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How To Fix MW2 Vault Edition Rewards Not Showing Up

Do you have problems receiving your MW2 Vault Edition rewards? Here are a few ideas to help you with your problems.

A new Call of Duty season delivers more content and, regrettably, more issues for gamers everywhere. For Modern Warfare 2 players, the Vault Edition prizes not appearing is a common problem. If you’re experiencing this issue, continue reading to learn several solutions.

Fix MW2 Vault Edition Rewards Not Showing Up

A new season will inevitably bring you more problems, as usual. Making sure your game is up to date is essential if you want to eliminate the most frequent reason why your rewards could not be active.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that you’ll have to wait till the issue resolves itself if you adjust your time zone to New Zealand in order to play early. Here is what you could try in its place if that doesn’t work:

  • Restart and check for updates
  • Contact Activision support
  • Restore console licenses

Restart and check for updates

In light of the previous sentence and the introduction, kindly confirm that your game’s version is current with the current version. Any problems you have with online services ought to disappear after you exit the game and update it.

Contact Activision support

Activision support is your go-to resource for fixing any and all online issues if everything else fails.

Restore console licenses

  • Players of the PlayStation can remedy this now.
  • Similar to the Oni Operator problem, open the Settings menu on your console.
  • Choose Users and Accounts, click Other, and then choose Restore Licenses.
  • Any items you might have been missing should reappear when you restart the game after this has refreshed your console.

New Zealand hack

Players from all over the world set their Activision account locations on consoles to play the game a few hours sooner when the complete version of MW2 was released for the first time in New Zealand.

Players have already been forewarned of this hack by Activision and Infinity Ward, who claimed that attempting to game the system would lead to bugs and prevent users from playing the game until it is available in their actual location.

However, some players have been able to use the New Zealand hack to start the game early, which may be the reason why the rewards aren’t appearing.

Players who used the hack may have to wait to get their rewards because MW2 hasn’t been officially released worldwide.

Reboot PC or Xbox

Rebooting the affected PC or Xbox is recommended for those who are experiencing this problem. Remember that any download that is still in progress needs to be stopped in order to prevent corruption of the game files.

That is the only thing you can do to resolve the problem with the MW2 Vault Edition not functioning or rewards not appearing.


As usual, a new season will certainly bring you more issues. If you want to get rid of the most common cause for your rewards to not be active, you must make sure your game is updated. Here are a few suggestions to assist you in solving your issues. The only way to fix the issue is to restart your PC or Xbox console.

How do I redeem Vault Edition?

In order to use the Red Team 141 Ghost Operator in Call of Duty: Mobile’s multiplayer and battle royale modes, players who pre-purchase the Vault Edition will receive a code. After the October 28 release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, a redemption code will be delivered to your Call of Duty: Mobile in-game mailbox.

What is included in MW2 Vault Edition?

  • Modern Warfare® II for PS4™/PS5™
  • Red Team 141 Operator Pack.
  • FJX Cinder Weapon Vault.
  • Battle Pass (1 Season)
  • 55 Tier Skips.

How do vault card rewards work?

You can use Vault Card Keys to access the linked Vault Card’s Legendary accessories and gear. You can preview the entire collection of goodies with your ECHO Device, and the gear scales to your character’s current level. You can unlock these goods in whatever sequence you like, allowing you to quickly obtain the riches you want.

Is Vault Edition digital only?

Only available digitally, the MW2 Vault Edition costs £99.99 on Xbox or PlayStation and £84.99 on Steam and Like the game’s Standard Edition, the Vault Edition is cross-gen and includes a tonne of extras.

Is Vault Edition worth it?

Yes. The Vault Edition is worthwhile for the battle pass and tier skips in addition to the operator pack and weapon blueprint.

Are vault cards free?

Any trading card worth more than $250 or any asset purchased through PWCC comes with a lifetime free subscription to the Vault service (regardless of value). A small one-time fee is applied to all other items.

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