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Windows 11 2022 update

Windows 11 2022 update is now available. We analyze every new feature from Microsoft. On Tuesday, Microsoft published the first significant upgrade for Windows 11.

New security, productivity, accessibility, and gaming features are part of the upgrade. You can check detailed instructions for obtaining the new update.

Early October will mark the operating system’s first anniversary. Numerous new features were included with the new operating system’s debut, including a redesigned user interface, widgets, a more user-friendly Microsoft Teams experience, multiple desktops, Snap Layouts, and Groups, as well as Android apps.

Windows 11 2022 update

  • Makes PC easier to use
  • More productivity tools
  • New accessibility features
  • Smart App Control & Security
  • Better video calls and creator content tools
  • Gaming and Android Apps
  • Greener features

Makes PC easier to use

The latest Windows 11 update improves local and current events coverage on your Widgets board and provides a quicker, more precise search to the Start menu, and Quick Settings. Tabs in File Explorer, a long-requested feature, will be added to Windows 11 in October.

More productivity tools

When Windows 11 first came out, it had functions aimed at multitaskers and those who desired better organization.

Snap Layouts, which neatly group open Windows on your desktop, have recently received an upgrade that gives them additional versatility, better touch navigation, and the ability to snap multiple browser tabs in Microsoft Edge.

The update offers Focus sessions and a Do Not Disturb option to cut down on interruptions. According to Microsoft, Windows automatically activates Do Not Disturb when you begin a new Focus session. This disables taskbar badges, app notifications, and notification noise in our taskbar.

The Clock App, which has timers to aid in concentration and remind you to take breaks, also benefits from attention.

New accessibility features

More realistic voices will be added to Windows 11’s built-in screen reader, Narrator, enhancing the text-to-speech feature.

Additionally, new system-wide live captioning capabilities will go beyond those of individual apps. By default, system-wide live captions will appear under the camera and at the top of the screen, but users can change the location of the captions to a separate floating window or the bottom of the screen.

Additionally, live captions can now translate in-person discussions by recording microphone sounds.

Voice access, which is still in preview, builds on voice commands by enabling you to voice-control your PC and create text.

When using voice access for the first time, you’ll go through an interactive lesson on using your voice to carry out typical tasks. If the tool is unable to recognize a word, it will also give immediate feedback.

Smart App Control & Security

Microsoft claims that Smart App Control would increase your level of confidence while downloading programs for Windows 11. The utility prevents script files, possibly harmful macros, and untrusted or unsigned apps from accessing your computer.

In essence, the technology makes real-time predictions about an app’s safety. The feature is accessible for both personal and professional usage and is based on the same artificial intelligence as Windows Defender Application Control.

You can now receive a warning from Microsoft Defender SmartScreen when you enter your Microsoft login information on a malicious app or compromised website.

The upgrade also makes the Microsoft Vulnerable Driver Block List and Hypervisor-protected Code Integrity (HVCI) default settings on all new Windows 11 devices. In the upgrade, Microsoft has also improved identity protection and made password management easier.

Better video calls and creator content tools

Microsoft Teams became easier to use with the release of Windows 11. Windows Studio Effects, a new feature of the most recent version, can enhance audio and video chats.

The new Windows Studio camera features Eye Contact to make it appear as though you’re always gazing at the camera, Voice Focus to remove background noise, a backdrop blurring tool, and Automatic Framing to follow you around as you move.

The latest version of Windows 11 also includes the video editor Clipchamp.

Gaming and Android Apps

With the new Controller bar introduced by the Windows 11 upgrade, accessing games is made simpler. An improved view of the Xbox Game Bar is also provided, allowing for speedier access to recently played games and launchers. Microsoft claims that the update would also lower latency and enable Auto HDR and Variable Refresh while enhancing gaming performance.

A redesigned homepage in Microsoft Edge that offers personalized stories, simple access to the Xbox Cloud Gaming library, and recently played games is also available to gamers. Clarity Boost, a built-in function for crisper graphics in cloud gaming, is another option.

Amazon and Windows 11 collaborated to provide Android apps to Windows PCs at the time of Windows 11’s release. With this version, the Amazon App Store preview is expanded, bringing the total number of Android apps and games available to 20,000.

Greener features

The most recent patch for Windows 11 seeks to make it simpler to lower your device’s carbon footprints. For instance, Windows will schedule updates at times of the day that could reduce carbon emissions when devices are plugged in, powered on, connected to the internet, and if regional carbon intensity data is available. Microsoft claimed that in otosen emissions when computers are idle, it also modified the default power settings for Sleep and Screen off.


In advance of Windows 11’s first anniversary in October, Microsoft has issued the operating system’s first substantial update. Widgets, a more user-friendly Microsoft Teams experience, multiple desktops, Snap Layouts, Groups, and Android apps are a few of the highlights.

By recording microphone noises, live captions may now translate into in-person conversations. When you use your login credentials on an app or website that has been compromised, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen alerts you.

Microsoft has changed the Xbox Game Bar to make it simpler for users to browse their recently played games and Xbox Cloud game library. By making it easy to schedule updates that reduce carbon emissions, the most recent Windows 11 patch aims to make it easier to reduce the carbon footprint of your computer.

People May Ask

What is new in Windows 11 2022?

New touch gestures in the Windows 11 2022 Update make it simpler and faster to browse the desktop and apps: To access the Start menu, swipe up from the center of the Taskbar; to close it, swipe down. To access All apps from Pinned, swipe right to left; to return to Pinned, swipe left to right.

What is the latest Windows 11 version?

The first and current major upgrade to Windows 11 is called the Windows 11 2022 Update (codenamed “22H2”). The build number for it is 10.0.22621. On September 2, 2021, Insiders who had chosen to receive updates via the Dev Channel received their first glimpse. On September 20, 2022, the update went live.

How to Download the new Windows 11 update?

  • On your laptop or desktop, click Settings.
  • From the menu on the left side of the screen, select Windows Update.
  • At the top of the screen should be a menu choice that says, “2022-09 Cumulative Update for Windows 11.”
  • Press Install.

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