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How to Fix Minibak Not Unlocking Issue in MW2

Call of Duty has given gamers amazing customization possibilities. Mw2 Minibak Not Unlocking Players can now choose from an absurd number of skins to customize their avatars and weaponry. Even vehicles can have their appearance changed by being wrapped. When it comes to its cosmetics, COD has done a fantastic job. Consult the page below to learn more about Mw2 Minibak not unlocking.

The Minibak is the player’s initial choice when utilizing an SMG in close combat in Modern Warfare 2 or its predecessors. It is based on the PP-19 Bizon SMG-type weapon. However, many players report that Minibak in Modern Warfare 2 is not unlocking for them due to the release of Gunsmith 2.0 and a significant UI update.

Players want to know how to resolve the Minibak not unlocking problem, however many other players are already using the Minibak SMG in the game’s multiplayer. In light of this, we wrote this helpful article explaining the Modern Warfare 2 Minibak not unlocking problem, how to cure it, and more.

Fix Minibak Not Unlocking Issue in MW2

Restarting the game may help players fix the Modern Warfare 2 loadout locked bug.

  1. Try to reboot your game
  2. Raise your level
  3. Wait for an official solution.

Try to reboot your game

Reconnecting to servers is necessary for MW2 to sync progression. This applies to any leveling up as well as the things that leveling up unlocks, like unique loadout slots.

Raise your level

Some users assert that using the default classes more frequently will fix broken custom loadout slots.

Wait for an official solution

Regularly, Infinity Ward has tweeted updates on the projects the development team is working on. For the most recent details, keep an eye on your Twitter feed.

Possible Causes Minibak not Unlocking

  • First, raise your Kastov 762 (AK-47) level to 12.
  • Raising the Kastov 545’s level to 13.
  • There will be the Kastov 74-U available.
  • Your Kastov 74-U should be leveled up to level 18.
  • You can now access the Minibak.

How to Unlock Minibak in MW2

  • To unlock Kastovia 762 in Modern Warfare 2, you must first earn Rank 23.
  • To unlock the Kastovia 545, level the device up to level 12.
  • The Kastov 74-U can now be unlocked by switching to the Kastov 545 and leveling it up to 13.
  • The Kastov 74-U must be leveled up to Level 18 to receive the Minibak, and Level 15 to obtain the Vaznev-9K.

Why Is the Minibak SMG Not Unlocking?

Players are informed by MW2 that to access the Minibak SMG, they must level up the Vaznev-9K to 14. The Kastov-74u must be leveled up to level 18 for this to be true.

The Vaznev-9K itself also makes this mistake, since it unlocks at level 15 on the Kastov-74u, not level 13 as stated by MW2.

How to Use the Minibak SMG in MW2 Multiplayer

You can opt to employ the Minibak SMG in any of the multiplayer modes in MW2 by first creating a custom loadout including it in it:

  • Click the Weapons tab to access the game before you start (press RB on consoles to access it)
  • Selecting the plus (+) icon on the very left will allow you to create a new custom loadout.
  • You’ll need to swap out one of your loadouts if you’ve already created the maximum number possible.
  • Simply choose the one you want to replace it with, then carry out the next stages.
  • SMGs should be chosen as the primary weapon slot (press RB on consoles to access it)
  • Scroll until you find it, then click it.
  • Feel free to enter Gunsmith to equip it with any already-unlocked attachments.
  • Lastly, choose the multiplayer game option you want to play from the main menu.
  • Once in-game, simply select the personalized loadout you created, and you’re ready to go.

Best Alternatives to the Minibak in MW2 Multiplayer

Don’t panic if you’ve spent a lot of time grinding the Vaznev-9K only to discover that it doesn’t allow you to unlock the Minibak. You may use a lot of different SMGs that are just as effective.

If you’re looking for something different, you should think about employing SMGs like the PDSW 528, FSS Hurricane, or even the Vaznev-9K itself.

  • PDSW 528
  • FSS Hurricane
  • Vaznev-9K

PDSW 528

You may significantly enhance the PDSW 528, an exceptionally quick SMG, by designing this loadout. You can easily obtain it because you may unlock it at Rank 5.

FSS Hurricane

The FSS Hurricane has a 50-round magazine right out of the box and is quite powerful. You must raise the FTAC Recon to Level 16 if the SMG seems like your style.


The Vaznev-9K is a good SMG to use, and chances are you’ve already mastered it to a respectable degree. You must first level up the Kastov-74U to level 13 if you haven’t already.

What Is the Minibak in MW2?

By moving up the Kastovia Platform, players can unlock the Minibak, an SMG. It starts with 64 rounds and has 128 rounds in reserve.

It is an extremely quick and potent SMG with excellent handling, mobility, and recoil control. In contrast to other SMGs, it is less efficient in the categories of Range, Damage, and Fire Rate.

Best MW2 Minibak loadout

The ideal loadout for the Modern Warfare 2 Minibak is:

  • Laser: Stovl DR Laser Box
  • Stock: Otrezat Stock
  • Barrel: BAK-9 279mm Barrel
  • Rear Grip: True-Tac Grip
  • Muzzle: Xten RR-40

The laser box enhances the Minibak’s already exceptional hip-fire accuracy, enabling you to glide in and rack up kills without even having to aim down sights. The Otrezat Stock increases sprint speed and aim walking speed, which are essential qualities of the best SMGs in Modern Warfare 2.

The suppressor and barrel combination dramatically extends the Minibak’s effective range, and the barrel greatly enhances hip-fire accuracy. The rear grip gives the Minibak a little bit more mobility, which also boosts the Minibak’s sprint-to-shoot and aim-down sight speeds.

If you’re prepared to give up range and accuracy, you may swap out the Schlager PEQ Box IV laser and the VLK Stockless stock for an unequaled CQC setup. Mid-range strikes are almost impossible, yet up close, you’ve never felt such speed.


The PP-19 Bizon SMG-style weapon is the model for the Minibak SMG. When using an SMG in close combat, the player’s first preference is to use it. Players may be able to resolve the Modern Warfare 2 loadout locked bug by restarting the game. In the multiplayer modes of Modern Warfare 2, the Kastov 74-U and Vaznev-9K cannot be unlocked with the Minibak SMG. To access the weapon, which unlocks at level 15 rather than level 13 as indicated by MW2, players must level up both gadgets.

You probably already know how to use the Vaznev-9K, which is an excellent SMG. If you haven’t already, you must first level the Kastov-74U up to level 13. The Minibak features 128 extra rounds in addition to its initial 64 rounds.

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