Best Free Mobile Games without Ads in 2022

Mobile games without ads: When there are so many mobile games available for free, it might be difficult to justify purchasing them. Of course, a lot of those free options are nightmares with tonnes of ads. If the gameplay is fantastic, which it isn’t in most games, we don’t mind an advertisement every now and again.

A cheap approach to serve you as many advertising as possible before you delete them from your phone, the majority of games available on the App Store and Play Store are essentially unplayable.

This isn’t the case with these games, though. They are completely free and have no advertisements. While some games require optional in-app purchases to operate, others are completely free to play, which is a novel twist for many of us.

However, given the size of the mobile gaming business, this list is by no means complete. Please let us know in the comments if you don’t see your favourite free game without advertisements listed here.

Free Mobile Games without Ads

  1. Pokémon UNITE
  2. Genshin Impact
  3. Apex Legends Mobile
  4. Rocket League Sideswipe
  5. Two Spies
  6. Mekorama
  7. Orna
  8. Seedship
  9. Pocket Planes
  10. Farm RPG
  11. Bounty Hunter Space Lizard
  12. Does not Commute
  13. Flop Rocket
  15. Ninja Arashi & Ninja Arashi 2

Pokémon UNITE

A MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) version of the popular franchise is called Pokémon UNITE. Instead of setting out to find them all, UNITE has you form teams of five to battle another team of five while using the Pokémon of your choice. It will seem like familiar gameplay if you’ve ever played League of Legends or Dota.

Naturally, since it’s Pokémon, your attacks will be Pokémon moves. But MOBAs don’t use turn-based combat; instead, they pit your team against theirs in a 5v5 free-for-all. Chaos in the finest sense. Compared to Genshin Impact, the pay-to-win elements are a little more obvious here, but there is no barrier to you participating for free.

Genshin Impact

Not including Genshin Impact on this list would be a mistake. The game is a vast RPG with a variety of characters, dungeons, boss fights, and discoveries that can all be accessed for free and without any commercials. This is why it’s so well-liked.

In spite of the fact that its art style, landscapes, and some game features are comparable to those of Breath of the Wild, Genshin Impact stands apart thanks to its multi-party systems and unlockables.

However, because it is a gacha game, a pay-to-play-like mechanism is already integrated into the game. Since you actually gain in-game currency by playing the game, you can theoretically earn everything that you can buy with real money for free.

But there’s no denying that spending money is far simpler than saving it up in-game. Genshin can be played without spending any money, though, if you can resist the urge.

Apex Legends Mobile

There is no Apex Legends PC or console port for Apex Legends Mobile. Its own version of the game, created for both iOS and Android, is this one. Much of the gameplay is similar to that of Apex Legends, however it is presented in a way that is most convenient for mobile users.

Whether you’re playing on a mobile device or not, this is still a battle royale game: You and your team choose from a variety of character types and engage the opposing team as the battlefield gets smaller for everyone.

Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League Sideswipe exists even if the game may not have a real mobile port. Instead of the complete 3D game we are all familiar with and adore, the game just provides the elements of Rocket League with 2D left-to-right gameplay.

The fundamental principles remain the same, though: Drive and shoot your way to the goal while doing the same to prevent the other team from scoring.

Naturally, there are no commercials, and there are no in-app purchases either. It only needs your time, nothing else.

Two Spies

In the turn-based, one-on-one game Two Spies, your objective is to eliminate the other spy before they eliminate you. It takes place on a map of Europe modelled after a board game and is set during the Cold War.

You decide on a city to hide in, acquire information about your adversary’s whereabouts, and attempt to attack them first. You are declared the winner and receive the moniker “Spy” after three strikes. Although it is a simple concept, a complicated method is used. Sadly, it’s only accessible on iOS.


In the cute puzzle game Mekorama, you control a lost robot. Each level requires you to lead the robot (or robots) by turning the environment to disclose secret passages or actions. It has a similar gameplay style to Monument Valley or Nintendo’s Captain Toad series, but it’s completely free and ad-free.


A multiplayer GPS-based RPG is called Orna. You use your surroundings as your in-game area, much like Pokémon GO, and fight monsters there. However, unlike Pokémon GO, enemies constantly spawn, so you don’t have to worry about running out of foes to combat.

You level up, discover new gear, and acquire new classes as you explore the globe and battle enemies. Whether you decide to work with pals or go it alone is entirely up to you. Boss fights, dungeons, events, as well as the ability to construct and produce, are just a few of the varied gameplay options available in Orna.

Odie, the creator of Orna, is devoted to the game and has developed a fan base as a result. Players can share their progress, gameplay, and of course, memes on the game’s own Reddit subreddit and Discord server. If you find the game enjoyable, join these communities.


The text-based space exploration game Seedship is a randomly generated text-based space exploration game. The action takes place on a ship with artificial intelligence (you) that is carrying a colony of frozen people. There is a significant degree of risk involved in this mission to discover a new planet for the human species. You might arrive on a planet that doesn’t feel quite right, but leaving it could cause damage to the ship.

You have no notion what’s in the world because the game is generated at random. It’s possible for one game play to be successful while another is unsuccessful. Additionally, there is a scoring system that enables you to compare the successes and failures of various tries.

Pocket Planes

Instead of being a flight simulator, Pocket Planes is an airline simulator. Your task is to load your aircraft with people and goods in order to generate money to purchase airports in 250 other locations around the globe and grow your airline empire.

The game is a collector’s dream: as you advance, a tonne of new aeroplanes for your fleet become available to you, each with unique qualities. Additionally, you can change the colour of your planes and the outfits of the pilots. Nothing like dictating what to wear to your staff.

Farm RPG

It’s not your typical mobile farming simulator, Farm RPG. Its incredibly simple graphics place the emphasis on strategy. You will select the crops you want to plant, the best time to go exploring, and the extras you want to purchase to expand your farm. It’s a lot more laid down than even your usual cosy farming game because it’s really one step above a text-based game.

But the other players are one of the best parts of the game. Anyone can join the worldwide chat and discuss Farm RPG, including tricks, triumphs, challenges, and anything else.

Bounty Hunter Space Lizard

Great game, silly name. You are a lonesome former lizardperson turned bounty hunter, according to Bounty Hunter Space Lizard. With a gun or just your bare hands, you navigate through dungeon-like levels engaging foes in turn-based battle. It’s a straightforward game, but it’s a lot of fun, and it doesn’t hurt that the sound design is fantastic.

Does not Commute

A playthrough of the original strategy game Does not Commute is recommended. You have to move one commuter at a time through each stage. No problem, isn’t it? The twist is that anytime you begin a new trip, the road shows every route you’ve taken before.

That’s not that bad at first, but after a few automobiles, traffic becomes a problem. After a while, it gets clogged up with vehicles, and the “easy” commute you’re driving entails dodging other vehicles.

This one isn’t optimised for newer phones because it hasn’t been updated in a while. However, that shouldn’t have a big impact on your capacity to make your everyday commutes.

Flop Rocket

What happens when the Jetpack Joyride character runs out of money is Flop Rocket. Your task is to operate a test rocket in a hazardous cave lab. The thrusts and direction of the rocket are each controlled by a separate finger. Only two collisions with an object will result in an explosion. It’s incredibly difficult.

You’ll die a lot when you first start playing. However, it doesn’t take long to master the necessary skills to begin coin collection. And after you have a sufficient amount of coins, you can purchase improvements to enhance your tiny ship. There are a lot of improvements that will help your flight, as you can see in the high score video up top.

The creators of Flop Rocket, Butterscotch Shenanigans, also create some premium games as well as some free games sans advertisements.


The racing genre is approached differently in DATA WING. You are a spaceship, depicted by a sprite that looks like it belongs in Space Invaders, and your job is to transfer data to “Mother,” the primary computer. You use two-touch controls to move your sprite through the story: Simple in concept, but challenging to learn if you want to progress through the levels quickly.

Ninja Arashi & Ninja Arashi 2

The side-scrolling action games Ninja Arashi and Ninja Arashi 2 provide a lot for nothing at all. Your wife was killed, and your son has been taken hostage. It’s up to you to progress through the stages, defeating adversaries and revealing puzzle pieces to free your son.

You should play the two games in the order they are presented because they are two “episodes” of the same story. The initial game is still fully playable, although it hasn’t seen an update in a while and may not be optimised for your phone.


On the App Store and Play Store, there are hundreds of games that are free to download, many of which are ad-free. But if you can resist the impulse to buy anything, Genshin can be played for free. In the puzzle game Mekorama, you play as a lost robot and attempt to solve riddles. Similar to Pokémon GO, Orna is a multiplayer GPS-based RPG where you explore your environment to find items and defeat enemies. Its gameplay is comparable to that of Monument Valley or Captain Toad from Nintendo. While Pocket Planes is an airline simulator where you have to purchase and manage 250 airports worldwide, Seedship is a text-based space exploration game.

How do I get free games on my phone without ads?

Most wireless radios in your phone, including Wi-Fi and your cellular connection, are turned off when you put it in aeroplane mode. As a result, disconnecting your phone from the internet by putting it in aeroplane mode. Most banner advertising vanish and video ads never load when you go to aeroplane mode.

Why are mobile games so filled with ads?

Ads are used by mobile games to monetize their products. For instance, in Geometry Dash, the mobile app’s advertising appear about every third game loss. Some creators place their adverts in areas of their mobile games where it becomes disruptive.

Is there an app to skip ads in games?

AdLock is a blocking tool that is available for Android and PC. While using your phone, it’s a simple approach to block in-game or internet advertisements. Additionally, you will be given the choice to filter all of your traffic using HTTPS safe filtering and to ban particular websites.

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