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How to Fix Instagram Bio Links are not Working

The Instagram Bio Links function on Instagram lets you include a clickable URL in your profile. This link in your bio is crucial if you’re a company owner on Instagram because it will increase traffic to your website and your leads and sales there.

However, occasionally the Instagram Bio links may not work properly. For instance, the link can be present on your profile, but clicking or tapping on it has no effect.

But rest assured that we are here to assist you.

In this post, we’ll explain why the Instagram link in your bio isn’t working and even introduce you to one of the greatest Instagram tools that enables you to add numerous clickable links to your bio so that users may access your other social media accounts. So let’s get right to the point without further ado.

Note: Start using Myurls for free right away if you’re looking for the best option for your Instagram link in bio. For those who want to set up many links for their Instagram bio, is the finest choice. We shall go into more information about it in this article.

Why are My Instagram Bio Links not Working?

Here are some potential explanations for why the Instagram link in your bio isn’t functioning:

  1. Instagram disabled the link in your bio
  2. Your Instagram cache is full.
  3. Link in bio: The service you selected is no longer available.
  4. A bad Internet connection causes it to not load.
  5. You haven’t yet updated Instagram to the most recent version.
  6. The link is not in the proper section, according to you.
  7. Your Instagram link in your bio is broken due to a problem.

Instagram disabled the link in your bio

When Instagram displays the notice “Link not allowed,” it signifies that the link in your bio has been restricted. In reality, Instagram is now quite cautious when it comes to the bio link. They observe a large number of spam accounts, which is the cause of this.

Instagram Blocks:

  • Links in spammers’ profiles to websites
  • links to websites with pornographic material
  • linkages that surface quickly across numerous accounts
  • reduced connections
  • names of fraudulent websites
  • domain names with Instagram-related components or misspellings
  • connects to Telegram or Snapchat. Users can no longer encourage people to follow them on Telegram or Snapchat on Instagram.
  • It’s possible that the website doesn’t exist or the connection is broken if your Instagram bio link isn’t working.
  • Links to Etsy stores with similar shop names.Etsy

Fix Instagram disabled the link in your bio

Try to stay clear of the issues listed. But what if your website is legitimate and has perhaps received approval in the past? Here are a few solutions!

Change Your IP

Your WiFi connection to Instagram is the only reason the Instagram link in your bio isn’t working. Change your IP first. Try additional approaches if the notice continues to appear.

How to Change Your IP?

Your IP can be changed in different ways.

  1. Restart WiFi to obtain a new IP.
  2. Altering router settings
  3. Restart WiFi to obtain a new IP

Get a new IP address by following these steps:

  • Your WiFi router should be off.
  • Wait for at least three to five minutes.
  • Turn on your WiFi now.
  • Your gadget should be WiFi connected.
  • As you wait, check your IP address.
  • Check to see whether the error persists.

Change Router Configuration. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Log in by visiting the router’s home page.
  • the My Network tab.
  • On the Network Connection tab, click.
  • Under Rule Name, select Broadband (Ethernet).
  • Access Settings.
  • Press the Renew
  • Then Release
  • Then Apply button.
  • Check to see if the Instagram Link Not Allowed problem still occurs.

Change your mobile data IP as well to make sure the issue isn’t with IP.

  • Put your phone in Airplane mode for three to five minutes.
  • Launch Instagram and turn off flight mode to see if the problem has been fixed.
  • Continue reading to learn what to do if the issue persists.

Your Instagram cache is full

It’s also conceivable that the Instagram app cache on your Android, iOS, or Windows device is full, which would explain why the Instagram link isn’t working. Therefore, on your iOS or Android devices, you must delete the Instagram app’s cache.

Link in bio: The service you selected is no longer available

Do you utilize any other websites or services in addition to Instagram itself to add links to your bio? If so, it may have stopped functioning. That may be all there is to it.

Linktree stopped functioning a year ago, which hurt many businesses, particularly the smaller ones. Perhaps you have a similar situation.

Fix Link in bio: The service you selected is no longer available

Sincerely, there isn’t much you can do about it. To avoid these issues, we advise you to choose the best Instagram link in bio service.

A bad Internet connection causes it to not load

The title is sufficient.

Fix A bad Internet connection causes it to not load

Your slow internet connection likely is to blame for your Instagram link in bio not working. Therefore, check to see if your internet is fast enough to load the Instagram link in bio.

You haven’t yet updated Instagram to the most recent version

Have you made any Instagram updates? When did it last happen? Perhaps this is the reason your Instagram link in bio is broken or you are unable to add a link at all to your Instagram bio.

Try to maintain an active Instagram, especially if you use it for business. Your income can increase if you use features like the link in bio.

How To Update Instagram?

Either you use an iPhone or an Android device. As you are aware, these 2 devices have different update processes. Read the section that applies to your device and disregard the rest.

How To Update Instagram On Android

  • Launch the Google Play app on Android first.
  • Visit the choices toolbar, which is situated in the top left corner of the screen, next.
  • Select “Apps and Games,” the second choice.
  • You will now see a page with a list of all the apps that can be updated.
  • To find Instagram, scroll down.
  • Finally, select “Update” to start the Instagram app updating.

All of your apps can automatically update. You can now keep all of your apps, including Instagram, updated by simply going to the Settings menu in the Google Play Store and selecting the “auto-update apps” setting.

How To Update Instagram On iPhone

  • Visit the App Store first.
  • Next, select the updates tab from the screen’s bottom right corner.
  • A red dot with a number indicating the number of updates will be present, depending on how many updates are currently available.
  • A list of apps that can be updated will be presented to you.
  • Tap the “Update” icon next to the Instagram icon once you’ve located it.

The link is not in the proper section, according to you

If you don’t place the link in the appropriate place, it will appear in your bio rather than as a clickable link. Consequently, it can be yet another explanation for why the Instagram link in bio isn’t working. Some people simply type the link along with the rest of their bio information.

People question why the Instagram link in bio isn’t working when the link doesn’t become blue and they are unable to click on it. As a result, the website field, not the Bio area on your Instagram profile, is where you should enter your Instagram link in bio.

Where Is The Right Section To Put The Link In?

Add your link to your bio once more using these methods;

  • Go to your Instagram profile by opening the Instagram mobile app.
  • At the top of the screen, tap “Edit Profile.”
  • Include a short link in the “Website” column.
  • To save your link in your bio, tap “Done.”

It’s all finished! Your Instagram bio links will now be clickable and tappable on desktops and mobile devices and will be located below your biography.

Your Instagram link in your bio is broken due to a problem

Some people claimed that when they click the link in bio, the Instagram app is opened instead. Your Instagram link in your bio is broken due to that problem.

Fix Your Instagram link in your bio is broken due to a problem

Just wait a few hours to see if Instagram is responsible for this glitch. It will succeed. Call the support and let them know if it is the app you use to add a link in your bio. They’ll make it right for you.

Try Facebook Debugger

Try Facebook debugger if your URL is prohibited on Instagram and you are certain that it is not spammy or broken. Numerous users benefited. It might also benefit you. But keep in mind that before using the Facebook debugger, you must have linked your Instagram account to Facebook. Before posting, it’s a good idea to run your Instagram connection through the Facebook debugger.

Use Myurls As An Ultimate Solution

Apply Myurls. Within its customer support, it not only resolves your issue but also;

  • Allows you to specify a URL for every Instagram post you’ve made.
  • Include links to each of your social media profiles.
  • With its “contact me” option, it enables you to influence your followers to become your customers. With the help of this tool, you may run a campaign, lead your followers, and collect their contact information.

One link is allowed per post on Instagram. However, you may share many URLs with Myurls, which is quite beneficial for Instagram businesses and online buyers. Additionally, this amazing application enables you to monitor link clicks.

How do you access links in bios on Instagram?

Tap the username that is visible above someone’s post to go to their profile. The blue URL and their “bio,” which includes a description of who they are and what their account is about, follow. The link is in the bio.

Do links in Instagram BIOS work?

You can include a link to your website or another website that you wish your followers to visit in your Instagram bio. Even if your Instagram photographs are private, anyone who visits your profile can see and click on the link there. On desktop or mobile, links in Instagram bios can be altered at any moment.

Why can’t I open links on Instagram stories?

Try updating your Instagram app to the most recent version first if you want to solve links that don’t work on Instagram Stories. Turning your phone off and on working for some customers who were having issues with the Link sticker if their app was updated but they were still having issues with link stickers on IG Stories.

How many links can you put in your Instagram bio?

The Instagram “one link in bio” restriction prevents marketers from including additional links or links to specific posts. Every time you wish to advertise a new blog article, campaign, or product, you must manually change the bio link.


You can add a clickable URL to your Instagram profile using the Instagram Bio Links feature. If you’re seeking the greatest alternative for your Instagram link, start utilizing Myurls for free right away. The Instagram link in your bio won’t work, so we’ll explain why and show you one of the best Instagram tools. It’s possible that your Android, iOS, or Windows device’s Instagram app cache is full, which would account for the Instagram link’s malfunction. It isn’t much you can do about your sluggish internet connection, which is probably the reason for your Instagram link in bio not working.

This article shows how to update Instagram through the Google Play Store on both Android and iOS.

Always be updated with computer tips, mobile tips, How to fix, tech reviews, and tech news on Rowdytech, or subscribe to the YouTube channel.

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