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How to Watch TikTok without the App

Is it possible to watch videos from TikTok without installing the app? This article gives you 3 options how to watch TikTok without the App?

You hear about some entertaining TikTok videos from your pals, but you don’t have the app and don’t want to get it. TikTok may be viewed without the app. Yes, it is the answer. Let’s examine how to watch TikTok videos without the app or account.

How to Watch TikTok without the App

Watch TikTok Videos through Its Website

You may watch videos, live videos, and upload videos on the TikTok website.

How to watch TikTok without an account is provided below:

  • Go to the official TikTok website by opening a web browser.
  • When that happens, you can explore TikTok videos online without registering.
  • The TikTok web version may be controlled with a few keyboard keystrokes.
  • To view the previous video, press the Up arrow key.
  • Go to the next video by pressing the Down arrow key.
  • L stands for like video.
  • Mute/unmute video is what the M key does.

Watch TikTok Videos on YouTube

As you already aware, a TikTok video can only be 10 minutes long. Consequently, some users decide to upload their TikTok compilation movies on YouTube. You may use the YouTube website to watch TikTok without downloading an app by performing a “TikTok” search. The most watched TikTok videos and songs can then be enjoyed.

Watch TikTok Videos with TikTok viewer

Utilizing a TikTok viewer is the ultimate option. These 3 TikTok viewers allow you to watch TikTok videos online without creating an account.


Website address:

You may browse popular TikTok songs, the newest TikTok videos, and trending TikTok videos using the free web tool UrleBird. It allows you to download TikTok videos that you want to keep and view the statistics for TikTok videos.

Launch the UrleBird website, enter a hashtag or username in the search field, and then click SEARCH. Afterward, you can watch TikTok videos without a programme or an account.



On TikyToky, you may find the most well-liked TikTok videos. You can watch TikTok videos online and download them without watermarks with this tool. The top 100 TikTok Influencers are also listed by TikyToky on their list.

TikTok videos can be found online by searching for an account or using a hashtag.


Internet address:

You may explore TikTok videos, download TikTok videos, and examine TikTok people using this TikTok viewer. It runs on the web and is open source. There is no need to register. To view TikTok videos, just enter a username or hashtag in the search bar.

How to Watch TikTok Live Anonymously

On the TikTok website, you can use the Live option on the left menu to watch all TikTok Live videos without creating an account.

When signed out of the website, viewing a TikTok livestream is fully anonymous. However, in order to participate in the website’s live chat, you must check in.

Can I View TikTok Without an Account?

Without an account, you can still use TikTok, but you won’t be able to:

  • Comment on a video on TikTok
  • Like a video on TikTok
  • Like someone else’s TikTok comment
  • Observe a TikTok user.
  • Purchase and use TikTok money
  • Make your own TikTok video.

How to Watch TikTok Videos Without Using TikTok

You can still watch a surprisingly big number of TikTok videos on other platforms and services if you can’t or don’t want to utilise the official TikTok website or applications.

Watch TikTok videos on Twitter

While the majority of other users commonly share their favourite TikTok videos on the platform, many TikTok artists repost their TikToks as videos on Twitter for their Twitter followers to like and retweet. When searching Twitter, consider looking through the Videos tab.

Explore TikTok videos on Facebook

Additionally, many users share TikTok videos on Facebook. These don’t require a TikTok account or the download of an app and can be viewed on Facebook just like any other video. To see if a Facebook page has posted any TikToks, click the Videos tab.

Watch TikTok compilations on YouTube

More creators and influencers are uploading their TikTok films to YouTube as regular YouTube videos as well as YouTube Shorts. Some users even combine multiple TikTok videos into one unique compilation video. To see what’s available, try searching for “TikTok collection” on YouTube.

TikTok is massive on Instagram

While some users repost their TikTok movies as standard Instagram posts and Reels, due to their brief length and vertical aspect ratio, these popular films are huge on Instagram Stories. As soon as a TikTok goes live, the majority of TikTok creators will repost it as an Instagram Story.

Without the app, how do I download TikTok videos?

While you can access TikTok’s website and watch videos without logging in, the sharing choices and saving options will be different (in fact, trying to share a TikTok video on your phone will likely just direct you to download the app). Some websites claim to convert TikTok videos into formats that can be saved, but you should exercise caution while using them. Never use one that requests your login information, in particular.

How can I use TikTok without creating an account?

You must be logged in to the TikTok app in order to see videos. Instead, use the browser version.

Can you view TikToks without an account?

Visitors can watch videos on TikTok without creating an account. However, in order to subscribe to TikTok producers and like or comment on their videos, you must first register an account. Additionally, even those who do not log in can see who has liked or commented on their films.

How do I view TikTok on my browser?

From your PC’s desktop browser, you may quickly browse through TikTok videos. Simply enter the URL “” in the search bar of any browser on your PC. You will view the website’s landing page when the URL loads. The landing page’s videos are available for you to start scrolling through right now.


You can utilise the TikTok web version, look for TikTok videos on YouTube, or use a TikTok viewer to watch TikTok without downloading an app or creating an account.

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