11 Essential Warzone 2 DMZ Tips to Stay Alive

Essential Warzone 2 DMZ Tips to Stay Alive: You can develop a plan to escape the Warzone DMZ by using our advice. This manual will assist you in using the new Call of Duty mode, which is completely new.

Similar to Escape from Tarkov, DMZ asks you to collect loot and extract with it rather than rack up kills or be the last team standing. Because Warzone 2 DMZ is so intricate and difficult, it’s simple to become confused when attempting to decide what to do.

Fortunately, we’ve spent a lot of time using the new mode and have compiled a list of DMZ hints and tips to help you navigate it.

These are our top recommendations for Warzone 2 DMZ players.

11 Essential Warzone 2 DMZ Tips

  1. How contraband weapons work in DMZ 
  2. How insured weapons work in DMZ
  3. How to exfil easily in DMZ
  4. Headshot armored enemies to get plates
  5. Activate UAV Towers to see enemies nearby 
  6. Get the gear you need before taking on a challenging mission 
  7. Take it slow and fight from a distance if you can
  8.  Aim to complete Faction missions 
  9.  As long as one player exfils, everyone gets credit 
  10.  How DMZ keys work 
  11.  Don’t get greedy 

How contraband weapons work in DMZ 

Any firearms you find while playing DMZ are contraband weapons. These can be player- or AI-made weaponry. The drawback of these weapons is that you cannot modify them in the gunsmith, and they are permanently lost if you pass away while carrying them. However, it’s always a good idea to flee with illegal weapons, especially if you need something to keep you occupied while you wait for your insured weapon to return.

How insured weapons work in DMZ

Your DMZ loadout follows you after you escape, and if you pass away, all of your gear is lost. The exception is that after a given amount of time, insured weapons are reusable. Similar to the loadout weapons from Warzone 2.0, insured weapons can be altered in the gunsmith.

By extracting a DMZ match with cash, you can reduce the wait time if you temporarily lose access to your insured firearm. Therefore, it pays to finish tasks and earn money, especially if your insured weapon is currently set to expire.

How to exfil easily in DMZ

Remember, you need to exfil from the map to secure all the items you’ve earned in a DMZ match, but doing so is much harder than it sounds. There are very few extraction zones on the map, but one trick is to complete the hostage rescue missions to gain access to an additional exfil helicopter.

This is invaluable especially since many players like to camp at exfil zones to wait for players looking to extract – eliminating them at the last moment before taking their hard-earned gear. Completing hostage rescue missions essentially gives you access to your chopper, reducing the risk when extracting.

Headshot armored enemies to get plates

In the DMZ, armor is in high demand because it appears to spawn seldom. However, killing armored AI with headshots will ensure that you get access to it. When you do, these adversaries will invariably drop armor plates for you, enabling you to constantly have a supply on hand.

Activate UAV Towers to see enemies nearby 

UAV Towers are located all over the map and are identified by a small tower icon. They often stand next to major POIs. It’s a good idea to activate a UAV Tower if you want to finish an objective nearby because it will show you the locations of all the AI foes nearby.

The UAV is only available for a brief period, but you can easily return and activate it once more to aid you in eliminating your enemies.

Get the gear you need before taking on a challenging mission 

Although it may seem obvious, new players will particularly gain from this advice. Your rucksack, keys, armor vests, and pretty much everything else you’ve acquired up to that point are lost to you after you pass away in the DMZ.

It could be tempting to launch a new game right away to begin the subsequent assignment, but we advise finishing some simpler tasks first. It’s essential to have the appropriate equipment before you attempt to take down a Warzone 2 DMZ chemist, a Juggernaut, or even one of the more challenging fortresses.

Take it slow and fight from a distance if you can

Rushing into a group of soldiers and being caught from all sides is the leading cause of death in the DMZ; the AI can be vicious and it’s simple to get hit by a barrage of bullets before you even realize what’s happening.

When possible, move slowly and scan the area ahead to gauge the strength and location of the opposition. The enemy AI is aggressive but surprisingly bad at long-range shooting, so if you can take them out without getting too close, the odds will be greatly in your favor. If you have the right weapons, try to fight from a distance.

Aim to complete Faction missions 

There are plenty of things to do in DMZ, but you should always give finishing Faction tasks top priority. You may view the available missions by going to the Faction missions screen from the main DMZ screen.

You advance toward the three Factions, Legion, White Lotus, and Black Mous, by completing these missions. The most significant rewards are the additional insured slots you receive for reaching various tiers, though each one has its unique rewards.

As long as one player exfils, everyone gets credit 

Things frequently go wrong during DMZ, but fortunately, only one player needs to successfully extract for the mission to be considered a success. In some cases, it’s preferable to ignore trying to revive a fallen teammate and instead head straight for the exfil chopper. If this occurs, everyone who participated in the match, including those who died, will receive rewards. This is significant to keep in mind because it deters players from giving up too soon.

 How DMZ keys work 

Fortress keys and Warzone 2 DMZ Stronghold keys are the two primary categories of keys. The two should be distinguished from one another because of how differently they operate. Fortress keys are specific to certain structures (such as the Cavern Boat Dock Shack or Art Museum).

There are just a few uses for these keys, and they only function in that building. After you extract fortress keys, they remain in your inventory. Stronghold keys, however, are available everywhere and can be used in any situation, at least during that specific match. Stronghold keys cannot be removed after extraction.

Don’t get greedy 

In DMZ, it can be tempting to attempt to do as many missions as you can, but being overly ambitious will frequently result in your death and the loss of all your gear. Try your best to go gently at first while becoming accustomed to the game before attempting longer adventures.

You must also take into account the fact that you have a finite amount of time to complete missions. Keep in mind that the radiation will start to take over the map once the counter in the top left corner of the screen reaches zero, eventually making it impossible to successfully exfil.


Instead of racking up kills, DMZ mode wants you to extract stuff and extract with it. Any firearms you discover while playing DMZ are illegal weapons, either created by players or by AI. Gunsmiths can make reusable modifications to insured weapons. You may access armor plates by killing armored AI with a headshot. You gain access to your chopper after finishing hostage rescue operations, which lowers the risk of extraction.

All of the local AI enemies’ locations will be displayed for you when a UAV Tower is activated. By accomplishing these missions, you move closer to the three Factions, Legion, White Lotus, and Black Mous. Warzone 2’s DMZ and fortress keys. The two main types of keys are stronghold keys.

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