WhatsApp fixes the ‘expiration bug’ with latest android beta update

WhatsApp fixes the ‘expiration bug’ with the latest Android beta update. WhatsApp has issued a bug patch update to resolve an issue with the application’s expiration on the Android beta.

According to WABetaInfo, some users were unable to access the program because it had ended.

The WhatsApp beta for Android update is now available on the company’s official website, which solves the stated mistake and enables users to use the application without the expiry problem.

According to the report, if users encounter the same problem after installing the update, they should forcibly stop the program.

Meanwhile, it was revealed last week that the messaging app had issued a problem repair update for an issue with alerts on iOS.

According to accounts, the problem was caused by an issue with how the program handled to date and time on certain Android devices. WhatsApp has since issued an Android beta version that fixes the problem and stops it from occurring again.

WhatsApp has not yet issued a statement about the bug, but one is anticipated shortly.

Several people on Twitter and other social media sites first noticed the expiration error.

The bug did not appear to impact all Android users, but it looked to be pervasive enough to cause concern.

Fortunately, WhatsApp moved swiftly to resolve the issue, and affected users can now update their program to the newest beta version to prevent further issues.


WhatsApp’s newest Android beta update resolved the expiration issue. Users who were impacted can now upgrade their program to the most recent version to prevent further problems. WhatsApp has not yet issued a statement about the bug, but one is anticipated shortly.

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