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10 legal uses you can give to the Dark Web

The Dark Web is a part of the Internet that is hidden from search engines and that we often understand as dangerous and full of illegalities. And the truth is that it is so, at least in part. Now, it also has many sections and many legitimate uses that we can give it. In this article we are going to talk about it. We are going to show what 10 legal things we can do on the Dark Web and that can be useful.

The Dark Web can be used legally

Although this part of the Internet contains forums for the sale of malware, drugs, weapons, and a wide variety of other illegal acts, the truth is that it can be used for many other things as well. Not everything is illegal, as you will see, and you can use some legitimate services without problems.

Collaborate with journalists

One of them is to collaborate with journalists. Some newspapers allow a person to submit information anonymously and collaborate with them. Through the Dark Web, you avoid exposing personal data, the IP address and, ultimately, exposing yourself to privacy problems.

This is especially the case in countries where there is no freedom of the press or where those who denounce injustice may get into trouble. This is how they manage to report anonymously so that the press echoes.

Visit censored news pages

You can also visit news websites that may be censored in a certain place. For example, in a country where there is no freedom of expression or certain foreign media may be limited and you cannot access the content normally by entering from any browser.

On the Dark Web you will find the possibility of entering web pages that may be blocked or censored in a certain territory. It is another use that you can give it and that will not necessarily be illegal.

Use alternative search engines

We normally make use of search engines like Google. However there are plenty of alternatives. You can use anonymous search engines that will allow you to search without exposing personal data of any kind, something that will improve privacy.

Here, once again, the Dark Web comes into play. You can use some options to search safely, without actually being exposed to the Internet.

Enter social networks anonymously

This also serves to remove censorship. Some social networks like Twitter have a version on the Dark Web to be able to enter from territories where that platform is blocked to prevent users’ freedom of expression.

This option is ideal if you are in a country where there are problems of this type. If you are in nations like Spain, for example, you will not have problems browsing social networks like Twitter that may be blocked in other territories. You can study cybersecurity courses and learn more.

research on cybersecurity

The Dark Web is full of forums and pages related to computer attacks, malware, etc. Although it is logically illegal to enter these sites and buy a virus, for example, it is not illegal to access and investigate everything that moves. This will make you expand your knowledge in cybersecurity.

It is very useful to know how the attackers act and know how to anticipate certain attacks. This technique is used to uncover many criminal organizations on the Internet.

Books and academic texts

Something else that you can find legally on the Dark Web are books and academic texts. You can see web pages where they host legitimate content that is not available for anyone to find on the Internet and must be accessed through this hidden part of the network.

Some of these books may be censored in certain countries, so it is a way to access them or try to reach third parties.

Hide IP when browsing

Of course, another use of the Dark Web and of using browsers based on it is to be able to hide the IP address when browsing. This will allow you to improve privacy and prevent a third party from collecting data. It is ideal for avoiding geo-blocking when accessing certain websites.

Some platforms may be censored in a country. If you hide the IP, you will be able to enter these services without problems.

improve privacy

In general, you will be able to improve privacy when browsing through the Dark Web. Simply by hiding the IP address you will be able to avoid problems. You will also prevent your personal data from being leaked and any type of information that you expose when browsing the net.

Therefore, privacy can also be a reason to decide to use the Dark Web and browse there.

Activism in dictatorships

Another point to keep in mind is that you will be able to be part of activism in dictatorships. You will be able to help people from other countries to be informed or to be able to carry out changes to improve their lives. Thanks to the Internet, to this hidden part of the network, you will be able to interact without being discovered.

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