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How to Fix Common Errors of Xbox Series X that People Make

It’s now a lot simpler to obtain an Xbox Series X|S than it was when it first launched two years ago, which is fantastic news for anyone who wants to try out the newest gaming technology.

Over time, we have discovered several common errors of Xbox Series X that you can simply avoid. Therefore, be sure to maximize the use of your Series X.

If you purchase an Xbox Series X console as part of Black Friday bargains, try not to let your enthusiasm get the better of you and learn all there is to know about the platform before diving into some of the greatest Xbox Series X games.

These common mistakes, which range from expert customization to upkeep, might have lasting impacts or simply make it so you aren’t maximizing the use of your computer.

Here are our best recommendations for Xbox Series X users who want to make the most of their brand-new consoles.

Common Errors of Xbox Series X

  1. Signing up for Microsoft rewards
  2. Buy Xbox Game Pass
  3. Use the voice assistant
  4. Download the Xbox mobile app
  5. Use the customization features
  6. Turn off notifications
  7. Clean the vents

Fix Common Errors of Xbox Series X

Signing up for Microsoft rewards

Did you know that Microsoft offers prizes to users for using its products—including Bing—as well as for playing games and unlocking achievements? Players are rewarded differently by Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, and Microsoft’s system has a few distinct advantages.

You might not enjoy using Bing, but if you don’t join up for Microsoft’s cost-free rewards program, you’re missing out. Although you don’t accumulate a tonne of points right once, doing so over time is a terrific way to enter Microsoft contests, get gift cards, or donate money to charity.

Buy Xbox Game Pass

The most obvious question is: Why would you purchase an Xbox Series X|S without also purchasing Xbox Game Pass?

With Netflix, Spotify, and that wine club you belong to, a monthly subscription may seem unnecessary, but if you can afford it, we strongly advise signing up.

Access to the extensive game library, day-one downloads of all fresh first-party Microsoft games, and value-adding features included in the membership plan are provided by Xbox Game Pass.

If you purchase Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can also use Xbox Cloud Gaming to stream games to your console, computer, and phone, saving time on time-consuming downloads and installations.

Use the voice assistant

Although it’s not one of the most noticeable features on this list, if you’re developing a smart home or have a few linked gadgets, this is something to shout about.

From the Devices & Connections menu, enable digital help and then follow the setup instructions for Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

You can use voice assistants to launch games, search for games (including those on Game Pass), turn your Xbox on and off, take screenshots, record videos, and more.

Download the Xbox mobile app

This one is a must-have. You can access your friends and chat while you’re out and about if you download the Xbox Mobile App for iOS or Android.

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You can even remotely buy and download games so they’re ready when you get back. Genius.

Additionally, if you own an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet, your Xbox Series X|S is no longer limited to the TV’s bezels. On your mobile devices, you can now play remotely.

It’s a great feature to experiment with once you learn how to use the Xbox app to stream games to your Windows PC.

Use the customization features

The Xbox Series X|S offers many customization options, so you may personalize your gaming experience. The customized home screen, where you can arrange your games, choose backgrounds, colors, and themes, and even create various moods for certain times of the day, is one of the greatest.

In the settings under Devices & Connections, where you’ll find the Accessories and Configurations menu, you may further configure your controller by altering the button actions, the intensity of the vibrations, and other features.

Depending on the type of game you’re playing, you can also save different profiles. You can link your controller to your profile for a quicker boot-up time, which will result in automatic sign-in every time you use the controller.

Turn off notifications

I particularly dislike unnecessary notifications, so this one is personal. At best, they can be mildly inconvenient, and at worst, they can ruin your immersion in a cutscene or divert your attention just as you’re shooting for the kill.

Fear not; the Xbox notification settings are highly configurable. Simply go to Preferences in settings, then notifications, to change which notifications you receive and when. By tapping your Gamertag and then selecting the notification settings in your mobile app, be sure to follow the same procedure.

Clean the vents

We’ll be sad if we still have to teach you about this after you’ve owned even one console, but if you need a reminder, clean your vents.

Make sure you’re not only keeping the vents free but also keeping a tidy home, dusting, and vacuuming frequently. Many consoles have died fuzzy deaths at the hands of fluff-laden follicles, which can result in fried components.


Compared to two years ago, it’s much easier to get an Xbox Series X|S. Over time, we have identified a number of mistakes that are easily avoidable. You have a lot of options for customizing your gaming experience with the Xbox Series X|S. You may now remote play if you have an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet. Games can also be downloaded and purchased remotely, so they are available when you return.

What are common problems with Xbox Series X?

The primary problem facing Xbox Series X owners is discs getting stuck, but some users have also noted a clicking sound coming from the console after inserting a disc or during the installation of a video game.

Why is my Xbox Series X not turning on?

All regions of the world can use the internal power supply included in Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One X, and Xbox One S. Your console could just require a power reset if it won’t turn on. Power problems are frequently brought on by the power supply restarting after a power spike.

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