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The Secret of iOS 16.1 Beta 2

At the opening of WWDC22, Apple unveiled Secret of iOS 16, macOS Ventura, and watchOS 9. These significant software updates are jam-packed with useful functionality and aesthetic improvements that improve Apple’s products even more. For instance, the iPhone lock screen may now be customized almost entirely.

Not to mention the screen’s widget support. The Mac’s user interface has since been simplified to more closely resemble iPadOS. The Cupertino Company has begun work on the following minor release after releasing iOS 16.0 to the public. And lo and behold, registered developers from all over the world can now download iOS 16.1 beta 2.

When iOS 16.1 is released to the public, we anticipate it to include the freeform app. For those who are unaware, Apple first teased this app in June; it is expected to be released later this year. It’s an endless whiteboard that supports teamwork.

Consider it a blank canvas on which to unleash your creativity and make plans. It allows for the entry of media files, text, and drawings. You can construct the ideal brainstorming thought web in this manner. However, beta 2 still doesn’t have the application.

The Secret of iOS 16.1 Beta 2:

  • Fitness Plus without a Watch from Apple
  • The Splash screen for Game Center
  • Lock Screen adjustments
  • When you connect to your iPhone, iOS 16.1 beta 2 restores the momentary battery % to the lock screen.
  • Changes to Battery Percentage

No matter what the real battery percentage was, as long as it was above 20%, the initial version of the iOS 16 battery percentage on the status bar was used to display the same visual level. Updated images that reflect the actual battery level and percentage are now present in iOS 16.1 beta 2.

We’re still looking through this release to see if there are any additional noteworthy additions. If we find anything more useful in iOS 16.1 beta 2, we’ll update this article. Check Apple’s official Release Notes, where it has noted some of the known flaws and solutions, in the interim.

Since this is the first major upgrade since iOS 16, it is likely to include several features that were not included in the initial release. The Home app’s Matter support, the iCloud Shared Photo Library, and Live Activities are features that we are anticipating.

The Battery Percentage Indicator

The new battery % indicator in the status bar now behaves differently after getting some criticism when iOS 16 was first released. Now, even though the percentage is displayed, the battery indicator will gradually fill and empty depending on how much power is left. The symbol on iOS 16.0 remained filled up until it fell below 20 percent.

Battery percentage on more phones

A few phones were missing when the battery percentage indication reappeared in iOS 16. The toggle was inaccessible on the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 13 mini (iPhones without Face ID could always show battery percentage next to the battery icon). All of those phones can now enable the feature thanks to iOS 16.1.

Paste permission bug

The situation where pasting into an app repeatedly prompted for permission has been fixed as of beta 2.

Wallet app

In iOS 16.1, it is possible to delete the Wallet app. The European Union’s antitrust enforcement may play a role in this.

Clean Energy charging

To access the toggle,

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Battery
  • Tap on Battery Health and Charging. This is how Apple describes the feature:

iPhone will attempt to lessen your carbon footprint in your area by only charging when electricity with lower carbon emissions is available. iPhone adapts to how you charge it every day so that it can be fully charged before you need to use it.

Live activities

With iOS 16.1, the Live Activities API is now accessible to developers. However, it’s likely, the new capability won’t be used by any apps just yet.

Customize the lock screen or home screen.

You now have the option to design either the lock screen or the home screen when you long-press “Customize” on the lock screen.

Matter Support

iOS 16.1 beta 1 has the first sign of support for the Matter smart home accessory standard. A “Matter Accessories” item may be found in Settings > General and it eventually lists all Matter accessories that have been added to the connected service.

How to install the iOS 16 Public Beta

  • Just click on “Sign up” on the Apple Beta Page.
  • Now register with your Apple ID.
  • Log in to the Beta Software Program.
  • Now enroll your iOS device.
  • Go to beta.apple.com/profile on your iOS device.
  • Download and install the configuration.
  • Go to settings.
  • Enable your profile.
  • Go to general.
  • Click on VPN and device management.
  • Tap on the iOS 16 Beta profile.

How to install the iOS 16 Developer Beta

  • Go to developer.apple.com.
  • Log in to your Apple ID.
  • Go to the download section.
  • Scroll down to the iOS 16 Beta.
  • Click on “Install profile.”
  • Tap on apple.
  • Open the settings app.
  • Go to General.
  • Click on VPN and Management.
  • Tap on the iOS Beta profile.
  • Tap to install.
  • Give your consent.
  • Restart your iPhone.
  • Go to software update.
  • Click on “download and install.”

When will iOS 16.1 be released?

Apple will instead release iPadOS 16.1, which will be the first iteration of this iPad operating system. We anticipate that iOS 16.1 will be released concurrently, most likely in October. So, give or take a week, we anticipate iOS 16.1’s beta to last for about a month. In the interim, there might be fewer bug-fix updates (like iOS 16.0.1).


After making iOS 16.0 available to everyone, Apple started work on the subsequent minor release. Since then, Apple has streamlined Mac’s user interface to more nearly resemble iPadOS.

If you’re not aware, Apple first hinted about this app in June; it’s anticipated to be published later this year. iOS 16.1 now features a bug update from Apple that allows some phones to display battery percentage. Developers can now, for the first time, use the Live Activities API.

By only charging at times when electricity with reduced carbon emissions is available, you can get rid of the Wallet app and reduce your carbon impact. The first evidence of Matter smart home accessory standard support can be found in iOS 16.1 beta 1.

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