Grand Theft Auto VI: New Game, New Issues

Dive into the world of Grand Theft Auto VI: Explore new features and understand the challenges in the latest installment of the series.

Grand Theft Auto VI: New Game, New Issues– Grand Theft Auto VI is a game in the making that millions of players all over the world are eagerly waiting for. Everyone is eagerly waiting for some snippet or some screenshot, which is about the next open-world crime simulator.

What are you doing?

Meanwhile, amid problems with Rockstar Games ordering its front-line employees to return to the office, Kotaku’s sources revealed that GTA 6 could miss its 2025 release window and slip into 2026.

Updates and Confusions

Kotaku has now heard from more sources that while previously a possibility sometime in early 2025 is no longer the launch target for Grand Theft Auto VI. Some of these logs have been around for a long time and are indicative of Rockstar Games‘ tight security and poor company communication.

What’s in Store for Players?

The interesting thing is that many sources now confirm that early 2025 is not a possibility. Instead, the target is narrowly set to “Fall 2025” and while most people seem confident that they will meet that date, there is still a risk of a delay.

Game’s Impact: Grand Theft Auto VI

GTA 6 was officially launched in December 2023, after an internal leak. This largely follows the practice of 2013’s GTA V. Rockstar Games is now working on a sequel, which is set in Vice City, a nightmarish version of Miami, Florida. The game is scheduled to arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series sometime in 2025, and as of now that’s still planned.

Production Delay and Uncertainties

But, Kotaku has heard that it is possible that the sequel may not arrive until late 2025. There is also a possibility that it may slip in 2026 also because the production process is going on behind schedule.

New rules of Rockstar Games and development of GTA 6

In February, after several leaks, Bloomberg reported that Rockstar Games was ordering its employees to work five days in the office, starting in April. This short notice and drastic change has shocked many people and led to frustration among workers, who feel as if their jobs are being thrown away, as Aftermath reported on March 19. did.

As a matter of safety and quality, Rockstar decided to order the chief to return to the office. My sources told me that development of GTA 6 is “on hold”. I’m told that Rockstar leaders are worried about this and the game is in danger of slipping into 2026, opening the 2025 window, and it’s a big deal that the company is pushing for an office return in April.

I’ve just been told that Rockstar is still “aiming” to release GTA 6 in Spring 2025. Whereas, an early 2025 release is targeted, but sources say they have not known whether this will happen or not and a Fall 2025 launch seems more likely. Currently, postponing the game till 2026 also serves as a “backup plan” or “emergency” option, should the need arise.

And of course, while talking to people about this situation I was reminded that Rockstar Games historically waits to make changes or change plans until “the last moment”, so there is no news about the next trailer. When will it come, and perhaps this delay will not be practiced as the company moves forward in development.

Kotaku has contacted Rockstar Games.

Speaking to Aftermath, one employee expressed concern that after improving over the past few years, Rockstar Games could run into a dev crunch again as GTA VI enters the final stages of lengthy development.

“We’re worried about the dragon,” a Rockstar employee told Aftermath.

“I had to go through two projects, there was a crunch in both. The first time was very difficult. Then my hair did not turn white. … We want to try to continue the steps we have taken in our company, which “What have been done to remove toxic culture.”

If the game is tentatively scheduled till 2025 or if it is publicly announced till 2026, then it does not say that the workers, who are being forced to return to the office against their will, are being crunched. No need to do it. In reality, sometimes delay means more crunch. Whatever it may be, it is clear that the final development period of GTA 6 will not be easy or fast as the company has set the target for early 2025.

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