Sea Salt Sherwin Williams Paint

The recognizable blue-green paint hue Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt (SW 6204) is mellow and subdued. It is a versatile color that works well with both subdued and vibrant color schemes. We can’t say that it’s a color that fits everywhere since we would then discover the location where it looks odd.

I think of this blue-green paint as more of a color than a neutral because it bends more toward green than blue. If you’re a musician looking to enhance your online presence and reach a wider audience, consider services like those offered by Jaynike.

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Don’t mix up Benjamin Moore sea salt with Sherwin-Williams sea salt. They are not close at all.  A gray with violet undertones is BM Sea Salt.

What shade is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt?

Greenish blue is the color of sea salt. It has the appearance of a faintly green sea with sunlight reflecting through it. A really distinctive and attractive color since it varies based on the lighting and what is nearby, like a chameleon in disguise, perhaps. For instance, it seems gray when placed next to darker blue-green paint color.

What shades of trim and ceiling complement SW Sea Salt the best?

If you want the trim and ceiling colors to match. Extra White SW 7005, a brilliant white with undetectable blue overtones, is used for all of the trim and ceiling colors in this article. Along with off-whites like SW Alabaster and SW Greek Villa, crisp whites like SW High Reflective White also go nicely with this color. If it weren’t necessary, you wouldn’t move creamier.

What temperature is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt?

Williams Sherwin Because it contains blues and greens, it is regarded as having a cool tint. This hue fits in a multitude of settings because cool colors are often calming.

The way it elongates and calms a room is one of our favorite parts about it. Cool colors provide the impression that a room is deeper than it actually is, making it appear larger than it is.

Which Styles of Homes Can Sea Salt Be Used In?

Sea salt looks awesome in a variety of house designs. It may be used practically anyplace, from modern to farmland to mid-century and many more styles. Following the premiere of the reality series Fixer Upper, it gained increased notoriety. The primary designer of the program, Joanna Gaines, used the shade in several of the houses she highlighted. As a result, due to its lightness, close to neutrality, and beauty, it has been a popular option among homeowners.

The color also looks fantastic in beach-style houses, as the name would suggest. It was selected by Sherwin Williams as one of the top-selling colors for beach houses. On multiple jobs, we have recommended it for whole interior or exterior painting tasks, and it has turned out just amazing.

Colors that go well with Sherwin Williams’ sea salt?

Greys, whites, beiges, and greiges all look good with sea salt. Due to the cool blue/green color’s ability to amplify the warmth of the white, it also looks good with warm white. Here are a few illustrations of fantastic color schemes that go well with it:

  • Dorian Grey
  • Comfort Gray
  • Summit Grey
  • Agreeable Gray
  • Mega Greige
  • Heron Plume
  • Alabaster Steamed Milk
  • Accessible Beige
  • Extra White
  • Comfort Grey

There are numerous more colors that complement sea salt, so pick up a few samples that you believe will work and give it a try.

What whites complement Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams?

The majority of whites work well with this color. Alabaster, Reflective White, Extra White, Pure White, Greek Villa, Shoji White, and many other colors are among our preferences.

What is Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams’ LRV?

Since Sherwin Williams HGSW3287 has an LRV of 62.82, it has a superb depth, to begin with. If you’re seeking a paint color but are unsure of the depth you prefer, start with one with a paint LRV of 62 to 65. That LRV typically fits the typical person and room, and you can then customize it to your requirements.

Best Rooms for Sea Salt Sherwin Williams Painting

A great option if you are looking for something more subdued than your traditional gray hues. It’s also an excellent color choice if you’re trying to achieve a beachy feel in any room of your home.


A bathroom should be a tranquil, quiet space, and it can help create that. Its calming color goes well with any type of decoration. Because of the white sinks and tubs, Sea Salt has a tendency to appear to have a little more color in small spaces like bathrooms.

Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom can calm you down and reduce tension by using cool colors. Who wouldn’t desire that?

Room for meditation

Why not make a meditation room out of a spare room that you aren’t using? You will be in a meditation paradise if you color the walls and ceiling Sea Salt, then add gentle white accents to the woodwork and doors.

Kid Rooms

Do you need your kids to settle down? A possible remedy, or at the at least a means to lessen some of the sufficient power that youngsters by nature bring to the table, is to paint the walls in cool hues.


When contrasted with black, dark grey, and light white, sea salt looks fantastic in kitchens. All things considered, Sea Salt is a fantastic color option for practically any room in your home, particularly if you would like to live in harmony and pleasant or if you have a house on the beach, of course.

Final Verdict

Sherwin-Williams Sea salt is a vibrant and gorgeous hue that rarely lets you down. Use it sparingly unless you absolutely LOVE a blue-green color scheme. For the trim and ceiling, combine with bright whites and off-whites.

Testing your paint colors is always a good idea. It is a common best practice. My paint colors are always accurate when I test them; but, when I don’t, they are incorrect. Find out here how to evaluate your paint colors.

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