GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars expected release date and time for all regions

According to Rockstar, the game’s future DLC is called GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars. A tonne of brand-new details, including the fact that it will be launched on December 13, 2022, have already been disclosed by the developers.

Fans had been anticipating the release of the update on December 20, but it appears that the devs wanted to surprise everyone by announcing it earlier. On December 13, players can’t wait to start the game and explore all the new story-driven quests.

Although the precise release date for the update is yet unknown, fans are inclined to think that it will occur on the same schedule as the previous DLC.

GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC’s expected release time for different regions

The previous few days have seen a lot of information on the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC released by Rockstar Games, who have been highly active on social media. Surprisingly, though, the summer update was accompanied by a full-fledged trailer, but the next winter update has yet to receive a similar treatment.

Rockstar always announces the release dates for significant upgrades in advance, but the precise times are rarely made public, primarily to prevent confusion brought on by unforeseen last-minute delays.

Although Rockstar hasn’t provided a specific release date for the winter DLC, speculations can be made based on the pattern that the creators like to follow when releasing updates for GTA Online. For instance, they consistently release DLC on Tuesdays, and it appears that the current GTA+ subscription term will begin on the same day.

The Los Santos Drug Wars DLC should be available on Tuesday, December 13 at the following hours, if Rockstar sticks to the same release schedule as they did for The Criminal Enterprises update:

03:00 AM PSTSeattle, US
04:00 AM CSTAlberta, CA
07:00 AM BRTSão Paulo
11:00 AM CETMadrid, ES
12:00 PM CETBerlin, DE
12:00 PM CESTParis, France
11:00 AM GMTLondon UK
01:00 PM EESTMoscow, RU
03:00 PM ISTNagpur, IN
06:00 PM AWSTPerth, AU
01:00 PM ASTRiyadh, SA
06:00 PM CSTBeijing, CN
07:00 PM JSTTokyo, JP
07:00 PM KSTSeoul, SK
08:00 PM AEDTSydney, AU
10:00 PM NZDTChristchurch, NZ

The developers could always adjust the timings slightly if necessary. Fans may anticipate the global release of the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC at the time mentioned above.

The new update will be released on PCs and all major gaming consoles, with the exception of PS3 and Xbox 360.

The Los Santos Drug Wars DLC will include a range of new material to the game along with other gameplay changes, thus the update may be bigger than usual in size. It will simultaneously launch on the PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One, however the downloads might not be synchronised.

Before the game’s scheduled release, fans are hopeful that the makers will release a trailer.

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