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How to fix Fortnite stuck on connecting screen in Chapter 4 Season 1

Are you looking for How to fix Fortnite stuck on connecting screen in Chapter 4 Season 1? Users have been plagued by a strange issue known as “Fortnite stuck on connecting screen” for the past few hours. Despite numerous efforts, many players have been unable to log in. This has turned into a popular search word on the internet because so many players are looking for a fix.

There are a number plausible causes for the issue, but the heavy traffic volume is the most likely one. Chapter 4 Season 1 was only released last Sunday, December 4, despite the fact that it might seem like a long time ago. Many new players are still joining the ranks and stepping off the Battle Bus for the first time.

Fortnite has also gained a lot of new loopers thanks to its nomination for “Best Ongoing Game” at The Game Awards 2022. Thousands have subsequently downloaded and played it as a result of this. All things considered, there is just one fix for the Fortnite “Fortnite stuck on connecting screen” issue.

How to fix Fortnite stuck on connecting screen in Chapter 4 Season 1

  • Make sure your internet connection is steady first because that can be one of the causes of this problem. Use your hotspot or restart your router to see whether it works.
  • Restarting the game and attempting to connect again is another option.
  • However, if your internet is working fine, all you can do is wait till Epic fixes the issue.

Fixing the “Fortnite stuck on connecting screen” is going to take some time

Although it may seem paradoxical, waiting is the best course of action for solving this issue. This can only suggest that the particular servers in question are overloaded given that the problem appears to affect gamers from the NA and NW regions.

Undoubtedly, Epic Games is resolving the issue, although it might take some time. To pass the time while the problem is being fixed, the sole option is to “Touch Grass” (very literally) or play another video game.

Reinstalling the game won’t likely help since this is a developer-side issue. Simply said, players will waste time downloading the game again. Just take a seat, unwind, and wait for Epic Games to make things right. It can take some time to fix the problem because it’s the weekend.

Other possible fixes for “Fortnite stuck on connecting screen”

The issue obviously comes from the developer’s end because hundreds of users have been searching for “How to solve Fortnite stuck on connecting screen.” There have been cases where this issue has arisen at random and for no apparent reason.

Players can use the Epic Games launcher to check the game files, albeit this may not always fix the issue. Depending on the particular system requirements and other circumstances, this process will take a few minutes.

Similar in nature, the Nvidia GeForce Experience application was also a problem that was widespread during Chapter 3 Season 4. After attempting to play the game via the programme, many people—including the author of this article have encountered the dreaded “Fortnite stuck on connecting screen” issue.

Despite having only been installed once on the PC, the application still shows two instances of Fortnite (as well as Stellaris). You can delete the application and the game, reinstall them both, and then try logging in again if you use it to change your graphics settings.

As previously stated, if the issue still exists, only Epic Games will probably be able to resolve it. There isn’t anything else that can be done in this situation. The best thing to do would be to wait a few of hours and hope the problem is solved.

Why is Fortnite stuck saying connecting?

Offline servers are the primary cause of Fortnite’s joining screen sticking, as we’ve already mentioned. Fortnite won’t work correctly if the servers are down because of how heavily it depends on them. Check Epic Games’ status page to verify whether Fortnite is still having problems to confirm this.

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