Telegram New Features Roll Out with Major Update

Telegram New Features Roll Out with Major Update- In its most recent version, Telegram Messenger added Topics in Groups, Collectible Usernames, new operating system interfaces, and more to improve user conversation functionality. For its premium customers, the site also offers certain distinctive features, like Voice-to-text for video messaging.

Before this, voice communications could only be transcribed by premium users. Also included in the Telegram Premium update are a total of 12 new emoji sets. The app has also made several interface-driven modifications for PC, Android, and iOS apps.

Pavel Durov, the CEO and founder of Telegram, stated in his most recent blog: “I feel very happy about today’s Telegram upgrade. Large groups are given subjects, turning these linear talks into slick, mobile-friendly renditions of the original Internet Forums. View the updated Telegram features right here.

Telegram New Features

  1. Collectible Usernames
  2. New Emoji Packs
  3. Topics in Groups
  4. Voice-to-Text for Video Messages
  5. Resizing Text on Android
  6. Redesigned Night Mode for iOS
  7. New Interactive Emoji and Reactions

Collectible Usernames

Users of Telegram can use usernames to make it simple for others to get in touch with them or find their public groups and channels. Users can now choose from a variety of collectible usernames in addition to just one standard one for each of their accounts and public conversations.

With the help of TON, a quick and scalable blockchain network, the ownership of collectible usernames is protected. A new marketplace called Fragment makes it possible to purchase and swap valuable Telegram domains easily and safely.

In the same way that standard @usernames function, collectible usernames also show up in Global Search results and have links that can be accessed outside of Telegram: and

New Emoji Packs

While thousands of users experiment with uploading their own emoji sets, 12 new emoji packs have been created by Telegram artists. These emojis can be used in any messages and captions by premium users, or they can be set as Halloween statuses.

Topics in Groups

Large communities with hundreds of thousands of users can be supported using Telegram groups. Groups with more than 200 members can now enable themes and create separate sections for any subject, keeping these discussions clear to read.

Within a group, topics act like private chats with their shared media and notification settings. Members can engage in discussion on any subject that interests them while using all of their favorite tools, including polls, pinned messages, and bots.

In their Group Settings, group administrators can activate topics. In Permissions, they can manage who is permitted to create and modify topics. Telegram intends to deliver additional updates that will give administrators and users of this feature more potent tools.

Voice-to-Text for Video Messages

Since the introduction of Telegram Premium, users have had the option to convert any voice communication to text, making it easier to read along rather than listen. With this upgrade, video messages gain the same feature, enabling Premium customers to instantly receive a text transcript.

Resizing Text on Android

On Android, increasing the text size now enlarges all conversation text, including reply headers, link previews, and more.

Redesigned Night Mode for iOS

For iOS users, dark themes have been modified, bringing colors into better harmony and improving the blurring effects as users navigate through chats and the chat list.

New Interactive Emoji and Reactions

This update adds 4 new interactive emojis that may be used as reactions in 1-on-1 discussions and play full-screen effects for when people are studying, sleeping, or acting suspiciously. All users can also add three more reactions to any chat to mark the start of the scary season.


To enhance user chat capabilities, Telegram Messenger introduced Topics in Groups, Collectible Usernames, new operating system interfaces, and more. The website also provides certain unique capabilities for its premium users, such as voice-to-text for video messaging. A total of 12 new emoji sets are also included in the Telegram Premium upgrade. All conversation content, including reply headers, is now enlarged when the text size is increased for Android users.

What are the best features of Telegram?

  • Response to communications The first messaging platform to support instant responses to messages was Telegram.
  • Engaging stickers.
  • Editing sent messages.
  • Messages that automatically disappear.
  • Large gatherings.
  • The Telegram bots.
  • Transform audio communications into text.
  • Transfer of huge files.

What are the features of Telegram’s secret chat?

End-to-end encryption, no data retention on our systems, support for self-destructing messages, and the prohibition of forwarding are all features of Telegram’s exclusive secret chats. Additionally, only the devices from which they originated can access private chats, which are not stored in the Telegram cloud.

What is the difference between Telegram K and Z versions?

You can view the user’s information above the active conversation window on the right side. The WebZ version has less white space than the WebK version and supports single-color backgrounds, which is a small distinction between the two web programs.

Is Telegram private?

Regular Telegram chats are not end-to-end encrypted, so outside parties can eavesdrop on your conversations and read your messages. End-to-end encryption is offered by Telegram in its “private chat option.” You cannot transfer private chats across inexpensive Android phones that are using Telegram, though.

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