Instagram Down: Users Losing Followers and Their Account

The Twitter account for Instagram communications said, “Some of you may be having trouble logging into your Instagram account, as we are aware.” We regret the inconvenience and are looking into it. #instagramdown”.

On Monday night, several users complained about having their accounts blocked and losing followers on Twitter.

At a Glance

  • Instagram’s issues began, according to DownDetector, at about 13:08 GMT.
  • More than 4,000 issues have been reported, and the outage is affecting people everywhere.
  • Users claim their accounts have been suspended, but there is no apparent explanation for the problem.

Nearly 1900 individuals reported the problem to Downdetector, according to the data.

What are the problems with Instagram today?

There have been reports of user accounts being suspended on Instagram this afternoon.

Users all over the world are experiencing issues that started at about 13:08 GMT, according to internet outage tracker DownDetector.

Numerous users have reported that their accounts have been suspended, even though the cause of the crash is yet unknown.

Others report losing followers, maybe as a result of suspended accounts losing their followers.

We’re aware that some of you are having trouble accessing your account, Instagram said. We regret the inconvenience as we look into it.

Meta, who owns Instagram, has been contacted by MailOnline for additional comment.

Over 4,000 difficulties have thus far been reported on DownDetector, with over 1,000 of those issues coming from users in the UK.

MailOnline attempted to access the app and had no problems.

However, impacted individuals have the chance to challenge their suspension, but when they do, a strange black screen appears.

Many people have turned to Twitter to talk about the issues they are having.

Okay, so my account got banned for no reason, I couldn’t appeal it, and now my account is gone,’ one user stated. I’m not the only one, either.

Another added: “My Instagram account was suspended RIGHT AWAY! They tweeted so much that their account was also suspended. ASSIST US ON INSTAGRAM!

One jokingly said, “Everyone checking in on Twitter while Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram is down.”

Did anyone else’s Instagram recently got suspended without an explanation, a US user in West Virginia asked. And now Instagram just gives you an error and won’t even bother to let you appeal?

Anyone else’s account suddenly randomly crash after 30 seconds of using the app, asked a Melbourne, Australia-based user.

Along with Facebook and WhatsApp, Meta, the company controlled by Mark Zuckerberg, also owns several other services.

Just last week, a two-hour outage on WhatsApp prevented users worldwide from sending or receiving messages.

Why has Instagram suspended my account?

Twitter users claim that App is informing individuals that their accounts have been disabled because they “don’t match our Community Guidelines.”

It also states that users have 30 days to contest a decision made by a social media app before their accounts are permanently terminated.

Is anyone else seeing this problem on Instagram? asked one user who provided a screenshot of the error notice. Is my account suspended, or what?

Others also expressed astonishment about what appeared to be the termination of their social media accounts, with one asking, “Now, why in the world did my account get suspended?.”

Another person asked: “Did anyone else’s account just get suspended for no apparent reason? It no longer even bothers to allow you to appeal; instead, it simply returns an error.

This was largely agreed upon, and one person expressed their displeasure: “So @instagram suspended my account for no reason. I provided all the information requested for verification, but nothing happened. Does anyone else have this problem? It appears that some users have experienced the same thing.

A professional skater on Dancing On Ice and social media celebrity named Alex Murphy said there were more problems with the app today in a tweet: Are there any other creators today experiencing strange @instagram issues? What’s going on, @Meta? Follower count and some strange bugs?

App pointed to its Twitter statement. “We’re aware that some of you are having trouble logging into your account,” it read. We regret the inconvenience as we look into it.


According to the website that tracks internet outages, DownDetector, more than 4,000 problems have been reported, although the reason for the breakdown is yet unknown. After utilizing the photo-sharing app for 30 seconds, users claim they are unable to access their accounts once more. On Thursday, accounts were suspended for no apparent reason, prompting some users to ask: What’s up, Instagram? Following number and several odd bugs?

People Also Ask

Why is Instagram closing?

If the storage on your smartphone is low, It may potentially crash. Your smartphone needs between 10% and 20% of its storage to be free for apps to function properly. You might not be able to utilize other apps on your phone if apps like TikTok dominate the storage space.

Why my Instagram is not working today?

If you are experiencing difficulties with the app, always try restarting your phone or tablet first. If restarting your smartphone doesn’t solve the issue, please test the app on both a Wi-Fi and a mobile data connection to see whether the issue is related to poor mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection.

Why Instagram is stopping again and again?

Some apps may occasionally have bugs or other issues that cause them to suddenly crash or cease working. It is therefore best to always keep your apps updated to the most recent version. To determine if a newer version of the app for Android fixes the problem, try updating the app.

Why can’t I log into Instagram?

Change your password or email a password reset request to yourself. For extra security, enable two-factor authentication. Verify the accuracy of your phone number and email address in the account settings. Remove any associated accounts that you don’t recognize by checking the Accounts Center.

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