it.

Your graphic card requires too much power

An issue with the power supply unit is one frequent cause of game crashes (PSU). The most typical explanation for this is that the graphics adapter needs more power than is available.

There is just one easy way to fix this. Upgrade to the greatest PSU that can deliver sufficient power for playing the game.

However, make sure the graphics card and PC inside are dust-free and clean before replacing the PSU. A buildup may raise the internal temperature of a computer and add to the workload placed on the CPU and visual card.

A higher temperature results from a greater load. Disaster will come if there is a significant buildup of dust and the fans are insufficient for cooling.

You need to upgrade the device drivers

You may have thought about upgrading your hardware if games keep crashing on your PC. But the price is high. Instead, start by updating your drivers.

Beyond (though not exclusively related to) inappropriate hardware and operating systems, games can crash for a variety of causes. For instance, both the game and the video drivers should be current.

  • Visit the manufacturer’s website and download the most recent driver to update your video drivers.
  • You might need to restart your computer after the installation.
  • Additionally, you ought to search for any patches and updates for the game in question.
  • These will be accessible on the publisher’s website, and before using them, they need to be installed and applied.
  • Before they load, some games will automatically look for updates and install them.
  • To get any driver updates for devices like network cards, update your operating system.
  • For your graphics card, get the most recent graphic drivers and upgrades.

Digital Rights Management is causing problems

DRM (Digital Rights Management) amazingly can lead to performance problems.

Network problems can occasionally make DRM affect a game’s performance. The DRM client or the condition of the distant server, however, is typically to blame for your game crashing.

You should choose the offline play option if it is offered here. This will stop the DRM from contacting the remote server to look for erratic behavior in the game or account. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to uninstall the game because you have no other option.

Your antivirus is crashing games

Antivirus and anti-malware software is a different issue that can cause your games to constantly crash.

As was already said, background processes can affect how well a game runs. Antivirus, however, is a little different because it actively searches for questionable files. These files are occasionally inspected, which could lead to two problems:

  • Security scanning causes the PC to pause before crashing.
  • A harmless file is quarantined after being deemed harmful, causing your game to crash.

Is there a solution to this? These are your three choices:

  • When gaming, lower (or disable) the degree of file scanning.
  • Replace your security program with one that has a “game mode”
  • Disable the software for the length of your gaming session (if possible – antivirus software recognizes this action as malware)

To locate the proper steps for these solutions, consult the online help for your security program.

You have too many browser tabs open

When playing games, closing other apps is also applicable to your browser. With just one browser tab, you might get away with it; anything more isn’t worth the risk.

Close all of your favorite game’s infinite Reddit pages, Facebook fan pages, and Twitter feed. Use your mobile device to access them if necessary.

Allow your computer to perform the tasks you expect of it so you may enjoy fantastic gaming without worrying about crashes.

Your computer’s spec is too low

Even though it might seem straightforward, some players still fail to compare their system specs to the minimum specifications for a game. You wouldn’t purchase diesel for a car that runs on gasoline, would you? So why would you buy a video game without being sure it will function?

You can read the game description to determine the system requirements before making an online game purchase from Steam or another service. purchasing a game from a retailer? You may find the minimum and recommended system requirements on the back of a video game box.

Before installing and starting the game, everything should work correctly if your PC satisfies these requirements. Otherwise, the title will certainly cause you issues.

The specifications for video game systems can also be found on Wikipedia and the publisher’s website. Check the game’s support or user forums for information to clear up any doubts or questions.

You’ll need to upgrade your PC if it doesn’t have the necessary hardware before you can play the game. This could entail doing anything from upgrading your computer’s storage to purchasing a new gaming PC.

The game’s settings are wrong

The majority of games feature a specific video options screen, especially those with high system requirements. It’s normal practice these days for games to boot with a configuration created for your system hardware to provide you with the best possible gaming experience.

However, sometimes that doesn’t work out and the games crash. Anything might cause it, from complex graphical experiences like Elden Ring to something simpler like Minecraft freezing in the middle of a game.

Your PC could crash entirely in some circumstances.

Open the video configuration screen for your problematic game and reduce the settings to prevent these issues. Change each setting by one, then attempt the game once more. Continue until you find the ideal balance between performance and graphics.

Indeed, this answer isn’t ideal. To prevent games from crashing your PC, it’s important to think about the finest new graphics card if the visuals aren’t up to par.

You need to upgrade your operating system

The correct operating system and version needed to execute the game are also stated in the system requirements for your game.

Games will mostly work on Windows 8.1 and later. Numerous games may be played on Ubuntu and other Linux distributions with the appropriate hardware and compatibility layers.

Meanwhile, OS X 10.4 (Mojave) or later is normally required for the majority of games designed to run on Apple Macs. Similar to this, the majority of AAA games are made on 64-bit computers.

Hardware and operating system problems are naturally interrelated. Modern video games can operate on older systems running Windows 7 with no problems. However, utilizing an outdated operating system practically guarantees that your games will crash.

Your network isn’t fast enough

When network issues delay the game client being updated by the distant server, crashes might happen when playing online.

By ensuring that your network speed is adequate for playing the game, you can prevent this from being a problem. To make sure that the game is the only one receiving data, you should also verify your router and turn off any other internet programs.

When playing online games, avoid Wi-Fi wherever feasible. Instead, use Ethernet to link your PC to the router. Purchase one of the top powerline adaptors if this isn’t possible because of architectural restrictions.

Games are running in the wrong mode

Making sure that no other program is running while you game makes it logical. Beyond the necessity for voice chat programs like Discord, your PC’s resources should be directed toward operating the game.

This guideline holds true for all versions of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Before beginning the game you wish to play, close all other programs.

However, Windows offers you a different perk: Games Mode. You can enter this condition, which limits and decreases other activity. All notifications have been turned off, and attention is only on the game.

To activate the game mode:

  • Open Settings by pressing Win + I.
  • Select “Games” > “Game Mode.”
  • Toggle the feature by clicking.

Using a VPN is slowing online games to the point they crash

Security software isn’t the only thing that might affect game performance and perhaps lead to a crash. Additionally, your VPN program may be the reason why online games on your PC keep stopping.

This can happen if the VPN server goes down or if the VPN client can’t keep the connection going. Distance may also be important.

You have a twofold problem of latency and any delay across the VPN if you’re trying to play a certain game server, possibly one located on the other side of the world. Both of these used alone can cause a game to crash.

Your game will almost definitely crash if both occur at once. What then are the answers?

  • Invest in a faster VPN.
  • Purchase a more rapid internet connection.
  • Even if it necessitates restarting the game, refrain from using a VPN to reach that particular server.

Why Does Your Favorite Game Keep Crashing?

Use the Windows Event Viewer application to keep track of what is happening to your PC when the game fails if you are unsure of what is causing the issue. This may be used to make a diagnosis.

Before installing the full version of a game, it is also worthwhile to play the demo to make sure that the game will operate smoothly on your computer.


If your game keeps crashing, you might be wondering why. You ought to be aware of the issue at this point. You have all you require to prevent game crashes. So, enjoy your game!

Do you find that your outdated hardware prevents you from playing top-tier games? It might be time to think about cloud gaming.

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