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How to know if the iPhone is hacked

When you have an iPhone, you have the peace of mind of having in your hands a mobile that, for most people, is an object of desire. It is a device that stands out for many reasons. One is its design, which is so Apple-style, which makes it simply unique. What to say about its technology, its features, and its performance, which is usually extraordinary? But if there is one aspect in which this mobile has always stood out, it is its security. An iPhone has theoretically insurmountable barriers and systems that make your privacy a priority. Although it is not one hundred percent invulnerable! Unfortunately, it could happen that you fall victim to a hacker. But we want to convey peace of mind. And from this Apple article, I will tell you how to know if the iPhone is hacked.

It’s something you can start to sniff out. Does it happen to you that, for a few days, you have the notion that your iPhone is taking longer than expected to open an application? Or that it takes a long time to send a somewhat heavy video through WhatsApp? Do you have that unpleasant feeling that someone could be spying on what you do with your smartphone?

It is very important to have the ability to understand if you are in a situation where your iPhone has been hacked. We are going to try to explain to you, step by step, how to find out if this has happened. And you can do it by checking different questions about the use and operation of your mobile.

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Check battery consumption

It is one of the first steps to follow to find out if your iPhone has been hacked: check its battery consumption. In the event that your mobile is being controlled remotely with dark intentions, it is likely that some operations are being carried out in the background. And this entails a greater expenditure of energy.

Open Settings on your iPhone (the wheel on the home screen). Go to the battery menu.

There, you can check the consumption of it during the last 24 hours or the last 10 days. In the Battery Use by Application menu, you will see the list of apps that consume the most energy, with the corresponding percentages. By clicking Show Activities, you will see the total minutes of each application. Look for any that look suspicious to you!

Look at the use of RAM and processors.

If you notice a sudden drop in the performance of your iPhone or that it is producing excessive heat, you should check to see if it is being hacked.

You have to go to the Time of Use function, with which you will monitor different issues, such as:

  • Most used applications
  • Number of screen activations
  • Number of notifications received

Open the Settings on your iPhone and look for the app called Screen Time. Once you are there, go to the See All Activities section (in the All Devices menu). A complete list of the applications used on your iPhone will be displayed. You can filter your search by day or week using the corresponding tab.

In the Most Used menu, click on Show More, and the Apps with the most use on your terminal will be displayed there. You will be offered the number of hours or, if you prefer, the exact number of minutes. This Screen Time feature even allows you to filter apps by their type by choosing the Show Categories option.

Check the call log

The people who hack your phone usually carry out a very popular method within these malicious practices, which is to dial toll numbers with the aim of subtracting credit from your SIM card. To do this check, you must open the calls app on your iPhone and see the list of the latest calls made.

Our recommendation is that you never allow access to calls to software that does not require making them function correctly.

Other ways to know if your iPhone has been hacked

After doing the above checks, you can take the following actions to prevent your iPhone from intrusion attempts:

  • Block browser popups
  • Disable any paid services
  • Check the use of the data network
  • Check your access to iCloud
  • Use known VPN services only if you need them

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