Peninsula Salsette 27 Review

Like a captivating book, life is a series of chapters that call for development and transformation. Looking for a new place to live wasn’t only a practical matter; it was an in-depth investigation of areas that would connect with my changing way of life, my dreams, and my essence. Peninsula Salsette 27 review was my refuge from the shifting metropolis; it offered more than simply a place to live; it promised a life immersed in refinement and flair.

How did I Discover the Peninsula Salsette 27 Project?

A mysterious murmur, a nuanced invitation to go beyond the mundane, was the impetus for the voyage to Peninsula Salsette 27 rather than a mundane internet search. I was led to an architectural wonder on the horizon of Mumbai. Entering this sanctuary wasn’t just a business choice; it was an invitation to live an extraordinary life.

My revelation came to light gradually, revealing more and more of the lavish fabric that Peninsula Salsette 27 had woven. Instead of a visual feast, the initial impression was one of complete immersion, as if one had stumbled into a secret garden in the middle of a busy metropolis. 

Peninsula Salsette 27’s architecture is a glorious declaration of grandeur as much as it is a tribute to design. A symbol of modern luxury, the famous silhouette first appeared on the Mumbai skyline, marking the beginning of the voyage. As I made my way around the beautifully designed rooms, where every nook and cranny appeared to be screaming stories of imaginative design and careful planning, the distinctive combination of contemporary style and dedication to architectural genius became clear.

The careful planting and verdant environs made the find even more tranquil. The Peninsula Salsette 27 was more than a building; it was a sanctuary in the middle of the city. 

Peninsula Salsette Price and Amenities that I Adore

Fitness centres, ice skating rinks, party spaces, parks, community centres, elevators, basketball courts, and theatres are all part of the project’s contemporary features. Peninsula Salsette 27 price ranges from Rs. 4.85 crores to Rs. 7.45 crores. Here is the full rundown of all thePeninsula Salsette 27 amenities:

  1. Peninsula Salsette-27 offers round-the-clock monitoring and guards to keep homeowners and their families safe inside the gated community.
  2. The typical garden offers a tranquil setting for residents to unwind and enjoy themselves. It is tastefully planted with vegetation and offers lovely views of the surrounding area.
  3. Peninsula Salsette-27’s clubhouse has a range of amenities, including a gym, pool, spa, and more, allowing residents to lead a lavish lifestyle and foster community connections.
  4. A badminton court is a beautiful place for people to go out and about and meet their neighbours, making it an ideal spot for health-conscious individuals and sports fans.
  5. The basketball court is an excellent place for locals to get some exercise and have a good time with their loved ones.
  6. A community hall is a beautiful place for people to have parties and other activities, bringing them together as neighbours and fostering a feeling of belonging in the neighbourhood.
  7. The installation of closed-circuit television cameras around Peninsula Salsette-27 adds an extra degree of protection for the inhabitants.
  8. Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are part of the complex’s fire safety system, which is designed to keep inhabitants safe in case of a fire in the apartments for sale in Byculla.

3 Reasons to Buy Property at Peninsula Salsette 27

1. Location Advantages 

There are a lot of benefits to living in Peninsula Salsette-27 in Byculla East, Mumbai. Easy access to any region of Mumbai is provided by the project’s location near the Mahalaxmi Metro Station. Schools, hospitals, and popular entertainment venues are all in close proximity to the development. Lush vegetation surrounds this spacious home in Bycullacreating an idyllic setting for residents to relax and unwind.

  1. Christ Church School is easily accessible by car in only 7 minutes.
  2. At a distance of 1.8 kilometres, the Cathedral & John Connon School is about a 6-minute drive away.
  3. Don Bosco High School is 2.3 kilometres distant and can be reached in about 8 minutes.
  4. Bombay Scottish School is 3.1 kilometres distant and can be reached in about 10 minutes by car.
  5. The distance to JJ Hospital is 2.3 kilometres, and it takes about 6 minutes to travel there.
  6. Global Hospital is 3.8 kilometres distant and can be reached in 12 minutes by car.
  7. The 2.7-kilometer Nehru Planetarium is about 8 minutes distant by car.
  8. The Elephanta Caves are 12 kilometres distant and may be reached in about 40 minutes by car.

2. Luxurious Lifestyle 

Living at Peninsula Salsette-27 is all about luxury and comfort. With their meticulous design, the apartments provide an ideal setting for a light and airy lifestyle.

A jogging track, indoor games, a children’s play area, and a clubhouse make this project ideal for anyone looking to unwind and get in shape. In order to meet the entertainment demands of the inhabitants, the project also includes a basketball court, badminton court, and theatre. A tranquil and calm living atmosphere is provided by the project’s proximity to verdant foliage.

Peninsula Salsette-27 is a high-end residential community with an elegant and modern design that offers a premium lifestyle to its inhabitants. There is an abundance of natural light and airflow throughout the flats, making for a bright and airy living space. The project’s world-class facilities guarantee a pleasant and opulent living experience.

3. Reputed Builder 

Since its founding in 1872, Peninsula Land has grown to become one of India’s most prominent real estate developers. Its reputation for providing clients with high-quality, wealthy real estate has grown throughout the years. The firm has completed a number of high-profile commercial and residential projects in Goa, Mumbai, and Pune, among other important Indian cities.

Peninsula Land stands apart from the competition in part because of its dedication to providing residents with an exceptional quality of life. In order to build houses that are sustainable and ecologically responsible while also being comfortable and fashionable, the firm employs state-of-the-art technologies, creative designs, and eco-friendly materials.

I have no doubts that my Peninsula Salsette 27 review was informative and I hope it helps in making the right decision. House hunting can be a tedious task but you can make it better by searching smartly. The first step in finding your dream home is to check verified property listings on before visiting the actual sites!


Certainly! In a nutshell, your journey to Peninsula Salsette 27 was like discovering a hidden oasis amidst the city’s chaos. Its architecture blended grandeur with contemporary style, and the lush surroundings turned it into more than just a building—it became a tranquil sanctuary. Within its walls, the promise of modern luxury and exceptional living resonated.

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