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Twitter Down for Some Users Across Globe

Twitter Down- According to the outage-tracking website Downdetector, the issue only affects the desktop version of Twitter’s website. Several people reported having trouble logging into the website. When the feed page initially loads, a popup with the message “Something Went Wrong, But Don’t Worry – Try Again” displays.

Some users’ access to Twitter has been lost as Elon Musk gets ready to lay off close to 50% of the workforce later today.

At a Glance

  • At the Twitter offices, a lot is going on.
  • Elon Musk is getting ready to let go roughly half of his workers later today.
  • Right now, some users can’t access Twitter.

For PC users, Twitter is unavailable. There is a message that says, “Something went wrong, but don’t worry – let’s give it another attempt,” on the platform’s website. According to downdetector, only the PC version of Twitter’s website is affected by the outage; the mobile app is unaffected. Up until 8:25 am, there have been over 135 reports of outages on the platform, with the majority (approximately 95%) being to the website rather than the app. According to Statista, there are more than 23.6 million Twitter users in India as of January 2022.

Twitter Down

At the Twitter offices, a lot is going on. Some users’ access to Twitter has been lost as Elon Musk gets ready to lay off close to 50% of the workforce later today. Users have no issues using the mobile app, but not the Twitter website. Some of the staff at India Today Tech are also unable to access the Twitter website.

The website displays, “Something went wrong, but don’t worry — let’s give it another attempt,” for some users. Nearly an hour has passed since visitors to the Twitter website were unable to access it.


Website for tracking outages Users reporting problems with the Twitter web are also displayed by DownDetector. Users who are affected cannot log in to the Twitter site. Currently, a mistake can be seen on the webpage.

“I’m getting an error message when trying to access Twitter. There was a problem, but don’t worry, let’s try again. Once more, “a user of social media wrote.

According to reports, the outage began at about 3 am and experienced a large rise around 7 am.

Thanks to Elon Musk, Twitter has also been in the headlines for other things. He took over Twitter last week and ousted its senior executives.

He has also begun today’s mass layoffs. According to an unsigned internal document obtained by The Verge, Twitter employees received an email informing them that layoffs would soon start.

The internal document also claims that employee badge access to Twitter’s headquarters would be “temporarily” turned off. According to the internal memo, employees will get an email by 9 AM PST on November 4 verifying whether or not they have been laid off.

Whether or not you are impacted, “we understand this is a tremendously painful process to go through,” the memo stated.

The memo said, “We appreciate your continued adherence to Twitter standards prohibiting you from revealing secret corporate information on social media, with the press, or elsewhere.

It’s anticipated that Musk would lay off about half of Twitter’s 7,500 employees.

At a town hall meeting last summer, Musk told employees that Twitter had to “rationalize headcount,” which was a prelude to him saying that he would make job cuts there.

Instagram, a platform owned by Meta, recently experienced an outage that prevented many users from using it and informed many of them that their accounts will be suspended on October 31, 2022. Users of the photo-sharing app, which is owned by Facebook parent Meta Platforms, were unable to access their accounts even after selecting the “Disagree with decision” option. As of January of the current year, the social media site has over 230 million users nationwide.

At the height of the outage, over 7,000 people reported being unable to log in, according to the outage-tracking website Downdetector. Instagram had acknowledged that users couldn’t access these accounts.

We are aware that some of you are experiencing difficulties logging into your Instagram account. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working on it, Instagram wrote on Twitter.

Although they were locked out, other users said they could still navigate through their feeds. Others who tweeted about it claimed to have been cut off. Some said that their following decreased as a result of the accounts being locked, which makes sense.

Days after WhatsApp, another Meta group entity, experienced a global outage, there were reports of service disruption.

On October 25, thousands of WhatsApp users reported experiencing a brief outage. Later, the messaging service claimed that a “technical fault” was to blame for the outage.

“We are aware that WhatsApp message sending sometimes be problematic. The problem has been resolved, and we apologize for any inconvenience,” a Meta spokeswoman had previously stated.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology then requested a report regarding the outage. The ministry requested that the messaging service provide its report to its designated organization, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In). The main concern was that the outage may have been caused by a cyber incident.


Some users in India are unable to access the Twitter website or mobile application. There have been more than 135 reports of outages on the site as of 8:25 am. A notice appears that reads, “Something went wrong, but don’t worry – let’s try again.” Mass layoffs have started at Twitter since Elon Musk took over last week. On November 4, at 9 AM PST, employees will get an email confirming whether or not they have been let go.

This occurs only a few days following a global outage of WhatsApp. The messaging service said that the October 25 outage was caused by a “technical problem.” Later, it expressed regret for any trouble that was created.

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