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How to Fix Blurry Texture in Cyberpunk 2077

It’s unfortunate to see blurry textures in games, especially Cyberpunk 2077, given the proliferation of new technology and the current emphasis on graphics.

The root of this problem is now mostly unclear, however, most people assume that a development error is to blame. Considering how long this game has been in development, that may seem crazy, but it does occur more frequently than you might think in video games.

Fortunately, there are certain things you can do to restore blurred textures or at the very least, improve the game’s performance.

Fix Blurry Texture in Cyberpunk 2077

You don’t need to be a computer scientist to complete most of these improvements because they are simple for everyone to complete.

Here are all the Cyberpunk 2077 blurred texture fixes without wasting any more of your time:

  1. Texture Quality
  2. Level of Detail and Ray Tracing
  3. Resolution and Windowed Mode
  4. Basic Settings
  5. Disable Fullscreen Optimization

Texture Quality

Advise you to set the texture quality in the graphics tab to either Medium or High. Depending on the hardware you use, the better it is, the higher it is.

Level of Detail and Ray Tracing

The higher this parameter is set to, the less blurry textures you will get, similar to texture quality. As much as you can without significantly reducing performance, increase it.

You can move on to the next step if you don’t have a GPU that can support ray tracing, which not everyone has. However, it’s crucial to use ray tracing if you have the aforementioned GPUs!

Resolution and Windowed Mode

Set your Windowed Mode to Fullscreen in the game’s video settings. After that, confirm that your monitor’s native and supported resolutions are being used.

Basic Settings

Make careful to disable each of these effects in the Basic row of the Graphics tab’s Texture Quality section. When textures are hazy, they are typically the prime suspect.

While decreasing the field of vision might also lessen the blurry textures you experience, realize that not many gamers enjoy doing so. You should do that if you don’t mind.

Disable Fullscreen Optimization

Locate the executable file for Cyberpunk 2077. Go to Properties by right-clicking the.exe file. Make sure “Disable Fullscreen Optimization” is checked under the Compatibility menu.

Apply and OK after clicking.

Right now, you’re ready. It’s crucial to remember that console users can also modify some of these options, so this is not just for PC users.

The essential thing to keep in mind is that the amount of blurred and detailed textures your device can produce is relatively constrained. After all, the game Cyberpunk 2077 is fairly difficult.


The presence of fuzzy graphics in video games is terrible, especially in Cyberpunk 2077. Although the exact cause of the issue is mostly unknown, the majority of individuals believe that a development mistake is to blame. You can take certain actions to fix blurry graphics or, at the very least, enhance the game’s performance. It’s important to keep in mind that some of these settings can also be changed by console users.

How can I make my Cyberpunk 2077 graphics better?

  • Quick Preset
  • Texture Quality
  • Field of View
  • Film Grain
  • Chromatic Aberration and Lens Flare
  • Motion Blur
  • Contact Shadows
  • Improved Facial Light Geometry

Should I turn off film grain in cyberpunk?

Both chromatic aberration and film grain contribute to the hazy, noisy appearance of the game visual in Cyberpunk. Turning them off won’t significantly boost performance, but it will provide your image a crisper look than it would have otherwise at no performance penalty.

How do I stop the texture pop on cyberpunk?

The LOD Improvements mod offers a variety of LOD settings that enhance distant object details and lessen texture pop-in. The performance impact will be felt on some systems because some of the settings, such as the 10x draw distance increase, can be a little severe.

How do I fix my blurry game?

Therefore, go to Settings > System > Display, scroll down, click Advanced Display Settings, then select Display Adapter Properties for [your monitor] if you have a high-refresh gaming display. Click the Screen Refresh Rate drop-down on the Monitor tab and set it to the highest setting possible.

What are the best HDR Settings for Cyberpunk 2077?

Brightness is the initial HDR parameter, and gamers should have little trouble configuring it. The brightness setting for the majority of televisions should be around 1000. The brightness can be raised to 1500 for people who game on a premium television, such as a QLED.

Does more RAM help Cyberpunk 2077?

With 8GB of memory, you can surely play Cyberpunk 2077. There’s a good chance your memory capacity won’t even matter much if you’re not using a powerful GPU. On the other hand, depending on your GPU and settings, memory speed and latency could have a little to a significant impact on performance.

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