What is Omegle? See how the site works to chat with strangers

Omegle is a platform launched in 2009 that attracts people from the inner world by making it easy to exchange messages with strangers without the need for registration or any information that the user can identify. The site gained strength and became popular last year, during the first wave of the pandemic, after being seen by users as a viable alternative to dribbling on the loneliest days during isolation.

How does Omegle work?

Omegle is a platform that offers the possibility of connecting people with similar interests and from which part of the world, by chat or video, and who wish to interact with strangers anonymously.

The site does not require any type of registration, therefore there is no need to provide data such as name and age to start a conversation with other users. Omegle also doesn’t allow you to choose what to chat with: chats are automatically created with random and unknown people. The user can, however, choose topics of interest.

How to use Omegle?

To use Omegle, just access the site, choose the language you want to communicate with and include topics of interest to be directed to chats with users who are looking for similar conversations. Then, the platform will open the conversation space with a random user.

The platform offers bat-papo by text by pattern, but also allows you to activate the video, whose image is displayed on the left edge of the screen. It is possible to interrupt the conversation or video call at any time, clicking on “Stop” to exit the chat, change the room or just interrupt the conversation.

Is Omegle safe?

The idea of ​​conversing with strangers, maintaining anonymity and without great registration formalities may seem attractive at first glance, but it is important to be aware of some risks that Omegle users expose themselves to.

The information exchanged in online conversations with strangers can, for example, be used by malicious users to commit fraud. The site also does not have identity verification, therefore it does not block or use by children even if, officially, the tool is intended for people over 18 years of age, or from 13 years of age under the supervision of two countries.

The platform also contains inappropriate content for certain cities or ethnic groups. In addition to bat-papo on adult themes, the site is accused of allowing the reproduction and exhibition of child pornography by two of their own users, the second BBC report published at the beginning of the year.

What are the alternatives?

Besides Omegle, other platforms offer the possibility of chatting with strangers, without the need for registration or identification. In the case, for example, of Stranger MeetUp, which has text chat and simple access, whose basic differences are the impossibility of choosing topics of interest and the exposure of the user’s country in the conversation.

In the same format, Ome TV allows interaction with new friends online and, although quite similar to Omegle, it does not have any relationship with the platform. A difference, not so much, is that Ome TV, in addition to requesting information about the country of the user, only allows video conversations. The platform also has applications for Android and iPhone (iOS).

Users who prefer not to be exported in video calls can go to options such as the Random Chat application, available for Android. Just like Omegle, the app does not require registration and only requires last name, gender and age to access and start chatting with strangers.

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