Reverse AI Filter Trend on TikTok

Reverse AI Filter Trend on TikTok: Photographs are being artistically edited by TikTokers using an AI filter, but some users are concerned that the technique can be undone. Here is all there is to know about the most recent craze.

These days, TikTok is without a doubt the trendsetter for social media crazes. Over the years, the website has given rise to several viral crazes, including everything from edible “butter boards” to well-known dances.

The AI green screen filter, which recently swept the TikTok community, is just one of the many filters that have swept the app. In essence, users could provide a string of text instructions, and an AI would produce a unique image based on those words.

Users are already editing their images with AI technology… However, some people are concerned that this tendency can drastically backfire.

What is TikTok’s AI art filter?

The “AI Art” function on TikTok allows users to severely modify any image they select. While it is occasionally possible to discern what the original image was, most of the time all distinguishable details are removed, leaving behind a fantasy artwork that is completely unlike the original image.

Naturally, some TikTokers are making use of this tool to upload “spicy” pictures of themselves that are fully hidden by the AI filter, starting a new trend on the app.

Can you reverse TikTok’s AI art filter?

Some users are concerned that other users could be able to reverse the AI filter so they can view stuff they shouldn’t, but sources claim this is an unfounded concern.

No, other users can’t take your film and reverse the filter, but Distractify warns that processing photographs through the AI art tool can still be dangerous.

When users upload their photos using the filter, the website claims that they are “uploading it to a server somewhere where it may be hacked.”

Following user anger when producers utilized the “hooked nose” filter as a “confidence booster,” this is only the most recent filter to cause worry on TikTok.

Why do people want to reverse the AI art filter on TikTok?

Many people are curious about how to reverse the AI art filter to view the image that is concealed beneath it, as it has grown in popularity. People want to do this in large part as a result of some users starting to broadcast pornographic videos on TikTok with the filter painted over them.

The real details of the photograph have frequently been completely erased, yet occasionally it is possible to detect what has been painted over.

Fortunately, it doesn’t appear to be feasible to reverse an AI art filter on TikTok, which is good news for both TikTok and the users who shared the photographs. However, this does not imply that using the art filter on one of your more graphic photographs is risk-free.

Your image is uploaded to a server that might be compromised when you run it through the filter. Although users won’t reverse these photographs, they can nonetheless be dangerous.

The reverse AI filter isn’t just for nude photos

Even though many users publish their nudes using the filter, there are much more PG ways to use the filter.

When individuals started using it to hide their phone wallpapers, it initially became popular. People in serious relationships would apply a filter to a photo of themselves with their lover and then set the result as their wallpaper.

It also makes for some lovely, vibrant wallpapers and is a brilliant way to make minor fun of your partner. They could start to ask questions if they realize they aren’t your wallpaper, but you can almost quickly tell them they are; they were only hidden by one of TikTok’s various filters.

Posting nudes online always comes with a risk

Although many users appear to be enjoying the rush of publishing a naked image on TikTok without being reported by the company’s censors, even though the photographs do have a filter, there are risks associated with doing so.

Even though it may be nearly impossible to reverse the filter without the original image, there are still hackers who might be able to locate the photographs online.

When it comes to these kinds of postings, risk tolerances are going to be incredibly diverse. Unwanted or not, many people’s online profiles may start to include more and more nude images.

There are many advantages to living in the digital era, but there are also risks involved, so Just use caution while posting nudes, even if they essentially resemble art.

How to use a reverse AI filter

For those who are unaware, let us explain that this trend consists of two parts. The first component is rather straightforward and involves posting an AI image followed by a real image to demonstrate how it has transformed.

Users have reacted strongly to the first trend as a guessing game.

The other tendency, meanwhile, is largely for older users. Many people in this trend are publishing NSFW photographs that they have converted into AI paintings.

Origination of AI Paintings Trend

Let us remind those who are unaware that the trend was fairly popular in January of this year. The WOMBO software was widely used to produce AI paintings.

The fad was started by users who experimented with different lyrics on the app to see what kind of image would appear.

It quickly became popular since many people began combining the trend with arbitrary terms to see what would happen next.

How to be a Part of the Trend

Simply download the Dream by WOMBO app from the Play Store if you want to try the fad.

The software will request that you input a prompt when you download it. You can add anything you like here—a word, a lyric, a date, etc.

The user then needs to select an artistic style they enjoy. You get alternatives like mysterious, dark fantasy, pastel, vivid, steampunk, synthwave, festive, psychic, and HD with this program.

Users must click on the “create” option after choosing their preferred art style, and their chosen image will be in front of them in a matter of seconds.


Users can drastically alter any image they choose on TikTok by using the AI art filter. Some TikTokers use this feature to upload “spicy” images that the filter completely obscures. People worry that someone else might disable the AI filter so they can watch porn. To make an image, download the Dream by WOMBO app from the Play Store and choose an artistic direction. Once a phrase, lyric, date, or other arbitrary term has been added to the AI canvas, users can experiment with it to see what kind of vision will result.

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