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How to make money from audible

How to make money from Audible- Audible is the world’s largest producer of audiobooks and other spoken-word entertainment, with a library of more than 200,000 volumes. It offers a huge selection of audiobooks, podcasts, and other content available solely to members. Now, there are more than 300 million active monthly users since the company’s establishment in 1997.

So how do you make from Audible?  With such a sizable customer base of loyal customers, Audible offers a unique opportunity for financial success. To do this, you may recommend individuals, share your affiliate link, or create and release your audio material.

Learn how to use Audible as a goldmine to make some additional cash while relaxing at home on your computer or phone by reading on.

How to make money from audible

Different Ways to Make Money on Audible

Due to its scale, Audible, the largest audiobook company, offers a variety of ways to generate money. Some of these include:

  1. Online or affiliate marketing
  2. Audiobooks creation
  3. Sell Audible services and products
  4. Interpreting the efforts of others

With so many opportunities for earning money, you can undoubtedly find one that appeals to you and enables you to work sporadic hours or on the weekends to augment your income.

How to Join the Audible Affiliate Program

One of the simplest ways to make money on Audible is to sign up as an affiliate. By simply including the affiliate link for the products or services you are recommending, you may make money on Audible through affiliate marketing. It is simple for you to earn money that will be paid to you through a check or direct bank transfer thanks to this link, which offers you access to the website where the products or services you are endorsing may be purchased. Simply follow these steps to register:

How to Join the Audible Affiliate Program

  1. Become an affiliate of Audible.
  2. Promote your free trial on social media and your website to get the many people to sign up as possible.
  3. Your listeners get a free audiobook when they join up during your 30-day free trial.
  4. You will get $15 for the free trial each time someone registers for Audible using your affiliate link.
  5. Your payment will be made once each month through cheque or direct transfer once it reaches $30 or more.

How much can I make from each sale or registration?

You may get $15 for each new registration. Audible will keep track of your earnings and pay you each month. You will also receive commissions on any audiobooks or other purchases that your referrals make. Audible will pay you each month if your account balance is at least $30.

Does Audible Allow You to Make Money?

You could gain from Audible. As was already said, Audible offers a variety of ways to make money, making it a useful and effective platform for authors, artists, and everyday people searching for side income.

Making Money with Audible

Tip 1: Affiliate Marketing

As was already said, affiliate marketing is one of the simplest ways to make money on Audible. In affiliate marketing, all you need to do is share your affiliate link, which directs people to the landing page for the products or services you want to promote.
It’s simple for you to generate money because when your referrals click the link, they immediately get a free trial of whatever it is you’re attempting to offer. For each successful free trial sign-up performed using your link, you begin collecting $15 through check or direct transfer after you achieve a minimum of $30.

Tip #2: Produce Audiobooks

If you are innovative and have a creative mind, creating your audiobook through Audible may be a successful side career. An audiobook may be created from any kind of content, including fiction, non-fiction, and the topics you are most familiar with.
Publish your finished work on the Audible platform to start being paid for each sale. The books are available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes for $15 to $25.

Tip #3: Selling Audible Products and Services

You could make money by selling Audible’s products and services. Any good or service, including eBooks and audiobooks, is available for purchase. Once you have your account, record your voice for the product or service, then upload it to the Audible platform. The finest feature is that you get paid a commission for each transaction you complete without having to make any promotional efforts.

Tip #4: Narrate Other People’s Work

If you have a fantastic voice and are a skilled speaker, narrating other people’s works is one of the finest ways to make money on Audible. You can narrate fiction, nonfiction, seminars, and any other subject matter that you are knowledgeable about.

To get paid for narrating, you must register with ACX, create a profile, and record your book. If your voice is chosen, you may start recording the book and earning money. You may make money as a storyteller in three distinct ways:

Per-finished-hour (PFH) – receive a single payment for the entire book.

Royalty share – You and the author or rights holder share royalties 50/50.

Royalty share plus – PFH and a royalty share combined

The typical monthly salary for narrating books ranges from $500 to $5,000. The price varies depending on the topic, duration, and caliber of your performance. You may make additional money with Audible to help pay your bills on time or save up for any unplanned needs. You have the option to sell services and goods, produce your audiobook, join their affiliate network, and earn $15 for each sign-up, or narrate other people’s writing.

Affiliate hasApprox. $15
Creating audiobooks haveApprox. $15-$25
Selling Audible services and productsPaid by commission
Narration AudiobooksApprox. $500-$5,000

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To sign up with Audible and begin making money there, just follow these easy steps:

  • To sign up, go to the Audible website. Register and verify your email address to get started.
  • Download and install any available programs on your chosen device to start using their services.
  • Your first audiobook must be written on the ACX platform.
  • Receive payment for each successful transaction you make, and then discontinue. While the lowest payment for affiliate marketing is $30, narrating may earn you anything from $500 to $5,000 every month.


With a collection of more than 200,000 books, Audible is the largest creator of spoken-word entertainment in the world. With such a huge and devoted consumer base, Audible presents a special chance for financial success and extra money. One of the best methods to earn money on Audible is to narrate other people’s works if you have a great voice and are a talented speaker. Three different avenues exist for a storyteller to earn money: narrating, selling eBooks or audiobooks, or sharing royalties. The normal monthly pay for book narration is in the $500 to $5,000 range. Selling services and goods, creating your audiobook, or signing up for their affiliate network are additional ways to make extra cash.

People Also Ask

Q: Can you make money on Audible?

A: Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX), Audible’s self-publishing platform, allows authors to create an account, upload their audiobooks, and begin earning money from each sale. The novels can be purchased for $15 to $25 on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Q: How much do Audible narrators get paid?

A: If you’re just getting started, plan to charge between $10 and $100 per finished hour (PFH); more seasoned narrators get paid between $100 and $350 per finished hour.

Q: What is the Audible Affiliate Program?

A: Through the Audible Affiliate Program, affiliates may make money by getting their audience to listen to Audible audiobooks.

Q: How does the Audible Affiliate Program work?

A: Affiliates can sign up for the program through the Audible website or through an affiliate network. Once approved they will get a special affiliate link to use on their website, blog, or social media accounts to promote Audible audiobooks. When a user clicks on the affiliate link and makes a purchase- the affiliate is paid a commission.

Q: What commission rates does the Audible Affiliate Program offer?

A: The commission rate for the Audible Affiliate Program varies depending on the number of sales generated by the affiliate. For every sale- the basic compensation rate is 10%, but it can increase to 15% for affiliates that produce a lot of sales.

Q: How are payments made to Audible affiliates?

A: Audible affiliates are paid their commissions through direct deposit or check, depending on their preference. Payments are made on a monthly basis- with a minimum payout threshold of $10.

Q: Are there any restrictions or requirements to join the Audible Affiliate Program?

A: Yes, requirements affiliates must meet in order to join the Audible Affiliate Program. For example, affiliates must have a website or social media channel with relevant content to Audible audiobooks. They must adhere to Audible’s terms and conditions- which prohibit certain types of content and marketing practices.

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