What is Cloud Gaming and How does it Work?

A new way to enjoy your favorite video games is through cloud gaming. You can stream games from remote servers rather than downloading and installing them on your computer or gaming console.

Cloud gaming may seem like a concept from science fiction, but it has been around for a while. What precisely is cloud gaming, then? How does it function? And what are its benefits over conventional techniques?

More information about this fascinating new development in video game technology is provided in this guide.

What is cloud gaming?

With the aid of technology, you can stream video games from distant servers. The game is operated by a robust server, and video and audio are streamed to the player’s device. Through a controller, keyboard, mouse, or other similar input devices, the player engages with the game.

Because it doesn’t rely on locally installed hardware or software, cloud gaming is dubbed “cloud.” Instead, users sign up for a centralized service that is run from distant servers located in data centers all over the world.

This could indicate that your home computer lacks the processing power necessary to run Fortnite and other games with more demanding graphics. However, you can also use cloud services that will allow you to play them anyhow.

The biggest advantage of cloud gaming is that you can play games without having to purchase expensive hardware. You may play on low-end computers or portable electronics like phones and tablets as a result. Developers can sell their games as a service through cloud gaming rather than having to deal with physical copies and downloads.

Features of cloud gaming

You can play games with cloud gaming on any computer or mobile device that has an internet connection. If you don’t have the money for a big rig but still want to watch your favorite movies in high definition, this is a fantastic alternative.

The versatility of cloud gaming is its key strength. All it takes is one short download to get started if you’re traveling and can’t access your PC at home. There’s no reason to discard your collection of favorite video games.

Users of cloud gaming can also receive new content updates remotely before the corporation makes them available locally offline on hard drive storage devices. Hard drives from Sony Corporation’s PlayStation and Microsoft Corporation’s Xbox One are two examples of offline devices.

This is particularly helpful for multiplayer internet games. For instance, Fortnite gamers must frequently upgrade their game to stay current with the latest updates and game-world changes.

Users can play their favorite games simultaneously on several devices via cloud gaming. It is especially helpful for individuals who want to use their smartphone to play online games while standing in line but don’t want to miss any crucial updates.

Additionally, users can access the same game collection from wherever. All they require is an internet connection and a running device, whether they are at home or on the go.

How does cloud gaming work?

  • With the aid of technology, you may play video games without having to download or install them on your computer or gaming console.
  • Instead, you have streamed the game while it is still in storage on a distant server.
  • This implies that you can still play games at the excellent quality on any device, regardless of how slow or outdated it is.

A big, central server that can stream games to your computer or device is used for cloud gaming. The procedure is comparable to streaming music or movies, but a fast connection is required.

  • The same technology that Netflix and other streaming services employ is used to make it function.
  • Your device continuously inputs commands, which are then transmitted over the internet to the cloud server where the game is hosted.
  • Your device then displays as quickly as it can an image of what is happening at that precise instant that was returned by the server.
  • This implies that whenever a player enters information into a game.
  • To move their character about in first-person view, press buttons on their mouse or joystick, or enter a conversation.
  • Every action takes place in a split second.
  • It would be clear that something is amiss with the connection if there is any delay between when a player inputs anything and when the visual displays on the screen.

Your PC or other device receives the game directly from the cloud gaming server. Therefore, there is no need for lengthy downloads or substantial files. You may play games without worrying about downloading and installing them on your device thanks to this.

What is the price of cloud gaming?

Today, there are several cloud gaming platforms, some of which offer free trials and others that charge a monthly price.

The service you select will determine how much cloud gaming will cost. For instance, Xbox Cloud Gaming’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription package costs $15 per month. You can play up to 100 high-quality games simultaneously for the price, with up to five of your favorites being added regularly.

However, be prepared for your monthly fee to rise significantly if you want access to more games or services like music streaming and gaming on demand.

Different price structures may be offered by additional providers. Google Stadia costs $9.99 per month, compared to $17 for PlayStation Now. Users may play games in up to 4K HDR with 5.1 surround sound for the price.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that, in comparison to traditional gaming, cloud gaming is not a cheap option. While there are some free trials available, it’s important to note that they frequently have a narrow scope and only include a few games.

What lies ahead for cloud gaming?

With the aid of the game-changing technology known as cloud gaming, even gamers with low-powered devices can now play some of the most difficult games. Despite its limitations, it’s generally a positive development for all gamers.

The future of video games is cloud gaming, and it will fundamentally alter the way we play. Technology has existed for a while. Nevertheless, thanks to recent developments, cloud gaming is now a desirable choice for players who want to play their favorite games without having to wait for downloads or worry about system requirements.

But when you weigh all the advantages cloud gaming provides and its potential as a novel gaming experience. It’s difficult not to get excited about what this implies for the future of gaming.

Advantages of cloud gaming

  • Save space on your computer
  • Instant Access
  • No hardware requirements
  • Remote access
  • Play on any device with an internet connection

Save space on your computer

They save everything in one location with minimal storage, as opposed to having numerous copies of each game on your hard drive (or on various consoles). Since this system doesn’t require any installation fees, you can save both time and money.

Instant Access

Playing your favorite games on the cloud eliminates the need to wait for downloads or updates because they are always available. The moment your keyboard, mouse, and controller are connected, the game may begin.

No hardware requirements

All you need is an internet connection and a controller; you don’t even need to buy a computer or gaming device. You can use it to play games without having to download them on your device.

Remote access

Even if you don’t own a gaming device, you can play video games on your phone or tablet via cloud gaming.

Play on any device with an internet connection

This implies that you can play your games from any location, including your home or while traveling.

Disadvantages of cloud gaming

  • It can be difficult to find your game
  • High latency
  • It’s not always reliable

It can be difficult to find your game

It could take some time to search through your cloud account if you have a large collection and wish to play something different.

High latency

The main problem with cloud gaming is this. There is a small lag between pressing a button and seeing the action on your screen because it depends on servers to function. For those who don’t mind waiting for their games to load but want instant access, it is advised.

It’s not always reliable

Cloud gaming depends on the internet to work properly, so if your connection is sluggish or drops out totally, everything will stop. It might be wiser to stay with actual copies of games if this occurs frequently.

Some Cloud Gaming Services

Now that you are aware of what Cloud Gaming is and its benefits and drawbacks. If you’re still intrigued by the technology, we’ll list all the Cloud services that are currently for sale as well as those that were once available but are no longer doing business here.

GeForce Now

Nvidia is providing a cloud gaming service. Since Nvidia is the most well-known and largest manufacturer of graphics cards, it may be believed that GeForce Now was an attempt by Nvidia to enter the Cloud gaming market, where people are less interested in graphic cards and prefer to play their games through streaming services.

Its beta version, formerly known as Nvidia Grid, was introduced in 2013. It is a paid service that gives users access to a selection of various video games stored on Nvidia’s server. 2017 saw the release of the GeForce Now client for Windows and Mac as a free beta for users in North America and Europe.

Thanks to the Nvidia Tesla Graphic Cards utilized in the official server, GeForce Now has gone a long way and can now stream games at up to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. For 1080p60fps streaming, Nvidia advises at least a 50 Mbit/s connection, and for 720p60fps streaming, a 25 Mbit/s connection. Here is a link to the official GeForce Now webpage for users who may be interested.

Shield TV, Chromebooks, Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices can all access the streaming service.

Playstation Plus

According to the subscription tier a user chooses, Sony Interactive Entertainment gives them a variety of benefits through a tiered service. These benefits include three free games accessible to PlayStation Plus subscribers each month, special savings on the PlayStation shop, and online gaming.

The “essential” tier of the subscription service includes the features mentioned above. Originally, PlayStation featured a service called PlayStation Now that let users stream games.

However, recently, that service was combined with PlayStation Plus, so the streaming service is now only accessible to PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers.

Users that subscribe to PlayStation Plus have a choice of three different payment options: monthly, quarterly, or yearly. The program offers a variety of highly regarded games, including Bloodborne, God of War, Batman: Arkham Knight, and others.

Xbox Cloud Gaming

This streaming service, which was originally known as xCloud, launched as a beta in 2019 and was free to use once it was added to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in 2020. It enables users to engage in all of the Xbox Gamepass Ultimate’s streaming-compatible titles.

This cloud service is similar to others in that it enables customers to broadcast their games to various devices where doing so would not otherwise be possible. Additionally, there are allegations that an Xbox Cloud Gaming device is in the works and that it magically ended up on Phil Spencer’s shelf.

Currently, Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X users can access the Xbox Cloud Gaming service.


A new alternative to downloading and installing video games on your computer or gaming console is cloud gaming. Instead, consumers sign up for a centralized service that is managed by far-off computers housed in global data centers. The ability to play games without having to purchase expensive gear is the primary benefit of cloud gaming. Users of cloud gaming can get fresh content updates remotely before hard disc storage devices make them available locally offline. Whether they are at home or on the go, all they need is an internet connection and a running device.

What is the point of cloud gaming?

Playing games online without needing to download them is the whole concept of cloud gaming. Even if your phone or tablet isn’t powerful enough to run the most recent games, you can still play games on it. The gadgets must have internet access, which they typically do. You can stream games from a distance from the servers of the service provider; there are no file downloads necessary.

 Do you have to pay for cloud gaming?

Yes, cloud gaming is a paid service. You could make a one-time payment and then sign up for recurring monthly payments. Additionally, if the game is accessible through the platform of the service provider, you can just make a one-time purchase and gain access to it.

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